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A Modest Proposal

Letterman says that calling "Obachmann" a flake insults Kellogg's

Suddenly, Iowa's gay couples don't find "marriage" quite so attractive

'Eddie the Eagle' makes he Hall of Fame on the first ballot

On Afghanistan


Who was that masked candidate?

Those Minnesota "Twins"


Time for Iowa Republicans- and others- to do a little reality on tax increases

Pawlenty positionng himself as the anti-isolationist Republican

Republicans in Hollywood

And while we're on the subject...

That'll teach 'em!

More ugly Leftist hate

LINO or not, Bachmann's piety deserves respect, not mockery

Yes, David. You said it out loud- and we all heard it.

Palin film will be opening shot in her Iowa campaign

This is NOT a good mistake to make while appealing for the votes of conservatives!

Lutherans unclear on the concept

Meanwhile, on the subject of hate....

Bachmann hate has already begun

A look at the man who may be the GOP's strongest (at least in the general election) and best-qualified candidate

Chris Wallace to Bachmann: "Are you a flake?"

Romney, Bachmann in statistical tie in the Des Moines Register's first poll of Iowa Republicans

"I now pronounce you man and pillow."

A historical note

And while we're on the topic of Republican silliness...

NYT's Silver gives Romney a 40% chance of being the nominee

Geschichte, historie, and the collapse of the economy


Shame on Obama. Shame on Huntsman. Shame on Bachmann. Shame on 85% of us- and double shame on congressional Democrats!

A noteworthy confession

Ouch. Harry Reid endorses Huntsman!

POTUS needs some love

Actually, the record of the Iowa Caucuses is pretty darned good

McCain blasts "isolationist" Republican field

Moonbat congresswoman calls for investigation of "Christian militants"

Oh, my.

Too much grape juice, Paul.

Terry Brandstad for president?

Generic Republican for President!

RCP has the right of it

Earth to Democrats!

Congrats to the Bruins

An English/Mediaspeak lexicon

Yes we can (beat Obama)!

Michele Bachmann, the Smalkald Articles, and the Council of Trent

Huntsman will join the hunt next Tuesday

No, this is not a joke.

How is Weiner different from Clinton? Well.. Clinton was worse.

Obama in a nutshell

A man Christianity would be better off without

Will the 2012 election be more historic than the 2008 one?

Harold Camping suffers a stroke

Corn's "civil" Leftists and those Palin emails

For the GOP, it's beginning to look like Mitt is it

Media's Palin hatred is embarrassing

Even the Obama-loving Brits are getting it

How about drafting Bob Gates for president?

What is the sound of one thesis synthesizing?

Niveaux français d'alerte de sécurité de patrie : COUREZ, CACHEZ, RENDEZ, et COLLABOREZ*

Romney opts out of Iowa Straw Poll, casting its relevance- and future- into question