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The Finals begin tonight..

Earth from deep space

Meanwhile, below .500 or not, don't count the Cubs out yet

Flyers fans...

Everybody else has written the line, "The clock ran out on 24 last night," so I might as well, too

It's the Flyers

On to the Finals!

Byfuglien- pronounced "Conn Smythe winner"

The Democrats' ace-in-the-hole

After all, the Sac and Fox lived in Iowa, too

Obama and the "Born Alive" Act: the facts

Actually, that "artificial life" isn't artificial at all

Anti-establishment gestures, both welcome and silly

Blackhawks' outlook couldn't look much better. So why am I so nervous?

I don't know why he swallowed the fly.

24 is breaking my heart

The road to the Cup looks suspiciously smooth right now

Blackhawks- Sharks on NBC this afternoon!

Has the King of the Planets been busted in rank?

Les Canadiens sont la!

Time for the Blackhawks to break out the bangsticks

Monday's lesson from 24

The Hawks- hopefully- will wrap it up on tomorrow night

Hawks 5, Canucks 3- in Vancouver!

Everything's going from bad to worse on 24

A warning for the Blackhawks from Frank Chance