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Just one big, happy hatefest

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Lieberman leads Lamont by ten points

A warning that won't be heard

Bill Clinton didn't kill terrorists.

After a hiatus... Wictory Wednesday returns

Cherry picking the facts on global warming

Clinton's revisionist history

Romney's emergence

NBC censors mention of God by talking vegetables

Bears barely escape

The word from Iowa

British driver jailed for revving his engine in the direction of a Muslim couple

Is Osama dead?

Just no doubt about it

Caving in: it's what Europe does

A magic number

Shame on us!

A pair of radicals

... And autumn still follows summer, too!

Rise of the paranoid secularists

Sign of the times

Certain people may have started gloating too soon

Dr. Marquart lives

Muslim says that Pope Benedict must die

Perhaps a bit hasty

Intellectual nihilists of the world, unite!

Democratic House majority? Don't count on it

And Joe isn't the only one who's silly

Silly, silly Joe!

Fear the Bears

We need to use our heads

The whole kit 'n' Kabul-dul

An epitaph for Air America

Good insight, George!

Is a puzzlement

The political persuasion which dares not speak its name

The Great Whine in perspective

The four gods we worship

And speaking of Mr. Newt...

Five lessons from five years

No, Mr. Cohen

Perhaps worth a read

And speaking of 9/11...

9/11 and American resolve

And we have an offense!

A doctor on Steve Irwin's death

The end of an era

Gore might run after all

Courage, cowardice, intelligence and stupidity

A new low

One thing for sure

What you're not supposed to know about that road to 9/11

Two more Aardies!

'Chicken hawks' vs. chickens

Do 'vegetative' patients have awareness?

'Embryo-safe' stem cell extraction doesn't work

Apparently the Berger incident really didn't happen

Will our friendship with Britain survive the Blair government?

Krauthammer on Iraq

Dems whine about ABC drama

'Appeasement' is exactly the right word

This is getting old, David

The case for Bush

Why is Europe so wishy-washy on terror?

Pakistan won't arrest bin Laden

Klein isn't entirely wrong

Kofi favors making nice-nice with the mullahs

Could Irwin have survived?

Doing the unthinkable?

From the horse's mouth

Iran and Nazi Germany

'Crocodile Hunter' killed by stingray


And meanwhile, in Gaza...

Israel prepares for the main event

Time for the haters to cut their losses

What- if anything- do poverty statistics tell us?

Report: Hillary might drop out

Peaceful purposes

"Compassionate Conservatism" lives

Lockheed to build Shuttle replacement/mooncraft

When is a good economy not a good economy?