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So THAT'S why the "B" in the Bruins logo is in the middle of a wheel!

I could watch this over and over...

SCOTUS strikes down DOMA- and marriage itself- in a flurry of bad logic and worse law


ONE GOAL!: Let's get this over with!

ONE GOAL!: Who said hockey fans ain't got no couth?

ONE GOAL! The world (and my frown) turned upside down

This about sums it up

I could understand if this happened in Canada. But not in a free country.

ONE GOAL!: Boston 2, Blackhawks didn't show up

So why is THIS not a surprise?


ONE GOAL!: Just sayin'

If they were honest, they'd call themselves the ***A

I should have known it would turn out to be our fault

Ahmadinejad defeated by 'moderate' in Iran's presidential election!

Time to apply the Dan Quayle test to pro-amnesty group

And speaking of same-sex "marriage..."

ELCA loses half a million members since Minneapolis

New Danish study: Health benefits of marriage only enjoyed by opposite-sex couples

ONE GOAL!: This series could be one for the ages

Lutheran Satire: 'How to Talk Like an Evangelical'

ONE GOAL!: The Kings are dead. Long live the Blackhawks!

Huzzah! Cubs score big in the draft

ONE GOAL!: The Kings' castle has fallen- and the Hawks assert their claim to the crown

Don't blame me.

A great novel of original sin- and hope

ONE GOAL: Los Angeles Red Kings?

Never mind the PANSTAARS disappointment. Comet ISON is brightening!

Liberal 'compassion' dooms 10 year-old girl

Two-thirds of uninsured say they're not sure they're going to buy insurance under Obamacare!

ONE GOAL: It's good to beat the Kings