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And such a jackass!

ABC: Iranians, Hezbollah supporting Sadr in Iraq

A habit of calling evil good, and good, evil

Senator-elect Jim Webb...

Poor, picked-on imams not allowed to create an airborne disturbance

Calling Al Gore!

Just goes to show you

On the future of the religious Right- and the religious Left

New England Patriots 17, Bears 13


Up to their old tricks?

A debate worth having- only for real

Iraq: what really happened

Some might even realize this

Happy Thanksgiving!

Those crazy, conservative Christians!

Dershowitz blasts Carter on Middle East

Is there still hope for Pluto?

Atheism's dirty little secret

Oh, Henry!

Lesson learned

Get yer cotton candy there!

Eeyore would be wrong about Iraq and the Middle East, too!

A blog test that actually works!

Our three possible new approaches to the war in Iraq

Are the Cubs serious?

Bears 10, NY Jets 0

Are you listening, Bejing Bobby?

ScrappleFace does it again!

And it's not a pretty picture.

Listen to the man!

Hawks win! Hawks win!

Not "nuts;" just really self-destructive

House GOP picks Boehner and Blunt

A case of roosting chickens

Dem caucus hands Pelosi her first defeat

Republicans: Look to Fairfax and St. Louis Counties!

Infanticide is the coming thing

The Democratic victory is only temporary

Schumer: No more conservative justices will be confirmed

But they have an excuse

Beggars All is a memory

And once again...

Listen up

C of E: It's OK to let sick, disabled babies die

An internal spat on the Far Left

Bob Edgar and Felton May need to read their Bibles more- and bear false witness less!

A tale of two runbacks

The latest on Nazanin

Martinez, not Steele, will head RNC

Another example of Newsweek's 'balanced' coverage of President Bush

Are they creeps in Saudi, too?

Gannett will try to buy the Chicago Trib

An artist pleads for her life

Elton John would like to ban religion

Bears 38, NY Giants 20

It's official

Not a good sign

Any questions?

... and what is going wrong in our ongoing World War against Islamofascism

Analyzing our mistakes

Unintended or not, these are the consequences

al Qaeda's response to Tuesday's election



Good for Wal-Mart!

Wake up, space troglodytes!

What do you know?!

Thank God for Joe Lieberman.

Jack Palance is dead

Uh... Sure!

More centrist Democrats? Don't you believe it!

No Isa-mas, either?

Melman out at the RNC: Steele asked to replace him

Infidels take note

Lots of dhimmis in the upper Midwest

Hewitt still can't admit that he was wrong

Another view of Rummy

The silver lining of November 7