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Cubs roll again

Wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

Cubs win again

One game won in our "showdown" series with the Brewers...

Forty-one years ago today...

China drops most gold medalists from Olympic team

County wants to remove life support without patients' or family's permission

AP admits that the U.S. is about to win the war in Iraq!

AP writers concede their defeat, U.S. victory in Iraq

I'm trying to be non-political in this blog....

"He ventured forth to bring light to the world..."

Obama's priorities

NBC's Obama love: it's getting pretty shameless

Ex-astronaut Mitchell: ET has been here- often!

Methinks this takes that ICTHUS business a little too far...

So which past election is this, anyway?

It's turning surreal

NYT runs Obama editorial, rejects rebuttal

Woad is me

A song about an ancestor of mine


Hopefully, the Cubs are back on track

Over a quarter of NYC adults have genital herpes

Obama on Iraq: the doubletalk begins

Obama's foreign policy is beginning to look silly already

Perhaps it's a contagious form of mental illness