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Tin Men and Scarecrows on the Hill

Sveum out as Cubs manager; will Girardi be the new one?

Osteen and the martyrs redux

Kerry really means it this time. Really.

House Democrats walk out on Benghazi family members

Yeah, it kinda gets to me, too

'Warp drive' could be real. In fact, NASA is working on it!

Anthony is Weiner, but De Blasio is winner

Bears 31, Minnesota 30

On the South Side of Chicago/Lived a man named Barack O....

Where have we seen THIS deal before?

More on the Pope Francis's undercutting of every missionary, everywhere

Tim Tebow has a surprising defender

Pope Francis denies the Faith

New video on Comet ISON

Getting dizzy from the Obama/MSM spin on Syria

Contrary to what you probably read earlier today...

Just plain embarrassing

The polar bears are saved! It's a miracle!

The case that doomed marriage in America

Will an airman who opposes marriage redefinition be court-martialed for it?

Bears 24, Cincinatti 21

Pseudo-John Cleese on European security

McCain's courage, voters' cowardice

Heaven forefend!

Had the cop been drinking?

Don't call me Al!

''Way up north in the land of nuggets...."

Poor John McCain riles the wingnuts yet again

"Unfurl the flag/March rank on rank together..."