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ONE GOAL!: 'Serve up the calamari, and bring on the Kings!'


Can you imagine if Dubyah had done this?

Points scored

Sometimes closed captioning is nearly as big a mystery as the Holy Trinity

ONE GOAL! Fun and Frolik in Detroit

ONE GOAL!: No goals

ONE GOAL!: Gotta get those Wings tonight!

Could a teleprompter keep Joe Biden tethered to reality?

You can't make this stuff up

ONE GOAL!: Blackhawks down

A cautionary tale

Sounds like vindication to me

Happy Birthday, Christian Church!

ONE GOAL!: Blackhawks take first of two loses to Wings

Texas abortion investigation continues

Another Gosnell- in Texas?

ONE GOAL!: Blackhawks 4, Red Wings 1 in Game One

Poor Detroit...


A primer on marriage revisionism and common sense

HUZZAH! Jack is back! Fox announces return of '24!'


ONE GOAL!: Hawks face Day-twah next

A lady who should make most Christian conservatives ashamed of themselves

Ex-Clinton aide fears Democratic Party in decline

Blackhawks oust Wild, 5-1; Wings or Sharks are next

Once in a while...

Jesus wept

Gosnell is the tip of the iceberg

Redford will narrate pro-Rahm propaganda piece

ONE GOAL: Patrick's Sharp, Crow is stellar- and the Hawks lead the Wild, 3 games to 1

Upcoming Benghazi revelations could hurt Hillary's 2016 chances

The real story about the Pentagon's conflicting statements about religious freedom

ONE GOAL: Sunday afternoon, the one in five

Chavez only said that Bush was "the devil." But Maduro says that Obama is the "grand chief of devils."

ONE GOAL: Hawks take 2 games to none lead on the Wild

The Pentagon won't try military personnel for evangelizing. Just for proselytizing. Uh-huh.

ONE GOAL: The crusade continues

The battle for common sense- and survival- in the GOP

This time, it's not the Administration's fault

Pentagon agrees with bigot Weinstein: Christians should be 'in the closet'