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The Blackhawks advance to the Second Round

The Preds were tough, but my prediction (and most predictions I've come across) panned out: the Blackhawks in six. Last night's 5-3 victory over the Predators in Nashville sets up a re-match of last year's second round series against Vancouver.

I expect the Canucks to be even tougher than the Preds were. I'm going to predict another six-game Hawks victory, although it wouldn't entirely surprise me if it went seven.

I the meantime the Dogs have taken Detroit to a seventh game in the first round, and the Habs have done the same with Washington over in the other conference. I'd much rather face Phoenix than the Wings, and the Canadiens than the Caps. Still, the situation over in the Eastern Conference sets up an interesting situation. If we get to the Finals, we may well face one the last two teams that beat us there, Pittsburg and Montreal. Renewing one of those old rivalries with the Cup on the line would do something that is almost impossible: add even more of an…

Change in schedule

Today is my last day in the office at Saint Mary; I begin a new job Wednesday morning. So posts may not be as regular for a while as they have been in the past.

Hopefully the Hawks will eliminate the Preds tonight!

Epic Fail

Scene from a Washington State anti-Sarah Palin rally:

HT: Bluegrass Pundit, Ida Flo

Drama in the afternoon

Patrick Kane ties the game with 13 seconds left, and Marian Hossa wins it in overtime.

The worrisome thing is that the Hawks once again blew a two-goal lead in the third period.

The Hawks take a three games to two advantage and head to Nashville Monday night for what could be the clincher. But the Preds- as they showed today- will be anything but a pushover.

At MSNBC, it's criticize Olbermann, and lose your job

I have often wondered how Keith Olbermann, who typifies everything negative the Left says about Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, et al- stays on the air, given the sheer, foaming-at-the-mouth hate, invective, smear tactics, and slander which characterize his very tired act. In terms of his rhetoric and tactics, if Joe McCarthy has a modern-day equivalent, it isn't the clowns on the Right the Democrat's love to complain about. It's Olbermann, who epitomizes everything about Limbaugh, Beck and the others they claim to find reprehensible.

But they watch him. Well, I guess somebody has to. His ratings pale before those his opposite numbers at Fox News run up. Still, if the Leftist criticism of the Limbaughs and the Becks were anything but sheer hypocrisy, wouldn't you think the Left would be embarassed by Olbermann?

But in fact, the opposite is the case. In fact, if you're at the liberal equivalent of Fox News (well, yes; I realize that NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN are also the libe…

Now THAT was more like it!

Brian Campbell is back. And even better, tonight- unlike Tuesday night- the rest of the Blackhawks also showed up.

Crashing the net, winning the battles they weren't even realy fighting the other night, and generally playing with a passion that was conspicuously lacking on Tuesday, the Hawks beat Nashville 3-0, evening the series at two games each and taking back home ice advantage. Antti Niemi became the first Chicago goalie since Tony Esposito back in the 'Seventies to rack up two shutouts in a post-season series.

The teams meet again Saturday afternoon at the United Center, and the Hawks are in a position to put the Preds' backs against the wall. But there will be a Game Six at Bridgestone Arena on Monday night, and one of the teams is going to be pretty desperate. Hopefully it will be Nashville.

If the series goes the full seven games, it will be decided on Wednesday night at the United Center.

Soupy may be back tonight!

Brian Campbell will be a game-time decision for the Blackhawks tonight.

We badly need Soupy on the power play and Buffy back up in front of Rinne cracking heads and clearing traffic. If the Preds want to play physical, we need to play physical right back.

The Hawks aren't extinct yet.

No more white flags. Ok, guys?

There doesn't seem to be much doubt in anybody's mind that the Blackhawks just didn't work hard enough or play with the necessary urgency and intensity last night. Only one team really showed up for the game, and it was Nashville.

The good news is that at least Jonathan Toews, the Hawks' captain, realizes it.

The Preds are a good hockey team, especially in goal and on defense. But the Hawks are a much better one. I said before the series that I thought Nashville would win two games. Well, they have. Now the Hawks have to make the talent differential decisive. Tomorrow night we should find out whether the Blackhawks are going deep into the playoffs, or right into the dumpster.

If they don't show up again tomorrow night, there will probably be no point in even tuning in Saturday afternoon.

Thank you, Mr. President

We can all join Victor Davis Hanson in thanking President Obama for teaching us the lesson that the rhetoric which was routine for Democrats when George W. Bush was president has suddenly become rude, childish, nasty, extreme, and generally naughty now that he is.

It will doubtless remain so until the next Republican president is inaugurated.

HT: Real Clear Politics

The Boston Globe is unclear on the concept

This editorial from one of America's farthest Left papers might better be titled, "Learning to Live with Tel Aviv as a Radioactive Crater."

There is a reason why the American people are reluctant to trust the Left with our national security. This editorial illustrates it perfectly. I hope the electorate remembers that reason in November of 2012- if the Iranians haven't nuked Washington yet, that is.

Thank God for the Israelis, who will pull the world's bacon out of the fire even if the Obama administration won't.

Here is a more sensible take on the matter.

HT: Real Clear Politics

I'm going to be sick.

4-1 Nashville in the third, the Blackhawks are playing like they don't care, and I'm going to upchuck.

Enough of this for one night. I can't listen anymore. I'll check the final in the morning. But one more effortless game like this and we can start calling this team the Chicago Black Cubs.

Daley may not run again. Will Mayor Emanuel replace him?

Richard J. Daley was only mayor I knew when growing up in Chicago. I was in my twenties when he died. His son, Richard M. Daley, has established his own stranglehold on the office. But with the 68 year-old mayor's wife suffering from cancer, speculation is rampant in my home town that he may not seek a record seventh term.

One of those who may seek to replace him: White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

Ah, the soap opera that is power politics in the City of Big Shoulders! Becoming Da Mare might be the only job other than his boss's that would actually make Emanuel more powerful than he is now.

GASP! Even TIME sees that Gates is right about Obama's lack of a viable Iran strategy

You know an administration is dropping the ball when a Secretary of Defense who has served in administrations of both parties and even TIME magazine point it out.

And TIME has joined with Sec. Bill Gates in pointing out that the Obama administration has no effective strategy for dealing with the threat of a nuclear Iran.

HT: Real Clear Politics

Will 2012 be as good a year for the GOP as 2010 figures to be?

Here, and here, and here, and then again back here, Ed Kilgore and Jay Cost carry on a lively debate as to whether the Republican party looks to be in anywhere near as good shape (or, to put it another way, whether the Democrats look to be in anywhere near as bad shape)in 2012 as in 2010.

While I think Democrat Kilgore is whistling in the dark, the discussion is instructive. I see Barack Obama as quite beatable. But I also think that beating him will be anything but easy.

Meanwhile, according to Gallup, more voters continue to say that President Obama does not deserve a second term than say that he does.

HT: Real Clear Politics

Just plain stupid

Some people's stupidity defies belief.

Just when the Left's loudest talking point is how crazy and dangerous the Tea Party people are (and in fact they're no more- and admittedly no less- crazy and dangerous than their opposite numbers on the Left), and Bill Clinton is comparing them to Timothy McVeagh, these moronic Virginians decide to hold a "restore the Constitution rally" at which they make it a point to be seen waiving guns around.

Could they possibly do anything more counter-productive, if they deliberately tried?

Together with all those "birther" fruitcakes and the whack jobs who insist on the basis of no real evidence at all that President Obama- who has been a member of the United Church of Christ for more than a quarter century- is somehow a Muslim have done more to strengthen the political hand of President Obama and delegitimitize opposition to him than the Left and the Democrats could ever have done.

How stupid can some people on the Right be,…

Good-bye, Little Guy!

After a brief illness that I (and his vet) thought was under control, my Rainbow Benti Uromastyx, Muad'Dib (center) joined his childhood companion and former cagemate Atvar (left) on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge last night. I lost Atvar last October.

This morning Muad'Dib was stiff and unresponsive, and I couldn't get him to open his mouth to take his medicine. A trip to the vet and an ultrasound to check for a heartbeat confirmed my impression that Little Guy was gone.

Muad'Dib shared some of the darkest months of my life with me when my ex-wife and I first separated, as well as later, when we actually divorced. He moved to Washington, D.C. with me on the first ocassion, and, together with Atvar, moved with me to another appartment on the second. He was the one companion who's been with me through thick and thin in recent years, in good times and in bad.

The more than eight years I had Muad'Dib and Atvar were greatly enriched by their companionship. It&#…

Hawks beat Nashville, tie series

The Finnish Fortress comes up strong and shuts out the Preds, 2-0. Goals by Bolland and Kane. The series is tied!

We got outshot again in the third, though. That has to stop. But as Troy Murray pointed out after the game, the Hawks have dominated, really, in five of the six periods in the series so far. We just had a bad third the other night.

Now to take back home ice Tuesday in Nashville. Momentum is back on our side.

Common Sense

By Rich Lowrey rather than Tom Paine. But even so.

The deep, shameless and stunning hypocrisy of the Democrats- Bill Clinton being the most recent example- in expressing alarm at the excessive rhetoric of the crazies on the Right belies the shocking statements repeated over and over again even by supposedly mainstream Democrats during the administration of George W. Bush.

Clinton et al must thing the American people have the attention span of gnats.

HT: Real Clear Politics

Hawks lose opener to Nashville

A lucky goal and two empty-netters (!) resulted tonight in a wholly misleading score of Nashville 4, Blackhawks 1.

Character-check time. The Hawks are a sufficiently better team that they still should win the series. They need, as Hawks announcer Troy Murray says, to avoid letting themselves get frustrated, let tonight's game go, and come back strong on Sunday.

The Hawks did let themselves be thoroughly outworked in the last half of the third period. The question now is whether the Hawks will decide to reach down and make it happen, or whether they let themselves get flustered like Calgary and Vancouver did last year when the Hawks were the surprising underdogs.

We'll know the answer Sunday night at this time.

One note which should sound the alarm: Nashville won fourteen of sixteen one-goal games during the regular season.

Not panic time yet. Most of the favored teams lost their first games this year.

So which side are crazy, violent fruitcakes on, again?

There was a video over at YouTube of the Leftist demonstrators outside the Southern Republican Leadership Conference dinner at Brennan's Restaurant in New Orleans Friday night.

It has been removed by its poster. But a witness said this:
I am the photographer for the LA GOP and I was at the Brennan fundraiser. When I left about one hour or so after all 3 of the governors left the crowd of protesters had grown. The were very nasty, signs were vulgar using the “F” word. As I left the restaurant I was yelled at – there was a family visiting the restaurant with a baby stroller – they had nothing to do with the fundraiser and they were being heckled using the “F” and “MF” words.. A couple of them made comments to me. And here is the aftermath:

The two people on the ground are Allee Butsch- an aide to Louisiana's Republican governor, Bobby Jindal- and her boyfriend, Joe Brown. Ms. Butsch had surgery on her broken leg over the weekend. It will take months for her to recover.

Here is t…

Darn! Missed it!

I would have been here at the church when the "super meteor" in the police video below appeared over Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois about 10:15 last night. Wish I'd seen it!

Just a hunch. I hope I'm wrong.

While I would really hate it, because President Allison Taylor is one of my favorite characters, I have a strong hunch that some time in the next several episodes of 24 she is going to be assassinated, and that Vice-President Mitchell Hayworth will be implicated.

Just a lot of things going on under the surface that make me wonder. Nothing to take to a grand jury or even to alert the Secret Service about. But I remember Hayworth's suspicious behavior when Benjamin Juma and his rebel terrorists from Sangala had taken over the White House and kidnapped President Taylor.

Another thing: I remember Jonas Hodges' warning when he was arrested in the Oval Office about the powerful co-conspiritors of his whom the President knew nothing about. I think they may want her out of the way.

Foreign Minister Novakovich and the other dissident Russians and Kamistanis, as well as former President Logan (though I'd really like to see him redeem himself) may also be involved in the plot.

How do…

I'm the Ripper. Hear me roar.

In a statement equivalent to Jack the Ripper announcing that he is a feminist, President Obama says that he is in back of America's man-in-space program, in favor of American astronauts going to Mars- and that he expects to see it in his lifetime.

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin signed off on President Obama's gutting of America's space program in favor of turning manned space exploration over to a private sector ill-equipped to handle it. But fellow Apollo astronauts Neil Armstrong and James Lovell emphatically disagree.

In any event, it certainly seems to me that if we get to Mars- whether in Mr. Obama's lifetime or not- it will be in spite of, rather than because of, his decision to trash America's man-in-space program.


Dogs 3, Dead Things 2!

The game featured Phoenix fans replying to the hurling of octopi by doing the same with at least one rubber snake.

Meanwhile, the Sens also beat the Pens!

ADDENDUM: And the Sharks lost to the Avs!

Upsets are good... except in the Blackhawks-Preds series. May that be the only first-round match up that goes as expected! That can (at least in theory) only make it easier for the Hawks in the later rounds.

Hawks in six

Here's Second City Hockey's Round Table on the Hawks-Preds series.

I'm going to agree with what seems to be the consensus there that the Hawks will win, but that with a red-hot Pekka Rinne in goal for Nashville it may well take six games.

The Hawks have shown a disturbing tendency to let down, and that's frankly what worries me the most about this post-season. While they can play with anybody in the NHL, especially against good teams they seem to relax when they figure they have the game in the bag- and then, bad things happen. I remember especially that game where they led the Washington Capitals- the betting favorites to win the Cup this year- by three goals in the third period, but still managed to lose. And I'm hardly reassured by the recent game in which they led St. Louis 6-1 and won the game 6-5.

Some of the teams they'll be playing in the post season- including the Preds- may not all be in Washington's class, but they're considerably better than…

The odds on the Stanley Cup

Here are the odds of the various teams in the playoffs winning the Stanley Cup, according to Bodog.

The Caps are favored at 7-2. My Blackhawks are 9-2, the Sharks are 11-2, the Penguins 6-1, the Canucks 15-2, the Octopus Abusers 8-1, and the Devils 12-1.

There is a substantial dropoff thereafter, with the Sabres coming next at 20-1.

The article gives further historical reason to distrust the crowning of the Blackhawks by EA's simulation. Still, I really dig that picture...

Lefties plot to infiltrate Tea Party to make it appear "racist, homophobic and moronic"

Breitbart reports a plot by left-wingers to infiltrate the Tea Party movement for the purpose of making it appear "racist, homophobic and moronic."

You know. More or less the way mainstream Democratic leaders have been trying to make it appear for quite a while now with undocumented claims of scary words and actions which the media- while they have been unable to verify them- have nevertheless slavishly accepted at face value.

HT: Drudge


First they sign Marian Hossa.

Then, there's the mural with the pig-nosed Jonathan Toews in front of a gigantic Stanley Cup on the Eisenhower Expressway.

And now, a videogame simulation has the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup, beating Pittsburg 2-1 in sudden death in the seventh game of the Finals.

If I believed in jinxes, I'd give up now.

On the plus side, the simulation has Huet in goal for the Hawks. They should do even better with Niemi.

As regards tonight's 24...

...those Russians are so completely, so horribly, and so slowly, so very, very dead...

Two 'silent clock' episodes in a row. And two shockers.

From everything I know of President Subarov from past seasons, I've got to think that Foreign Minister Novakovich and the other plotters are renegades. Subarov may even get to them before Jack does.

They'll be lucky if that's the case.

Charles Logan? I'd assumed he died after his wife stabbed him. And why in the world would President Daniels- a Democrat- have pardoned a disgraced Republican predecessor, especially one who had conspired to cover up the murder of a previous Democratic president? And given Logan's failure to act on the plot to assassinate Subarov when he was in Washington, why would the Russians give him the time of day, much less be so buddy-buddy with him?

Bothered about Barack


A shock, and a disappointment: Conan O'Brien has signed a deal to host a late-night talk show, not with Fox- but with TBS!

He'll have ownership of the show, which apparently was the part he couldn't refuse. But this is a non-network show on a cable channel where he will labor in relative obscurity. And it's a shame- because since I don't have cable, this is one Conan fan who won't be able to watch him.

And I am far from alone. Bad Conan. Bad.

The Hawks lose to Day-twah, finish second in the West

Dead Things 3, Hawks 2 in OT.

We draw the Preds in Round One.

Drat those octupus abusers, anyway!

Why McDonnell's Confederate blunder is important

Race has never been far below the surface in American politics, and in the Obama era it has risen into plain sight. It is everywhere. If you disagree with the President, extremists on the Left both inside and outside the mainstream media (and the leadership of the Democratic party) are likely to ascribe that opposition to racism. On the surface, this provides them with a potent weapon and a ready tool for claiming the moral high ground on virtually any issue that might arise. The damage it does is, of course, incalculable. Not only does it obfuscate and falsify the content of our national debate on issue after issue, but it cheapens and effectively neutralizes what ought to be an ugly and potent accusation. If opposition to the President's health care program constitutes racism, what word does one use to describe actual hatred of and discrimination against people of other colors?

Likewise, the American Civil War is a subject which, especially for those south of the Mason-Dixon line…

I think I have a new favorite newspaper name.

The What Cheer Paper, in What Cheer, Iowa.

It's simple, straightforward, and tells you exactly what you're getting.

Incidentally, in case your one of the large percentage of those few who have even ever even heard of What Cheer, Iowa before who have wondered from whence comes the town's rather odd name, the consensus seems to be that it comes from its citizens greeting each other by saying, in Iowegian, "What do you hear?;" i.e., "What's new?"

"...The true North, not so free...."

Mark Steyn, writing in MacClean's, considers the degree to which political correctness has rendered Canada something less than a free society.

It's even sadder to see our neighbor to the North demonstrate that it's unclear on the concepts of democracy and freedom than to see the putative democracies of Europe demonstrate the same problem.

HT: Real Clear Politics

Retiring personalities

Rep. Bart Stupak and Associate Justice John Paul Stevens are both calling it quits.

It will be interesting to see whether the Democrats in Stupak's district nominate another pro-lifer. It will also be interesting to see whether they keep his seat. Unfortunately, I doubt that President Obama will have much trouble getting some Leftie confirmed to replace Stevens on the Court.

HT: Drudge

The sky in ancient times

Curious about how the skies would have looked in ancient times? Sol's location relative to other stars changes over time- and thus, so does the appearance of the night sky. The constellations and asterisms (star formations smaller or other than the constellations) were very different long ago from what they are today.

Check out the contrasts here.

BTW, if you hop into your time machine and re-materialize back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, and it happens to be winter, don't look for the Pleiades. They will still be forming.

One of the implications of the changing sky is that the modern horoscope- based on sky charts first drawn many centuries ago- is by this time one whole sign of the Zodiac off in the location of the sun in any given month. Just one more reason why belief in the pseudo-science of astrology is so silly.

Cubs win... finally!

Despite being outhit 8-4, the Cubs won their first game of the season tonight against two loses. Randy Wells shut out the Braves, 2-0.

Lou wised up and started rookie phenom Tyler Colvin in Left, sitting perennial disappointment Alfonso Soriano. Colvin responded by hitting a home run. The other Cub who turned heads in Spring Training, shortstop Ryan Theriot, has yet to get his first hit of the season after leading the majors in hitting down in Arizona.

I have a feeling that Starlin Castro will be moving from Des Moines to Chicago sooner, rather than later.

McDonnell should forget "Confederate History Month"

Ed Kilgore of The New Republic doesn't like Virginia Gov. McDonnell's proclamation of "Confederate History Month."

I don't, either. With due respect to Lee and Jackson and all the other honorable men who fought for the Lost Cause despite, rather than because of, its treasonous and racist rationale, Ulysses S. Grant was right when he conceded, in defending such men, that the cause in which they fought was one of the worst in which good men have ever spilled their blood. Despite the desire of the Confederacy's contemporary defenders to suggest otherwise, slavery and the Confederacy are so inextricably intertwined that one simply cannot honestly consider one in isolation from the other.

The cause of Federalism doesn't need the historical albatross of the Confederacy hanging around its neck- especially because, as one historian has pointed out, states' rights was not only the cause which gave the Confederacy birth, but the disease it died from. Any serious…


Yes, the Blackhawks won tonight. Yes, it was their fifth win in a row. Yes- like every win will, from now through the end of the season- it set a new record for the most victories ever by a Blackhawks team. Yes, it also set a record for the most points any team in franchise history has amassed, with 109. Yes, that record, too, figures to be broken more than once by season's end. And yes, with their victory tonight the Blackhawks have, once again, the best record in the Western Conference, having the same number of points as San Jose but winning the tiebreaker by having more victories.

But tonight's effort is still unacceptable. The Hawks led 4-1 after the first period, and 6-2 after the second. Yet they managed nothing more than to hang on, defeating the eminently beatable St. Louis Blues 6-5.The pattern of blowing- or nearly blowing- games they have dominated and seem to have wrapped up by becoming sloppy at the end has been a troublesome one late in the season. And if they…

No way, no how

Michael Goodwin of the New York Post gets it right: you don't make the world safer, Mr. President, by weakening America.

Meanwhile- demonstrating that nothing is so obvious that somebody can't get it exactly wrong- Robert Scheer of The Nationthinks that by crippling the potential American response to terrorism Mr. Obama is "earning his Nobel Peace Prize."

HT: Real Clear Politics

And when objects fall, they tend to go downward

Calvin Coolidge once famously remarked that "When people are out of work, unemployment results."

Well, Bloomberg quotes Fed chairman Ben Bernanke as observing that "joblessness, home foreclosures and weak lending to small businesses pose challenges to the economy as it recovers from the worst recession since the 1930s."

No fooling.

Actually Bernanke was merely making some rather reasonable observations on the current status of the recovery. But it's a strangely-worded lead even so.

HT: Drudge

Ahmadinejad ridicules Obama's new nuclear strategy

You know President Obama's new so-called nuclear strategy? The one that's supposed to set a good example for other nuclear powers, and make us all safer?

Well, Iran's nutball President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has registered his response to Mr. Obama's decision to cripple our ability to retaliate against chemical or biological attacks by just such non-nuclear powers as Ahmadinejad and his cronies are fond of sponsoring.

The response is ridicule.

HT: Drudge

The Cubs may not have won a World Series in 102 years...

...but they now have the priciest tickets in the major leagues.

$52.56 is too much for a ticket to see a baseball game. Yet that is the average price at Wrigley for a non-premium seat.

I can remember when you could get the best seats in the house for half of that- and pretty darned good ones for about ten bucks.

I sometimes fantasize about how nice it would be to live back home in Chicago again, and be able to spend a summer's afternoon at a Cubs game whenever I had a day off, as in olden times. Guess I'd better revise my fantasy.

The winningest season in Blackhawks history

Obama decides to fight chemical and biological weapons with both hands tied behind our backs

Roger Kimball of Pajamas Media on President Obama's silly decision to rule out the use of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear countries even if they launch devastating chemical, biological, or cyber attacks against the United States.

Let's make sure we're clear about this. Say, Iran finds a way to aerosol Ebola and sets it off in the New York subway system, causing tens of thousands of horrific deaths. Tens of thousands more die from contact with infected victims. A handful of others, not realizing they're infected, board airplanes for other major cities. Soon smaller Ebola outbreaks take place in Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Washington, Detroit, and dozens of more cities. The death toll climbs into the hundreds of thousands, and infected individuals continue to spread the plague to every corner of the nation.

The United States, having no biological weapons of its own, would have no credible way to retaliate short of a full scale invasion of Iran…

BREAKING : Obama to limit nuke use- even in self defense!

President Obama- breaking with the policies of his predecessors and disregarding the advice of his own Secretary of Defense- is planning to drastically restrict the circumstances under which the United States will use nuclear weapons and ban the further development of the weapons.

The development ban in particular raises serious questions as to whether the new policy is remotely compatible with the security of the United States.

HT: Drudge

Point to ponder

Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.--C.S. Lewis

HT: Rev. Jeffrey Ries


...gets it.

Somebody wake President Obama up before the Muhajamoonbats nuke the White House, eh?

HT: Drudge

Opening Day

No predictions. No expectations.

Go Cubs! Cardinalidae delendae est!

Chicago Blackhawks: 2010 Central Division Champions!

The Hawks clinched the division when the Flyers beat Day-twah. The Good Guys then proceeded to beat Calgary 4-1, equaling their all-time record for wins in a season with 49 and clinching no worse than third seed in the Western Conference.

Three in a row now for the resurgent Hawks. Niemi- who had an assist today!- has now allowed two goals in the last three games.

Are the Republicans and the Democrats both parties of whack-jobs?

I find a new Harris poll of Republicans to be among the most frightening things I've read in years.

For eight years, Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) raged among Democrats and Leftists. Despite the fact that Democratic election officials were totally in charge of the count in all the contested counties in Florida in 2000, we're still hearing nonsense about Bush having stolen Florida and the presidency. Even lamer justifications are given for similar lies about Ohio in 2004.

Within months of the slander that Bush was AWOL during his National Guard service first was uttered, members of the Guard who remembered serving with Bush during the period in question came forward to refute it. But the charges are still being made. Even John Kerry, the Democratic candidate for president, repeated them during the 2004 campaign.

Wholly unimpressed with the fact that every intelligence service on Earth believed that Saddam Hussein had stockpiled weapons of mass destruction, or even with the fact …

Are most Republicans as crazy as most Democrats?

The unreasoning hate most Democrats held (and still hold) toward former President Bush is a matter of record. The proven lies about his supposedly having been AWOL during his National Guard service, the slanders concerning the intelligence of a man who holds two degrees from Ivy League schools and has a higher IQ, as measured by military tests, than Al Gore, and the nonsense about a vote count in Florida supervised in all the contested counties entirely by Democratic election officials having been stolen by Bush in 2000 continue to be repeated to this day, despite the conclusive evidence to the contrary. Democrats even continue to repeat even flimsier evidence that Ohio in 2004 was somehow stolen. The mantra that "Bush lied" about weapons of mass destruction believed by every intelligence service in the world to have been possessed by Saddam Hussein continues to reverberate, and not only off the walls of padded cells.

But no poll to my knowledge ever showed that the "Tr…

He is risen!

Awake, my heart, with gladness,
See what today is done;
Now, after gloom and sadness,
Comes forth the glorious Sun.
My Savior there was laid
Where our bed must be made
When to the realms of light
Our spirit wings its flight.

The foe in triumph shouted
When Christ lay in the tomb;
But, lo, he now is routed,
His boast is turned to gloom.
For Christ again is free;
In glorious victory
He Who is strong to save
Has triumphed o’er the grave.

This is a sight that gladdens;
What peace it doth impart!
Now nothing ever saddens
The joy within my heart.
No gloom shall ever shake,
No foe shall ever take,
The hope which God’s own Son
In love for me hath won.

Now hell, its prince, the devil
Of all their powers are shorn;
Now I am safe from evil,
And sin I laugh to scorn.
Grim Death with all his might
Cannot my soul affright;
He is a powerless form,
Howe’er he rave and storm.

The world against me rageth
Its fury I disdain;
Though bitter war it wageth
Its work is all in vain.
My heart from care is free,
No trouble troubles me.
Misfortune n…

Ceád Mile Fáilte *

*Gaelic for "A hundred thousand welcomes"

Sometime in the last few hours, someone from Winchester, New Hampshire became the 100,000th visitor to this blog in the six years and 4,700 posts since it moved here from Blog Studio, where I'd had it for a little over a year, in early 2004.

I suppose I could really trace this blog's history back to a kind of proto-blog I had in the middle of the controversy over the 2000 presidential election. There werr oe a number of false starts under various names in the years following until watersblogged! finally got off the ground.

Anyway, thanks to all my readers It's been a memorable six years- or seven, or ten, or whatever- and I hope we'll be together for many more!

The most important event in history

Isaiah 53- ESV
Who has believed what he has heard from us?
And to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?
For he grew up before him like a young plant,
and like a root out of dry ground;
he had no form or majesty that we should look at him,
and no beauty that we should desire him.
He was despised and rejected[b] by men;
a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief;
and as one from whom men hide their faces
he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

Surely he has borne our griefs
and carried our sorrows;
yet we esteemed him stricken,
smitten by God, and afflicted.
But he was wounded for our transgressions;
he was crushed for our iniquities;
upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace,
and with his stripes we are healed.
All we like sheep have gone astray;
we have turned—every one—to his own way;
and the LORD has laid on him
the iniquity of us all.

He was oppressed, and he was afflicted,
yet he opened not his mouth;
like a lamb that is led to the slaugh…

Hillary pushes abortion in Canada

It isn't enough for Hillary Clinton to support abortion in this country. She's doing it in Canada, too.

What she, like "pro-choicers" generally don't understand is that if one believes abortion to be murder, one is morally obligated to oppose its legality. One cannot with any moral coherence be in favor of the legality of murder.

Unless, that is, one's name is Mao or Stalin or Hitler. And few pro-lifers bear any of those names.

HT: Drudge