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Christ is risen!

Pro nobis. Pro vobis.*

Lutheran Satire: Jerry the Contemporary Worship Pediatrician

'Hello, fiscal responsibility, my old friend..."

Just to be clear about this..

Further persecution of Amanda Knox by clownish Italian legal system.

Why gay "marriage" will probably come to pass- even though it shouldn't

The justification of sinners is not the justification of sin

The Cyclones are out. Bummer.


Illinois wins in second-round NCAA game

'The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things..."

We'll miss you, Brian

"This baby is big enough to walk around with me or walk me to the bus stop.”

Before you ever take PETA seriously again...

This man is one heartbeat from the presidency

The NHL's two best teams play Wednesday night

'Orthodoxy vs. Opra-doxy'

is the First Amendment unconstitutional?

It would explain his positions on abortion and same-sex "marriage..."

And while on the subject of St. Patrick and Ireland...

Faith, and it's time to examine St. Paddy's shamrock analogy

Let's get one thing straight

When is an oath of secrecy not an oath of secrecy?

Jesus wept

Pope Francis and the Two Kingdoms

A warning for Mr. Obamapoulous

Habent papa!*

Give them that old time religion

The conclave begins

Time to let Karzai go it alone

Scala strengthens his position as papal favorite

Conclave begins Tuesday; Scola now the favorite

Right on, John!

For what it's worth, Comet PANSTARRS has arrived

Liberals and libel


Also Sprach Oma

Duck, Marvin!

Jeb hints 2016 run for White House

The odds, "sede vacante*

After 20 games, the Blackhawks have yet to lose in regulation

This is NOT the same Trayvon Martin as the one George Zimmerman killed!