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Two from Gene Veith

Useful lives

Sometimes mortgages just aren't a real good idea

Is Obama a socialist? What do the European socialists think?

Obama's linen closet lies

In case you missed it....

The audacity of hope, to coin a phrase

This is bad.

The Christian Science Monitor reaches the end of the road as a print daily

A cogent literary reference

A retraction

ANOTHER RETRACTION: Being fair to Barack....

Bloodworth-Thomason: MSNBC "out of control;" Democrats seize Internet while Republican blogosphere self-destructs

This is getting ridiculous

'I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm a journalist'


A sick Halloween decoration- even for Hollywood

Here we go again!

It's a start, anyway

O freedom!

President Obama vs. reality

Things aren't looking too hot for America...

Barack Obama: McGovernite in sheep's clothing

New shock ahead for the market?

RETRACTION: McCain worker made up story about attack and mutilation by Obama supporter

Florida GOP official's house shot up

Obama's "Born Alive" lies- and the campaign to defend them

Pittsburgh McCain worker has "B" carved into her face by mugger of undetermined motive

McCain worker NOT attacked and mutilated

On the Cult of the Chosen One

I'm back

This has to be said- and loudly

An objective (really!) look at Barack Obama

As if we didn't know this

Secret Service: "Kill him!" reference to Obama at McCain rally never happened

Murtha says his constituents aren't racists after all. Just "rednecks."

The "support Obama or you're a racist" meme in action

Dead goldfish sent voter registration materials in suburban Chicago

Rolling Stone slanders an American hero

McCain supporters face down anti-Obama bigots

John Kerry's infantile sense of humor

The dying baby and the linen closet: the truth about Barack Obama's pro-abortion extremism

Admittedly, McCain can't hold a candle to this

RFK Jr.: Registering dead people and cartoon characters is OK- if they don't vote!

By the way...

A hero lets me down