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Get well, Rush. Get well, Rush-haters.

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Weather watch


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Oh, yuck.

Copenhagen, Health Care, and the insubstantial presidency of Barack Obama

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All that counts, it seems, is the will to power

... and neither do Americans

The Cubans don't love Obama anymore...

At least we'll have a white Christmas

Cubs trade Bradley for bad pitcher

The snow is falling! The snow is falling!

No comment

Unexpected honesty at Democratic Underground

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100 reasons why Copenhagen is a joke

"Allah" isn't just "the Islamic name for God"

Mr. President, please take note

No, Virginia.


219 minutes and 18 seconds

Somebody got paid to think of this question?

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Chi Cubs promote Ryno to manage I-Cubs

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The Bears finally win

Where my sermons will be from now on

The real meaning of the Blessed Virgin's apparitions on the wall of a Chicago underpass, on a California griddle, and in an Arizona pancake

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The uromastyx version of a diet

Advent I Midweek Lenten Sermon