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POTUS getting 'creepy-" Noonan

A trimmer? An equivocator? A race-baiter? A mean-spirited partisan?

Well, we've seen a great deal of that last one right along. More, certainly, than the MSM is willing to admit.

Peggy Noonan on how the increasing 'creepiness' of President Obama is turning those who once liked him, if not his policies, into people who don't like either.

And we all need to ask: at a time when the nation is divided as it hasn't been since the Civil War, is this what we need from our nation's leader?

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Hawks beat Blues, clinch playoff spot

Victory! My Blackhawks beat the Blues- who will almost certainly win the division this year, but didn't last night- 4 to 3 in a shootout. The victory clinches a playoff spot for the Good Guys.

It wasn't Prozac that did it. It was Dave Bolland.

Worryingly, the Sons of the Four Feathers blew a two-goal third period lead before Bolland struck. But if captain Jonathan Toews ever gets back from his concussion, maybe the Madison Street Warriors can make a deep run into the playoffs after all (of course, whether Good Corey or Bad Corey shows up will make a major difference.

My instincts say that we're still at least two years away from recovering from the Bill Wirtz salary cap debacle which forced the partial dismantling of the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions. But we can only hope.

ADDENDUM: Looks like I miscalculated. They needed a regulation victory to clinch a playoff berth; the victory over the Blues left them a point short.

This they remedied with their shootout victory over the Preds…

The side you haven't heard- which the eyewitnesses support

Here's George Zimmerman's essentially disregarded side of the Martin incident.

The Democrats' Trayvon Martin chutzpah

It's been a while since I've used one of my favorite loan-words: chutzpah, a Yiddish term classically defined as that quality exhibited by a child who murders both of his parents, and then pleads for mercy on the ground that he is an orphan.

The Obama campaign seems poised to give chutzpah a new definition. It's claiming that the Republicans are politicizing the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

As we saw yesterday, the Obama campaign chose this particular moment to come out with a hoodie with the President's name on it. And Democrats in Congress have been falling all over each other to make political capital of the popularity of the "Lynch George Zimmerman" movement which has resulted from the breathtakingly one-sided coverage of the incident in the press (Spike Lee tweeted Zimmerman's alleged address- he got it wrong- and the Black Panthers have offered a $10,000 reward for Zimmerman- whom the police say they have no grounds to arrest- "dead or alive")…

Demagoguing Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman's side of the story (funny how nobody waited for that!) can be found here. Now, here's the kicker- a fact that has been available for literally days: eyewitnesses collaborate Zimmerman's story.

Former NAACP leader the Rev. C.L. Bryant, meanwhile, has criticized Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for "exploiting" the tragedy in order to "racially divide the country." It's beginning to sound like the Duke lacrosse team case all over again.

Meanwhile, Spike Lee tried to enable potential lynch mobs by tweeting Zimmerman's address. He got it wrong, endangering the life and safety of the innocent woman who lives at the address he gave. The Black Panthers have offered a $10,000 reward for Zimmerman, whom the authorities do not believe they have grounds to arrest, "dead or alive."

There was a time when lynching was considered bad form in the African-American community. No more, it seems.

Martin's mother, meanwhile, is seeking …

A bad idea, to say the least

If I hadn't come across this on Gene Veith's blog, I would have assumed that it was just another one of those nutty rumors conspiracy theorists love to pass around.

But apparently it's true: Pepsi is using the remains of aborted fetuses in product research (though not, it should be made clear, in its products).

I really wish that I weren't drinking a Mountain Dew right now. From now on, it's Mellow Yellow. Or coffee.

Or water.

ADDENDUM: The Snopes urban legend page has this to say on the matter.

In brief, Pepsico denies the rumor- but in carefully-chosen words which leave open the possibility that a partner company does the testing for Pepsico. In any case, the cells in question come from a single 35 year-old line.

Not that this solves the ethical problem, but at least it minimizes it to a degree.


Presidential metaphor machine punching below its weight?

Danish TV poses a compelling question.

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It's over

The latest Gallup poll has Mitt Romney leading Rick Santorum by fourteen points among Republicans nationally.

Romney may only be halfway to the nomination in terms of the delegate count, but it seems that Republicans are already closing ranks around him. Rick Santorum's predilection for unforced errors seems to be increasing the perception that he's just not quite ready for prime time.

Santorum needs to clean up his bizarre stances, like opposing birth control in general (OK to do this personally, but only orthodox Catholics and a very few Evangelicals can relate when it becomes a political position) and opposing pre-natal testing because it might lead to abortion. Even thoughtful conservatives roll their eyes at stuff like that. But remember: Republicans tend to nominate the guy who's next in line. This year, it's Romney. Last time, it was McCain. If Romney loses, next time it can be Santorum- if he can develop a bit more polish and scare people who agree with him a lit…

It's not easy being green

At right is a actual sketch of Dread Cthulhu by Howard Phillips Lovecraft his own self. He (Cthulhu, not Lovecraft) has six eyes.- the better to see in ALL the dimensions, my dear.

The Ol' Soul Eater apparently has scales in Lovecraft's version as well. Figures, since he's a critter of the depths. Seems to kind of slouch, though. He needs to work on his posture.

Incidentally, I learned something new today. At least according to Lovecraft collaborator and mythos author August Derleth, the name of the lord of R'leyh should actually be pronounced "'THOO-loo," not "kuh-THOO-loo."

The "C" is silent. According to Derleth, anyway. But of course, Derleth thought that the Elder Sign looked like this:

whereas Lovecraft sketched it thus:

and in one of his stories suggested that it was something like a swastika (which, given Lovecraft's notorious racism and anti-Semitism, was unfortunate, to say the least).

This confusion would obviously become…

The desecratin' of the green

Just left Court Avenue after my yearly corned beef and cabbage dinner, washed down with one Guinness and one Bushmill's (I feel an obligation to support the local distillaries of County Antrim, whence the Waters- or Uisgi (Hiskey), in the Irish- spring. "Irish Spring." See what I did there? Never mind).

Anyway, while there, I was stunned by the number of people who apparently think that it is appropriate to display the green in combination with yellow and the insignia of a certain obnoxious professional football team from northern Wisconsin, thereby desecrating the color with which this day is associated.

Tsk, tsk. Doubtless St. Patrick- who, being on the side of the angels, is obviously a Bears fan- is spinning in his grave over in Grandma's home town, Downpatrick.

ADDENDUM: Yesterday- April 14- I overheard the miscreant in question tell a fellow patron at the Central Library that he was from Liverpool. I guess that explains his wearing a Packers jersey on St. Patrick&…

A point- or leaf- to ponder on St. Patrick's Day

A shamrock with four leaves is like a Star of David with five points.

It isn't one.

The whole significance of the shamrock is that St. Patrick used it to illustrate the Holy Trinity to the pagan natives of Ireland. A four leaf clover is a symbol of good luck, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with either Ireland or St. Patrick.

Just sayin'.

Osama's plot to put Joe Biden in the Oval Office

Seems like Obama got Osama before Osama could get Obama.

The Washington Post's David Ignatius is reporting that al Quaeda's deceased leader was plotting the assassination of POTUS, specifically so that a particular new disaster could overtake our nation: Joe Biden in the White House.

And remember, folks: they laughed at John McCain for picking Sarah Palin.

Meanwhile, it seems that al Quaeda has something in common with the members of the party Mr. Obama leads. A report by bin Laden's media advisor complained that Fox News "lacks objectivity." As opposed, apparently, to al Jazeera, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, NBC, ABC, and CBS.

Hey. With the enemies Fox News makes, they have to be doing something very, very right.

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Secularist bigotry?

Sources in Denver are reporting that Peyton Manning is meeting with the Broncos, and that they want to sign him- and trade Tim Tebow.

I wonder how Mollie Hemingway and all the other Bronco fans who have taken to Tebow so strongly will react to this. But having said as much, any reasonable GM would rather have a proven superstar like Manning as his quarterback than an essentially unproven second year youngster. Even if the report is true, it doesn't necessarily mean that the Broncos want to dump a "controversial" player who has committed the faux pas of being outspokenly Christian. It's probably just that they want to win a Super Bowl.

Still and all, it's a sad commentary on the contemporary state of our culture that the question even arises.

Speaking of secularist intolerance, ABC is premiering a new show called Good Christian Bitches. It's based on a novel of the same name. Newt Gingrich has quite rightly cried foul.

The real question is how anybody witht he bra…

Rasmussen: As of today, either Romney or Santorum would beat Obama

Mitt's margin is five points, and Rick's is one. The latter, of course, is within the margin of error.

It should be said that Rasmussen's results tend to lean Republican, so take it for what it's worth.

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New leader of the Free World is ready to act

As I've suspected all along, we're not going to have to worry about dealing with Iran's nuclear ambitions.

The Israelis will take care of the problem themselves.

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BELOW: An Israeli video on what will likely happen if somebody doesn't stop Tehran from getting nukes.

Chicago and Houston come later.

A rabid Boxer?

A while back a friend of mine on Facebook unreflectingly posted a transparently bogus argument in favor of the President's anti-religious freedom health care insurance mandate.

You know. The one the Democratically-controlled Senate just upheld. The one that has as much chance of surviving a court challenge as a snowflake would a hot day in San Antonio.

If it's wrong to force insurers to pay for abortificants and birth control medications, she asked, then what is to say that religious types couldn't get away with refusing to pay for insulin to treat diabetics whose condition was (or might be) the result of gluttony, to which they also have religious objections?

The problems with this argument are several. To begin with, no church body I know of-including the Roman Catholic church, which objects in principle to birth control as well as to abortion- has a similar objection to treating diabetes with insulin, regardless of the origins of the disease. In the analogy to the health i…

Barnabas Collins lives!

But then, vampires never die, do they?

Johnny Depp, Chloë Grace Moretz, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer and Christopher Lee... such a cast! I'm delighted that a new generation gets to meet the Collins clan, whom my whole generation rushed home from high school to watch in the world's first Gothic soap opera back in the 'Sixties.

Given the current popularity of precisely this kind of romantic vampire yarn, it's only fitting that the current generation should get to experience it, too. And with a cast like this, how can it miss?

I have to admit, though, that the notion of Helena Bonham Carter in Joan Bennett's role is a bit odd.

When my former wife and I were first married, we rented the videos and watched them one after another. Sidney, her orange winged amazon, actually began whistling the theme song after a while!

The film will premiere May 11. I can hardly wait! I'm sure Depp will be a worthy successor to Jonathan Frid.