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Hillary's a loser

According to a new poll, sixty percent of Americans say that they would not even consider voting for Hillary Clinton for president.

Even back when the figure was only in the low forties, I said that nobody with that kind of negative numbers could possibly be elected. And make no mistake: unless Al Gore jumps in, Hillary will almost certainly be the Democratic nominee next year.

At a time when Democrats and their allies in the media are all but assuming that a Democrat will be inaugurated on January 20, 2009, these numbers are a reminder that a strong Republican nominee (read: Fred Thompson) would have an excellent chance indeed to win the GOP a third consecutive presidential election.

The numbers also point out the folly of supporting RINO Rudy, who might poll well with Democrats and independents, but whose ability to carry the Republican base itself is subject to serious doubt.

Ladies and gentlemen, a new front runner!

For the first time, Rudy Giuliani has tumbled from first place in national polls measuring the preference of Republicans for their next presidential nomination.

The latest Rasmussen poll gives Fred Thompson- whose candidacy, it is rumored, will be announced in two weeks- 28% to 27% for Giuliani. John McCain and Mitt Romney each get 10% (down from 11% a week ago), while Mike Huckabee and Sam Brownback each garner 2%. The rest of the field splits 3% among them, while 18% are undecided.

It's only one poll, and only one percentage point. But nevertheless, this is major news. Romney is stalled nationally, though doing well in specific states (Iowa, where he's spending like crazy for media, being one of them); McCain and Giuliani are losing ground- and Fred Thompson just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Thompson roars past McCain and Romney; Giuliani is in his sights!

As we get ready for Fred Thompson's appearance on Jay Leno tonight, a new Los Angeles Times- Bloomberg poll paints a picture of a race for the Republican nomination that's clearly breaking Thompson's way.

A poll of likely GOP primary voters gives these results:

Q: If the Republican primary or caucus for president were being held in your state today and the candidates were Sen. Sam Brownback (Kan.), former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, former Gov. Mike Huckabee (Ark.), Rep. Duncan Hunter (Calif.), Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), former Gov. Mitt Romney (Mass.), Rep. Tom Tancredo (Colo.), former Gov. Tommy G. Thompson (Wis.) and actor and former Sen. Fred Thompson (Tenn.), for whom would you vote? (Includes leaners*; among people who say they'll vote Republican in the primary)

Republican primary voters:
Giuliani 27%
Fred Thompson 21%
McCain 12%
Romney 10%
Gingrich 9%
Huckabee 3%
Tommy Thompson 2%
Hunter 1%
Brownback --
Tancredo --
Other 1%
Don't …

Don't cheer too loudly for that skin cell into stem cell discovery

By now you've heard about the Japanese research team's discovery (replicated by various laboratories all over the world) that by infecting skin cells with viruses containing the proper genes, they can be effectively transformed into stem cells with every bit as much potential for mutation into other kinds of tissue as fetal stem cells.

Not that people suffering from the various ills for which fetal stem cells are supposed to be a magic cure are helped by the discovery. In mice, transformed skin cells apparently share the tendency of transplanted fetal stem cells to turn into malignant tumors.

Nobody talks much about that rather significant drawback with fetal stem cells, of course- or about the fact that it will probably take about half a century to overcome the problems with fetal stem cells to the point where they could actually be used to help patients. Not so with umbilical cord stem cells, which are already being used to help sick people.

The skin skin cell discovery isn…

Belated bad news

I guess it happened back in January, but I just learned of the demise of WGMS-FM radio in Washington as a classical music station. It was my default dial setting during the months when I lived in the D.C. area, and got me through all those night shifts for Pinkerton at the Northrop-Grumman Independence Center in Chantilly.

WGMS is apparently now a sports talk station. WETA is said to be picking up the slack as the classical station in the Washington area. I understand, though, that it's omitting "All Things Liberal" and the other standard NPR shlock in favor of basically all classical music, all the time.

Sounds good in theory. How is it going in practice, Washington-area people?

Bork has it right

Anybody else notice Robert Bork's line in last month's National Review contrasting conservatives with "liberals and those hybrids, libertarians?"

Pretty much on the mark, IMHO- no matter how libertarians protest.

The real story behind the Wolfowitz resignation

This month's National Review reports that Paul Wolfowitz's resignation as president of the World Bank- widely reported by the MSM as due to a cushy job he arranged for his girlfriend- had nothing to do with that at all. In fact, Wolfowitz insisted on- and received- an ethical clean bill of health from the Bank's directors as a condition of resigning; the hiring was completely appropriate.

Wolfowitz, NR reports, was forced out for two reasons: his insistence on accountability in the use of Bank funds by corrupt Third World governments, and his role in the events leading up to the War in Iraq.

The whole affair seems to be an even bigger spin job than Scooter Libby being sent to jail for having a failure of memory about revealing a matter that was never a secret to begin with.

Hey- have a beer and calm down, will ya?

I'm as strongly for Fred Thompson as anybody. But this is just a tad over the top, nicht wahr?

The rhetoric about Hillary and John Edwards is the kind of thing I'd expect from Michael Moore,and I am acquainted with several employees of the Federal government I believe to be completely loyal.