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More on the Tea Party challenge to Ron Paul

Conservatives planning move against lunatic fringe

Kyrie, eleison!

Publisher to challenge Culver in Dem primary

I wonder whether we'll give it to the Chinese

Huet's days as a Blackhawk seem numbered

Yup- U.S. vs. Canada for the gold

If there are no Irish Catholics at an African American Baptist church, does that mean it's racist? Apparently Olbermann thinks so!

If conservatives are cavemen, liberals must be monkeys!

Five year old saves Dad's life

Way to fight unemployment, Mr. President

From my experience...


On to the gold!

Huckabee does himself no 2012 favors with IFPC speech

And speaking of extremists...

The most extreme members of Congress- Right and Left. And the most moderate.

Americans: Our government is a threat to our freedom

Ah, that sneaky global warming!

Canadian women do golden things with the biscuit and the basket

Daily Kos poll good news for Illinois Democrats

The Swiss have holes in their heads, as well as in their cheese

Americans fear 'Chinese century'

U.S. vs. Canada for the hockey gold medal?

Der Speigel hits the nail of Chinese arrogance right on the head

Rush Limbaugh....

Great gobs of gushing geysers, Batman!

Get real, Sen. Inhofe!

South African scientist: We could eliminate AIDS within 40 years

If you wondered about those "Birther" fruitcakes...


Oh, deer!

BHO tanking in... Iowa?

Heaven help us!

Alexander Haig, soldier and diplomat

No clams this Sunday. Invoking instead.

Speaks for itself

The sky's not falling, and you're not stupid if you aren't hiding under a table

Which of these ladies is more in need of major medication?

They should make a movie about this

Those who gnome say Russia's Medvedev is short

The mess in Washington isn't Bush's fault.

Bush 'Miss Me Yet?' merchandise selling like hotcakes

No foolin'!


Waxing nostalgic

Huckabee looks solid for 2012 in NC

BHO meets with the Dalai Lama this time. Secretly.

President Obama attacks gridlock


It's Ash Wednesday

Majority says Obama doesn't deserve a second term

Trade rumor

Plumbing the depths of Obama's space folly

A white flag against a background of stars

No way

We, the People make fools of ourselves in a Presidents' Day poll

Hays Stowe lives?

He says he has trouble keeping track of that stuff

Isn't that sweet?

At last! An Ode to Woad- on YouTube!

Love, Barack

Time for Chet Culver to start job hunting?

St. Valentine, Martyr

Go away. You aren't real.

Perhaps the Obama adminstration should try blaming Herbert Hoover for the economy

This is bad even for the MSM

"Cool Runnings," only for real

The East is red- with blood. Beware.

It's the cover-up that's the real problem in Climategate, too

Does Left-of-Center mean one and out for BHO?

And while we're on the subject...

The Old Gaffer strikes again

Benne on the ELCA trainwreck

The flip side of the "tolerance" issue

What the Iowa Supreme Court didn't consider

The barbarians in Tehran don't like Gmail. Good for Gmail!

Congrats to Google

Politically correct zaniness in the Southland


Maybe the U.S. decline and Chinese rise aren't inevitable after all

Two chuckles for the price of one

A headline guaranteed to get the article read