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Rep. Woolsey should be reprimanded

Some obscure individual was ejected from the House chamber for trying to start a ruckus in advance of the President's State of the Union address tonight.

The individual in question is a known troublemaker. I wonder whether the House will take disciplinary action against Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-California), who invited this person to attend the speech as her guest despite her predictable behavior. It would seem only appropriate.

The system worked

It's Justice Alito now.

Fulfilling its constitutional role, the Senate voted to advise and consent rather than obstruct and veto, and to judge a President's appointment to a Supreme Court vacancy on the basis of merit, rather than ideology.

You know. Just like Senate Republicans did, when Bill Clinton was appointing people like Ruth Bader Ginsberg- who was and is much further to the Left than Sam Alito is to the Right.

And just like Senate Democrats refused to do today. The Ginsberg confirmation was accomplished with the support of both parties, despite its ideologically divisive nature; sadly, the Democrats chose today to be petty and partisan, where the Republicans had been cooperative and magnanimous.

Amazing disgrace

I've always known intellectually that non-Lutheran Protestantism is in rationalistic denial with regard to the clear and consistent teaching of the New Testament with regard to baptism.

But some of the comments here make me wonder how much such folks really read their Bibles at all.

Study claims Bush supporters are racists

It is no surprise that this piece of garbage masquerading as a scientific study was done. It is less of a surprise that it reached the conclusions it did. It is no surprise at all that the Washington Post would publish it.

What would be a surprise is if anybody other than the most rabidly partisan Democrats pretended to take it seriously.

Another example of the compulsion of the Left to argue that those who disagree with it are not merely mistaken, or even stupid, but positively evil.

And, of course, of either left wing social scientists to ignore their own biases in constructing political broadsides in the guise of scientific studies, or of left wing journalists to attempt to suggest that such special pleading on the part of their fellow idealogues deserves any particular notice, much less credence.

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Hillary lucks out

Senate moderates have shut down the attempt by a handful of Far Left senators to filbuster the confirmation of Judge Sam Alito.

Hillary Clinton gets to score points with her radical base for supporting the effort, while avoiding the political baggage of having held up the Alito appointment, broken the "Gang of Fourteen" agreement to restrict judicial filibusters to "extraordinary circumstances," and left the Republicans with no alternative but to exercise "the nuclear option" and end the filbuster once and for all.

Actually, I doubt that luck had much to do with it. Hillary never would have backed the effort if she hadn't been pretty sure from the outset that it would fail to get off the ground. Whatever else one may say about Sen. Clinton, she isn't stupid.

Speaking of Coulter...

... Ann writes winsomely (how else?) about the trend among liberals to back away from Roe v. Wade.

Hillary takes a big gamble

Various pundits have been suggesting for months that Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) was working out a new, moderate personna that would make her hard to defeat in the 2008 Presidential election- despite the fact that fully forty percent of the electorate repeatedly states in the polls that they would never, under any circumstances, vote for her.

I have never seen Hillary as the threat that other Republicans do. Sorry, Dick Morris! Nobody with her negative numbers has any more chance of getting elected in 2008 than I do. And Hillary Rodham Clinton is simply not a moderate. She is an extremist- and probably, other than President Bush (who did not achieve this status until after he was elected), the single most polarizing figure in American politics.

Hillary represents a remarkable opportunity for the Republican Party. Even after all the polarization the country has undergone on Dubyah's watch, Sen. Clinton's nomination by the Democrats would guarantee that she, and not he, would b…

Sheer evil

China doesn't treat it's people too well, either. Tiananmen Square and all, you know.

But a country which does this to dogs is truly a nation of barbarians, no matter how ancient its culture.

And yes, I freely plead guilty to being culturally arrogant about this. And that utterly, completely, and absolutely without remorse.

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The Fabricated Bonhoeffer

UweSiemon-Netto is the author of The Fabricated Luther, perhaps the definitive rebuttal to the oft-repeated lie that Martin Luther was somehow a spiritual forerunner of Adolph Hitler.

Lutheranism's early alliance with State in Germany and Scandinavia has combined with rather thorough and practically universal misunderstanding of Luther's theology of the Two Kingdoms in Roman Catholic and especially Reformed circles to produce a distorted understanding of Lutheran theology as politically quietistic by nature, and of its role in the Hitler era as being consistently submissive. While nobody can deny the failure of the German Church of all confessions to stand up to Hitler as it should have, Siemon-Netto demonstrates that the Lutheran church was no worse than other Christian churches in this respect- and that, in fact, Lutheran resistance very much motivated by Luther's social and political ethic (like that of Leipzig Mayor and anti-Nazi martyr Carl Goerdeler, who was …

Not funny

Ann Coulter is an amazing combination of beauty and brains. I'm a big fan of hers. But she should have used her brains before making this ugly remark.

That college sophomore who says that "we need someone on the Democratic side who is just as outspoken as she is," misses the whole point, of course. The Democratic side has hundreds, and thousands, and perhaps even millions of Ann Coulters. Granted, they generally aren't nearly as smart as she is, nor as easy on the eyes. But the central fact about Ann Coulter's outrageous comments is that they are nothing more or less but a very small, drop-in-the-bucket gesture in the direction of equal time. She derives much of her noteriety- and this incident is a good example- by being the one figure on the American Right who says exactly the same kind of outrageous things about Democrats and liberals that Democrats and liberals generally, habitually and ordinarily say about Republicans and conservatives.

The sputtering, inco…

Dr. Veith's take on 'Daniel'

Did John of Gamala die for your sins?

You may have heard the silly story about the Italian lawsuit in which a court is being asked to rule as to whether or not Jesus ever lived.

I use the word "silly" advisedly. Many assertions concerning the Gospel narratives are made by skeptics, and apologists find a great deal of useful work in refuting them. The argument that Jesus of Nazareth never existed, however, is a claim no informed, intelligent critic of Christianity makes. The reason is pretty straightforward: on the basis of totally disinterested ancient sources, we have far more evidence for the historical existence of Jesus of Nazareth than we do for that of, say, Socrates.

But it turns out that the lawsuit is even sillier than it sounds. It seems that the plaintiff has his own, alternative theory of the evidence.

Let's just say that say that he would have been better off arguing that Socrates was actually a restaurant owner on Halsted Avenue in Chicago's Greektown. John of Gamala is a fictional charact…

Brit TV: 'Munich' is hooey

Two British television documentaries on the events surrounding Mossad's revenge for the Munich Olympic massacre of 1972 make the point that the agents involved in fact feel none of the remorse imputed to them by Stephen Speilberg's film "Munich."

A not-insignificant point, given the recent takeover of the Palestinian Authority by a terrorist organization which calls for the destruction of Israel.

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NBC Cancels 'Book of Daniel'


Blasphemy isn't cool.

Neither is the liberal Protestant apostasy whose vacuous theology its protagonist represented.


The Democrats' more recent silly Presidential nominee is setting up a losing attempt to filibuster Justice Designate Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court.

John Kerry's remaining fantasies of a viable political future are the likely casualties.

Al Gore flips out again

Al Gore, who actually won the popular vote in the 2000 Presidential election, has long since gone off the deep end- and established himself irredeemably as a Left Wing extremist whose ravings simply cannot be taken seriously.

Now Gore has gone off on Canadian Prime Minister- Elect Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party.

Nobody's listening anymore, Al.

Oh, I don't know

Hie thee unto the last couple of lines in this article:"It's still early, but the Boston Globe may have come up with the worst culinary idea of the year: Guinness ice cream."

Sounds good to me!

Maybe four will be the charm

Three Chicago Bears were invited to the Pro Bowl, but said "No, thank you" (reportedly out of a grim determination to avenge their early ouster from the playoffs before accepting an invitation to Hawaii).

Now a fourth- Tight End Desmond Clark (who will probably not be the Bears' starter next season) has been invited to go.

So much for peace in the Middle East

Those whose naivette and/or anti-Semitism has deceived them into believing that the poor, picked-on Palestinians have any interest whatsoever in peace today no longer have an excuse.

Al Fatah no longer is the governing party in the Palestinian Authority.Hamas is.

It's kind of hard to make a peaceful settlement with folks who vote decisively for a terrorist organization to be their government-in-waiting. Or to entertain any notion that they're even marginally rational.

ADDENDUM: In the wake of the Hamas victory, analysts have speculated that the ineptitude, inefficiency and corrupton of Al Fatah- rather than stark, raving insanity- may have motivated the Palestinian people to make their fateful choice. Perhaps- but as long as Hamas is running things, the Palestinians will be a pariah people among the nations of the Earth nonetheless.

Does Ahmadinejad have the West figured out?

Could it be that Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejadisn't so crazy after all?

HT: Rev. Mike Zamzow

Once again, a friend to the North

Americans with a strong affection and respect for our neighbo(u)r to the North have been saddened to see its relationship with our nation governed more and more these past twelve years by the understandable- if inappropriate- insecurities generated by living in the shadow of the most powerful political, economic and military power on Earth, instead of by the confident pride of one of the world's truly great nations in its own right, working in tandem with a friend with whom it shared many of its traditions and values.

It's been sad to see the willingness of recent Liberal governments to sacrifice Canada's own interests in order to tweak Uncle Sam's nose, and to lead an ill-advised lurch in recent years into social radicalism the same way their Leftist counterparts in the States have been so fond of doing it: by the undemocratic tyrany of brute, judicial fiat rather than by building the kind of political consensus which strengthens a democracy, rather than weakening it.


Tory, Tory, hallelujah!

Though lest our joy know no bounds...

The man who will hopefully be Canada's next Prime Minister has seemingly copped out legislatively addressing the subject of abortion.

One can only hope that he will offer the moral leadership Canada needs to reassess the question of abortion, this time more thoughtfully- and thus hasten the day when it will be revisited legislatively.

Meanwhile, south of the border...

Any wonder that I'm fond of Canada?

"With glowing hearts, we see thee rise..."

It's looking like Canadian voters are in the process of bouncing socially radical, anti-American Prime Minister Paul Martin, and handing power to Stephen Harper's Conservatives!

Before the night is over, America may have a friend to the North again.

Say a prayer! Those of us who love both countries may have cause to raise a Molson's or two tonight!

Interesting "test-" and interesting article

Here is a test of how "homophobic" you are.

I blog it only because I find it interesting that it seems not to be interested in labeling people who have moral problems with homosexuality, but rather seems to target legitimately problematic attitudes toward gay people themselves. This is rare in any usage of the term "homophobia," and worth a look for that reason alone.

My result:
27 - Your score rates you as "non-homophobic." In his 1996 study of 64 white, male college students, Dr. Henry Adams classed 29 participants as "non-homophobic." Their mean score was 30.48. This is not conclusive, however. Dr. Adams, the researcher who helped develop this scale, writes that "a major difficulty of this area of research is in defining and measuring homophobia." Elsewhere, he cautions: Since there is no universally accepted definition of homophobia, the scales currently in use may not measure all aspects of homophobia.
Did you catch that last li…

Chirac said that?

The interesting point about this article is not that Israel is hinting that it will take military action to prevent Iran from achieving nuclear capability.

The interesting thing is Jacques Chirac, of all people, warning that France would respond with nuclear weapons if attacked by terrorists. Wonders never cease!

But even that isn't the real story. Even more interesting- and revealing- is Iran's response. For that, you have to read between the lines- but not very closely:

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said Saturday that Chirac's threats reflect the true intentions of nuclear nations, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

"The French president uncovered the covert intentions of nuclear powers in using this lever (nuclear weapons) to determine political games," IRNA quoted Asefi as saying.
Such a defensive response to a statement specifically addressed to the use of nuclear weapons by terrorists sounds like a Freudian slip. I wonder …

Of Chalcedon, keys, and 900 pound gorillas

A while back, Pr. Paul McCain did a post on his blog suggesting that Calvinistic theology might do well to pay a little more attention to Jesus and the Gospel, rather than making God's sovereignty so much its bottom line. The result was a firestorm of failed wit and forced rejoinder in the Calvinistic blogosphere, in which our Reformed brethren struggled in vain to find some allegedly parallel accusation to level at Lutherans in order make Pr. McCain's comments appear to be unfounded. The results ranged from the silly to the virtually incoherent, and pretty universally were lamer than the man the Lord healed at Bethesda.

But now, it's getting a little weird.

Calvinism's christology leans Nestorian. I'm not sure that I'd go quite as far as Pr. McCain, and actually accuse it of that heresy. It's not that Calvinists consciously deviate from christological orthodoxy; it's more that Calvinism falls into one of the same traps into which Roman Catholicism fal…

The pitfalls of technology

This invention may result in the loss of one of the most noticable elements of rural Iowa's distinctive ambience, known colloquially as "the smell of money."

You tell her, Laura!

First Lady Laura Bush has fired back at Hillary Clinton for the latter's comparison of the Republican-controlled House to an antebellum plantation.

I wonder whether The Secular Antichrist will continue to say such stupid and insensitive things as she continues her pursuit of her husband's former job- and what the reaction of the African-American community will be if she does.

Despicable, Senator.

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Moral idiocy

That's the only way I can think of to describe this statement from Harry Belafonte- a man whose hate-filled, irrational ravings simply do not merit further attention here, or anywhere else.

Is it really the case that he can't see a moral difference between what Al Quaeda did on 9/11 and the liberation of Iraq? There are few people outside of penal and custodial institutions whose lack of a moral compass results in their becoming that ethically disoriented.

From now on She About Whom I Refuse to Blog has been joined by He About Whom I Refuse To Blog as the only two people on Earth whose irrational, ego-driven ravings receive attention so utterly undeserved that I just refuse to give them any myself.

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Gay trumps pacifist for Universal

Ooooh. I'm sure Iran is scared

The EU is apparently going to go along with sanctions against Iran.

More than justified, of course. If Iran builds an atomic bomb, a nuclear war between Iran and Israel is not only possible, but likely- and the fanatics who run Iran simply cannot be trusted not to use nuclear technology to build a bomb.

If it comes to force, though, the Europeans will cave like a souffle when you bang the oven door. When the chips are down, and the time comes to put their money where their mouth is, history says that they'll back down and leave the United States holding the bag.

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Apparently there is hope for Nagin!

The New Orleans mayor has apologized for the divisive comments he made during Martin Luther King Day observance.

I blogged the comments, noting that despite their divisive character they appeared to indicate that a recognition that at least in the abstract, divisiveness is bad. Apparently Mayor Naglin does indeed recognize that, and has moved from the abstract to the concrete.

Even with all that has been less than ideal about his behavior since Hurricane Katrina put him in the national spotlight, give the man credit.

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Gay cowboys win four Golden Globes

I wonder whether it's because "Brokeback Mountain" is actually such a good movie, or whether it's because it's the politically correct flavor of the month.

I admittedly have neither seen this film, nor plan to. But I must confess some skepticism as to whether its theme or its merits are more the cause of its critical acclaim- and my regret that our culture is at a place where the question arises so naturally and automatically.


Lutheran Confessional Bloggers is a new Google Group. It's the first Google Group I've ever belonged to, although I belong to about thirty Yahoo groups- and run five or six of them.

In visiting the group just now, I happened to do a search for Google groups which operate under the category "Lutheran." In doing so, I came across a Google group whose hook is the question, "What does it mean to be a Lutheran?" No answers, mind you. Just questions.

Questions whose answers- such as they are- pretty much exclude anything remotely resembling substance or intellectual integrity.

Brain-dead, post-modern questions.

I read some of the posts, and nearly joined and got into it with the ELCAns there. Their slander of the Missouri Synod is not only extreme, but bizarre. I'd forgotten just how divorced from reality such willful ignorance could be- and how prevalent it is in the ELCA.

That ELCA folks could suggest that the distinction between Law and Gospel- a distinction wh…

Planned Parenthood affilliate: most Americans oppose nearly all abortions

Contrary to the standard liberal rhetoric, which portrays the overwhelming majority of the American people as "pro-choice," a new CBS- sponsored poll shows that 55 percent of Americans oppose virtually all abortions in the United States.

The poll was conducted by the Alan Guttmacher Institute, a research organization affiliated with Planned Parenthood! It shows that fully 55 percent of the American people oppose the legality of abortion for the reasons for which 95 percent of American abortions are, in fact, performed!

Polls are notorious for the ease with which they are influenced by the way in which the question is posed. When the word "pro-choice" or phrases like "a woman's right to choose" are used, or when questions are asked about the overturning of Roe v. Wade (without dealing with the actual substance or implications of that decision), most polls show that the majority of the American public lining up on the pro-choice side. And yet, when the …

A Bearable defeat

This season may be over for them, but the Bears are not so easily disposed of.

Defensive co-ordinator Ron Rivera- a member of the 1985 Super Bowl champions- sees the same analogy between yesterday's loss to Carolina and the 1984 playoff loss to San Franciscothat I do.

Is there hope for Ray Nagin?

New Orleans' Mayor Ray Nagin actually said something that sort of makes sense!

Well, some sense. To a point. Part of it.

True, he still buys into the divisive lie that "we're in Iraq under false pretenses." And he goes Pat Robertson in his unbiblical ascription of hurricanes and natural disasters to God's anger at their victims, contrary to what Jesus taught about such things.

But he apparently understands that God isn't pleased with hate, such as he himself displays so regularly, or with lies, such as he himself tells about Iraq, or with divisiveness, in which he himself specializes. That alone might be enough to get him read out of the Democratic party.

And recognizing something is, in the abstract, a sin is the first step toward repentence. Perhaps soon, he'll actually stop the hate, and the lies, and the divisive bile himself.

Iran resorts to blackmail

Just say, "Neighhhhhh!"

If you're in the U.K., don't cast aspirsions on the sexual orientation of a policeman's horse.

You'll probably get away with it in the end. But in Great Britain, equine "homophobia" can land you in jail, at least for the short term.

Canada continues handbasket journey to hell

A study by the Canadian Justice Department has recommended legalizing polygamy.

Have to be tolerant of those Muslim immigrants, eh?

The season is over

Carolina 29, Bears 21.

The game wasn't that close. The Panthers dominated. The Bears' defense looked very, very ordinary today. The Panthers actually had about twice the total yards today that our average opponent had this season. You have to take your hat off.

I was afraid that all the trash talking this past week would backfire, and it did. I don't like trash talking; as much as I admire Urlacher's crack from an aesthetic point of view, if you're going to say things like that, you'd better be sure that you can deliver on them. The trouble is that you risk motivating the other guy. The upside just isn't there.

What's the lesson here? First, don't despair. The Bears are still the class of the NFC North. We'll be back next year- and for many years to come.

Secondly, the defensive line needs help. It's not exactly a weakness, but it's the weakest part of the defense that is our strength. It's also the key to a truly classic defense. When …

Iran plans "scientific" conference to deny Holocaust

Krematorium II functioned as a homicidal gas chamber and incineration installation from 15th March 1943, before its officially coming into service on 31st March, to 27th November, 1944, annihilating a total of approximately 400,000 people, most of them Jewish women, children and old men.

Krematorium III was used in similar fashion from 25th June 1943 to 27th November 1944, killing about 350,000 victims. Thus approximately three-quarters of the Jewish victims of KL Auschwitz-Birkenau were gassed and reduced to ashes in these two buildings.

--Pressac, Jean Claude. Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers. The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, NY: 1989. Pg. 183)
Though it grieves me to report this, two confessional Lutheran friends of mine- a pair of brothers- have bought into the crackpot theories of Holocaust denial. That their position is neither historically viable nor intellectually defensible doesn't seem to bother them much. Not even grim, categorical evidence li…

"We are at the brink"

Michelle Malkin has done a fine job of taking comprehensive stock of the coming war with Iran- which will be harder and more costly by far than the war in Iraq, but most likely will turn out to be unavoidable.

The question may turn out to be whether we fight it before, or after a nuclear exchange between Iran and Israel, with all the international and human consequences that would suggest.

It has been said- rightly, I think- that we are currently fighting World War III: a global war against Islamofascism in which Iraq is only a theatre. There are naive folks on the Left who seem to believe if Saddam Hussein did destroy his weapons of mass destruction, rather than merely smuggle them out of the country (a dubious premise, despite the fact that the media take it as an article of faith; it doesn't account for his failure to defuse the whole situation and save his own regime by doing so under UN supervision, as both the peace agreement that ended the first Gulf War and seventeen S…