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Conservatives planning move against lunatic fringe

Conservatism became a respectable political movement back when William F. Buckley led a (excuse the expression) reaction against the John Birch Society and other extremist elements back in the 'Sixties and Seventies.

Apparently "establishment" conservatives are planning to do much the same thing with regard to the "birthers" and the rest of conservatism's contemporary lunatic fringe.

Good. About time! Maybe now the "progressives" will do the same thing.

Oh, wait. That would leave them without a movement, wouldn't it?

Publisher to challenge Culver in Dem primary

Newspaper publisher Jonathan Narcisse has announced that he will challenge unpopular incumbent Governor Chet Culver in the Iowa Democratic primary.

Not surprising, politicians having strong survival instincts, that somebody was found to run against Culver. Whethr Narcisse can beat him in a primary remains to be seen. So does whether Narcisse would do much better than Culver against Terry Branstad in November. I have my doubts.
But can you imagine Iowa having an African American governor?HT: The Beanwalker

Huet's days as a Blackhawk seem numbered

Cristobal Huet lost his role as the Blackhawks' starting goalie to rookie Antti Niemi before the Olympic break. Rumors have been flying ever since that the Hawks- a solid Stanley Cup threat whose only real weakness is a lack of experience in goal- might be about to make a deal.

One possibility has Huet going back to the Montreal Canadians for young Jaraslav Halek, a future star who unfortunately lacks the playoff experience the Hawks are looking for. But I'm not sure that I can think of anybody who has had such depth in the crease as Halek and Niemi would give the Blackhawks since they themselves briefly had Eddie Belfour and Dominic Hasek back in the 'Nineties. Huet- not a French Canadian, but a French Frenchman, actually born in France- would nonetheless fit in well in a city where Gallic names come naturally.

The Dallas Stars are reportedly trying to move Marty Turco. Don't go there, Mr. Bowman.

The really intriguing rumor has the Hawks acquiring Florida's Tomas V…

Yup- U.S. vs. Canada for the gold

Canada 3, Slovakia 2.

I was following the game on the live blog over at the Vancouver Canucks' site. Looks like Slovakia gave them all they could handle, and had Canada pretty much on the ropes there at the end. Roberto Luongo in goal bailed them out.

Canada and the United States playing for the gold is absolutely great for hockey. Whatever happened Sunday night- or today- I still see Canada as the favorite. I'm hoping, of course, for a U.S. victory, but if we have to lose, I'm glad it will be to the Canadians.

If there are no Irish Catholics at an African American Baptist church, does that mean it's racist? Apparently Olbermann thinks so!

This is fun in itself, simply for the point it makes about Keith Olbermann's hypocrisy. But for an additional hoot, try following his logic in the included rant on how the Tea Party folks must be racists because there aren't enough African Americans among them.

I do think Keith's conscience needs to hire a spell checker, though...

If conservatives are cavemen, liberals must be monkeys!

An atheist liberal psychologist, writing in the Social Psychology Quarterly, claims that the more intelligent you are, the more likely to are to be a liberal and an atheist. He even has data to back this idea up.

The problem, of course, is that his hypothesis doesn't make good evolutionary sense.

On to the gold!

U.S. 6, Finland 1.

Assuming that Canada beats Slovakia, it'll be a rematch of Sunday's game for the gold. It should be quite a game.

One thing's for sure: the Canadians will be motivated!

ADDENDUM: Two goals today for Kaner!

Huckabee does himself no 2012 favors with IFPC speech

In 2008, businessman Bob Vanderplaats was one of Mike Huckabee's major supporters here in Iowa. Now Vanderplaats is running for governor- and Huckabee is repaying that loyalty, having endorsed Vanderplaats for the job and campaigning for him here.

Huck's recent visit to the state that ignited his 2008 presidential bid has, however, raised two problems for his hopes for a repeat victory in the 2012 Iowa Caucuses. First, Vanderplaats is probably going to lose the primary to former Gov. Terry Branstad, who will almost certainly go on to defeat unpopular incumbent Democratic Gov. Chet Culver in November (the polls currently show Branstad leading Culver by anywhere from 16 to 20 points; Vanderplaats also leads Culver, though his lead is within most polls' margin of error).

Even more serious than alienating the man who will probably be Iowa's Republican governor in 2012, however, is the damage Huckabee probably did himself by speaking at a fundraiser for the Iowa Family Pol…

The most extreme members of Congress- Right and Left. And the most moderate.

Who are the ten most liberal members of each House? The ten most conservative? The ten in the middle? How about state delegations?

The scoop is here, folks.

HT: Drudge


As I examine the list more closely a couple of years after I wrote this post, it seems obvious that those described as "moderate" are pretty darned liberal.

Whoever composed this list has to be so far to the Left that he or she is in danger of falling off the world. "Centrist" and "moderate" are admittedly somewhat arbitrary terms, but c'mon!

Americans: Our government is a threat to our freedom

A new CNN poll shows that, by a 56-44% margin, the American people believe that the government has become so large and powerful that it constitutes a threat to their freedom.

One wonders whether Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid et al are listening. HT: Drudge
Meanwhile, in a seperate poll by Fox News and Opinion Research on a related subject, the American people say that they would rather have a smaller government providing fewer services than a larger government providing more.

By a similar but slightly larger margin, however, Democrats feel the opposite.

Ah, that sneaky global warming!

As Americans, Canadians and Europeans shiver their way through unprecedented cold, Australian climatologists have revealed to us just how insidious global warming really is.

Satellite data, it seems, has revealed that while we were shivering, what we were experiencing was actually the hottest January on record.

As Harry Caray would say, "Who'da thunk it?"

HT: Drudge

Canadian women do golden things with the biscuit and the basket

Goalie Shannon Szabados stood on her head, and the Canadian women beat the Americans 2-0 tonight for their third straight hockey gold medal.

Hopefully we'll see the same matchup for the men. Of course, despite my fondness for Canada, I'll be rooting for a different outcome.

Daily Kos poll good news for Illinois Democrats

There's a new Daily Kospoll out on the Senate and gubernatorial races in Illinois- both thought to be up for grabs in that deep blue state- that is good news for the nationally-besieged Democratic party, and bad news for Republicans Mark Kirk, Kirk Dillard and Bill Brady.

In the race for President Obama's old Senate seat, Democratic State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias leads Congressman Kirk 43-36. Meanwhile, Democratic Governor Pat Quinn(who succeeded to the office upon the impeachment and conviction of his predecessor, Rod Blagojevich), leads in his race for election in his own right over State Senator Dillard by 46-35, and over State Senator Brady by 47-32. The Republican primary race was so close that the winner is not yet known for certain; on election night, Brady led Dillard by a mere 400 votes.

Yes, the far Left blog Daily Kos is responsible for the poll -and yes, none of these leads are unsurmountable. But at a moment when Illinois' once-proud GOP has been basking i…

The Swiss have holes in their heads, as well as in their cheese

The mindlessly anti- Muslim mood which has infected many in the West recently manifested itself in an incredible display of religious bigotry by- of all people- the Swiss.

Switzerland voted to ban the construction of new minarets in the country. The function of these towers, customarily attached to mosques, is to call the faithful to prayer. The logic behind the ban, which was adopted in a national referendum, was simple: discourage Islam.

Citizens of a nation such as ours, which takes it for granted that people have a right even to religious beliefs with which we may disagree and that the State ought he not to take sides among the various religions practiced by a country's people, under ordinary circumstances would disapprove of the kind of religious bigotry displayed by the Swiss. But in the wake of 9/11, even Americans are forgetting their own values and making Islam an exception to the rule that the religious beliefs of others ought to be tolerated even if we disagree with them.

Americans fear 'Chinese century'

The American people are well aware that we stand at a moment at which our nation may well yield its preeminent place in world affairs to China.

I detect a note of resignation in the statements quoted in the story linked to above. Resignation is the last thing we need- or can afford. The notions that history is on the side of collectivism and totalitarianism, and that America's hour has passed, are both simply unsupportable.

The forces which bring about our fear of China's continued rise and America's continued decline are very real. They constitute a greater threat to everything we hold dear than we faced in World War II or the Cold War. This needs to be America's finest hour- and the hour in which we refuse to accept taking second place on the world stage to a country ruled by the most evil regime this planet has ever known.

HT: Drudge

U.S. vs. Canada for the hockey gold medal?

If the U.S. can get past Finland and Canada past Slovakia, we may have a rematch of last weekend's match between the two North American countries- for the gold medal.

Which would rock.

Der Speigel hits the nail of Chinese arrogance right on the head

Every once in a while Leftist German publication Der Speigel sees an issue with a clarity which its sometimes distorted view of the United States, its aspirations, its values, and its works ill-prepares us for. A good example is its look at the arrogance of what I would argue is the greatest economic and military threat the West has ever faced- far greater than that posed by either Hitler or the Soviet Union in the past, and even by Islamic radicalism today: an increasingly wealthy, powerful, influential, unspeakably repressive, and very cocky China.

Rush Limbaugh.... nuts.

J.D. Hayworth may be an ideological true believer, but he's not worthy to carry John McCain's briefcase.

McCain may not fit all the litmus tests Rush would confront him with. But he's something worth having around in American politics: a genuine conservative in the British sense, who is about tradition, honor, and country first, and ideology second.

"What's going on" is a subject far larger than the current standards of Right-wing orthodoxy. Among the things that are "going on" in America right now is a crying need for people just like John McCain, who can transcend ideology and seek common ground with those outside the conservative fold. Only with the help of John McCain and his ilk can the polarization which may well be the greatest single long-term threat to our democracy be blunted, and Americans begin once more to think less in terms of red or blue than of red, white and blue.

John McCain is an American first, and an ideologue secon…

Get real, Sen. Inhofe!

Public officials can be both dumb and stubborn.

This morning I was thinking, for some reason, of the Florida Supreme Court's bizarre decision in the Bush v. Gore case- the one in which it decided, among other things: 1) that the legal test for the intent of the voter, for which Florida law provided a very specific test (at least two corners of the chad had to be punched out), the intent of the voter- was actually... well, the intent of the voter, with no particular test employed; and 2) which authorized a process notoriously both less reliable and more susceptible to fraud and manipulation- the manual recount- as the remedy for questions of about the integrity of an automated count supervised by the very people who had done the first count, and would also do the second.
These were intelligent men and women, trained in the law and demonstrably more capable than the average bear of logical thought. Yet their bias in the case was so pervasive- and doubtless so unconscious- that the…

South African scientist: We could eliminate AIDS within 40 years

According to Dr. Brian Williams of the South African Center for Epidemiological Modeling and Analysis, checking everyone for AIDS vigorously administering anti-retroviral treatment (ART) tho those found to be infected with HIV could eliminate the disease within 40 years.

If you wondered about those "Birther" fruitcakes...

Ron Paul and his anti-Semitic legions aside, here's a brief account of the facts concerning another chronic embarrassment to conservatives: the lunatic fringe group known as "birthers," who are the the Right's equivalent to the "Truther" nut jobs who claim that George W. Bush was responsible for 9/11.

Key to their dementia is their inability to grasp the simple concept that another term for the "Certificate of Live Birth" issued by the State of Hawaii for one "Barack Hussein Obama II" is a "birth certificate." Yes, Virginia. The President has indeed produced his birth certificate. And it proves that he was born in Hawaii.

There is another birth certificate out there that purports to prove that he was born in Kenya. That one, by contrast, has been proven to be a forgery.


USA 5, Canada 3!

I'm proud of our guys, but I take no pleasure in Canada losing. This has got to be a really tough loss to take. In fact, I doubt that many Americans realize just how tough.

While the U.S. has won its pool, and gets a bye in the first elimination round, Canada is not out of the tournament. The Canadians simply have to win the rest of their games. I would not be surprised to see these two teams play each other again. Nor would I be surprised if Canada still ended up winning the gold. Talent-wise, they're a better team than ours, and they will certainly be motivated in any re-match. The US has to hope that there isn't one.

Assists for Jonathan Toews of the Blackhawks on two of the Canadian goals.

And once again, the NBC management- authors of the Conan O'Brien-Jay Leno fiasco- end up with egg all over their faces for the incredibly dumb decision to bump this game from their network and relegate it to MSNBC.

Oh, deer!

One of the joys of my stay in the Washington, D.C. area a few years ago was working the night shift at a site which allowed me such access to the fauna of Northern Virginia.

The Independence Center of Northrop-Grumman/TASC in Chantilly is on the edge of the metropolitan area. Manassas and the Bull Run battle sites are nearby. So is the Annex to the National Air and Space Museum, and Dulles Airport a short distance beyond that. But museums and airports aside,the area is not exactly what you'd call urban. And sitting in my chair in the lobby of the glass building, it was quite common for foxes, deer, and other critters usually somewhat shy of humans to come so close that I could almost touch them, without their ever knowing that I was there.

One night I was surrounded by a family of no less than seven deer- a buck with nice, big antlers, a couple of does, and four fawns. At one point they congregated right in front of me, no more than ten or fifteen yards away, on a slight rise in fro…

BHO tanking in... Iowa?

When more people disapprove than approve of a Democratic president here in Iowa, his re-election is anything but a foregone conclusion.

HT: Race42012

Heaven help us!

Ron Paul won the 2012 Republican presidential straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend, defeating Mitt Romney by nine points.

This is an excellent argument for not taking anything that happens at the conference seriously. It is also an excellent argument for not taking at least 31% of the people who are attending the conference seriously.

If there were a snowball's chance in Tartarus of Paul actually being elected president, that would constitute a threat to our national security beside which al Quaeda would look like the American Legion.

Rep. Paul may or may not be a native of Planet Earth. Most of his supporters clearly are not. But even if he meets constitutional requirement that our Chief Executive be a native-born American (which would seem to imply also being a native-born Terran), neither Paul nor his supporters live on the same planet with the rest of us.

Alexander Haig, soldier and diplomat

Here's a eulogy of Gen. Alexander Haig, Ronald Reagan's Secretary of State, from the Washington Times.

No clams this Sunday. Invoking instead.

Today- the First Sunday in Lent- is called Invocavit on the traditional Lutheran calendar, from the introit for the day, taken from Psalm 91:15. Since "v" can look like a "b" in some Old English scripts (the kind that often get used in bulletins and even lectionaries) it is sometimes misspelled "Invocabit."

Or not. I believe "v" and "b" in Latin also bear something of the same relationship as "v" and "w" bear in German and many Slavic languages. If it's spelled one way, it's probably pronounced the other. This, too, can account for the variation in spellings. I hope if Dr. Eric Phillips, who has helped me on previous occasions with my Latin, reads this entry, he'll set me straight once again.

In any case, "Invocabit" struck me as amusing when I was growing up, since it conjured up clearly inappropriate images of the pastor looking at his watch before making the Sign of the Cross and speaking the…

The sky's not falling, and you're not stupid if you aren't hiding under a table

Here's a sensible and thoughtful piece by Steve Huntley of the Chicago Sun-Times on the climate catastroophists' ongoing collapse of credibility

They should make a movie about this

The Tea Party crowd has singled out cartoonish congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul for primary defeat.

They should make a horror movie about this.The Tea Party Meets Ron Paul. Just the title sends chills down my spine.

But I am rooting for the Tea Party in this particular matchup.

The mess in Washington isn't Bush's fault.

It's Obama's.

Deep down, his supporters inside and outside the media realize this- and are busy making excuses for him.

HT: Real Clear Politics

Bush 'Miss Me Yet?' merchandise selling like hotcakes

Online business is booming.

By contrast, The Obama Store at Washington's Union Station has closed- an event U.S. News and World Report suggests may be "the most tangible sign yet that the honeymoon is over."


HT: Drudge

No foolin'!

A new study has revealed- gasp!- that "Cook County is a dark pool of political corruption."

Not only that, but the sky is up, the ground is down, the Cubs are not the luckiest of baseball teams, and the Pope has some vaguely religious inclinations.

He is also rumored to be Catholic.

HT: Drudge

Huckabee looks solid for 2012 in NC

Any way you look at the new PPP poll in North Carolina, the preferences of the state's voters at this early stage of the 2012 Republican presidential sweepstakes can be summed up in two words: Mike Huckabee.

HT: Race42012

BHO meets with the Dalai Lama this time. Secretly.

Well, at least this time President Obama didn't exactly snub the Dalai Lama, the way he did last time the Tibetan Buddhist leader was in Washington.

Instead, he simply refused to meet with him in public.

Predictably, the Democratic Campaign Pamphlet of Record- the New York Times- presented this as an act of courage on BHO's part. And for a president whose foreign policy is as craven as President Obama's, I guess it is.

China, of course, occupies Tibet, and the exiled Buddhist leader is a nationalist symbol there. That being the case, any acknowledgment of the Dalai Lama at all upsets the tyrants in Bejing, poor dears. And we can't have that, can we?

After all, if the President of the United States were to publicly embrace the leader of a nation occupied by bloodthirsty foreigners, he might give the impression that Americans were in favor of freedom, or something.

HT: Drudge

It's Ash Wednesday

Remember that you are dust.

Majority says Obama doesn't deserve a second term

In a new CNN poll, 52% say that President Obama doesn't deserve a second term.

While I'd caution against making too much of this- Reagan's numbers weren't that great at this point in his first term, and he won re-election in a landslide- this is one more sign that BHO is a great deal more vulnerable than anybody could have imagined in the orgy of media sycophancy which surrounded his election and inauguration.

One thing seems certain: if he couldn't get his agenda through with the current Congress, he's unlikely to make much more progress with the next one. That being the case, it will be hard for him to make a case that he should be re-elected in 2012 even to his ideological soul-mates on the Left, who are already showing signs of strong dissatisfaction.

HT: Drudge

Trade rumor

Huet, Versteeg and Corey Crawford to St. Louis for Tkachuk, Kariya, and Conklin?

It would solve the Hawks' salary cap problems, let Patrick Sharp play center, and give the Hawks a goalie with playoff experience and whose numbers are better than either Huet's or Niemi's.

Interesting. Time will tell.

Plumbing the depths of Obama's space folly

Here's an excellent column by Charles Krauthammer in which he points out that in abandoning the Constellation spacecraft/booster system, President Obama has not only given Russia a monopoly in manned space flight (until the Chinese join them in dominating a field we once led, but now have abandoned), but- Administration rhetoric to the contrary- has effectively cut the ground out from under any attempt by NASA to put together a viable program to send humans to Mars in the future.

The job of taking over manned space flight, as Krauthammer points out,is simply beyond the capabilities of the private sector. But the public sector in Russia, China and India will undoubtedly do quite well in taking their nations far beyond us in space, thanks to the stunning short-sightedness of the current administration.

Fifty years ago, John F. Kennedy challenged us to go to the moon, "not because (it was) easy, but because (it was) hard." Barack Obama has now made going to Mars impossible. W…

A white flag against a background of stars

Charles Krauthammer- as usual- hits the nail on the head, this time as regards President Obama's decision to effectively withdraw the United States from manned spaceflight and grant the Russians a monopoly in space- that is, until the Chinese and the Indians join them.

Notable quotes: "Of course, the administration presents the abdication as a great leap forward: Launching humans will be turned over to the private sector, while NASA's efforts will be directed toward landing on Mars.

"This is nonsense. It would be swell for private companies to take over launching astronauts. But they cannot do it. It's too expensive. It's too experimental. And the safety standards for getting people up and down reliably are just unreachably high.

"Sure, decades from now there will be a robust private space-travel industry. But that is a long time. In the interim, space will be owned by Russia and then China. The president waxes seriously nationalist at the thought of China …

No way

With the possible exception of Ronald Reagan- who merits no more than a mention- none of the people mentioned in this Presidents' Day poll deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Abraham Lincoln.

Well, maybe FDR and LBJ and Harry Truman and Teddy Roosevelt and George Washington and Tom Jefferson also deserve a mention. But no more than that. And to even mention John Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter or George W. Bush as one's all-time favorite president would bespeak very low standards indeed.

We, the People make fools of ourselves in a Presidents' Day poll

Any way you look at it, this poll is bad news. That anybody- much less the percentages of the American people indicated- prefer Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, or even Ronald Reagan to our greatest president, Abraham Lincoln, is a joke.

Clinton was no more than a reasonably competent jerk. Jack Kennedy was a flashy mediocrity who accomplished nothing- and as big a jerk as Clinton. Obama shows every indication of being a failure as president. Of the alternatives mentioned in the poll, only Washington and Reagan and FDR and maybe Truman and Jefferson are fit to be even mentioned in the same breath as Lincoln. And even they don't really come close.

Apparently we are a people remarkable either for our historical ignorance, or for our bad taste in presidents.

Hays Stowe lives?

I've always had a high opinion of former Sen. Birch Bayh, the father of Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) During the elder Bayh's career in the Senate, he was known as a man of genuine integrity- so much so that when producer David Levinson was looking for real-life senators upon which to model Hal Holbrook's idealistic, honest Sen. Hays Stowe for the old TV series The Bold Ones, he was one of a handful of senators upon whom the character was based. Interestingly, in the series Sen. Stowe was himself the son of a senator from an unnamed Midwestern state

While I disagree with him on certain issues, the current Sen. Bayh- who was briefly rumored as President Obama's running mate in 2008, and surely would have been a better choice than Joe Biden- has always struck me as cut from the same cloth. Today he made a very Hays Stowe-like move. In fact, it was the very move Stowe made in the pilot for the series, A Clear and Present Danger (not to be confused with the movie based on the Tom…

He says he has trouble keeping track of that stuff

The scientist at the heart of the Climategate scandal has lost the data behind the infamous- and thoroughly discredited- "hockey stick" graph of global warming (above)- and has admitted that there has in fact been no global warming since 1995!

Professor Phil Jones, the former director of the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit, also admits there are serious doubts as to whether the pattern of warming claimed by climate alarmists is unprecedented after all.

Meanwhile, the data supporting anthropogenic global warming continues to shrink as study after study turns out to record local anomalies rather than global trends.

HT: Drudge, Real Clear Politics

At last! An Ode to Woad- on YouTube!

Ancient Celtic warriors used to go into battle naked, painted from head to foot with a blue herbal substance called woad. This, for my fellow ethnic Celts, as a whimsical look at our heritage:

The words (to the tune of Men of Harlech):
1. What's the use of wearing braces,
Spats and hats and boots with laces,
Vests and pants you buy in places
Down on Brompton Road?

What's the use of shirts of cotton,
Studs that always get forgotten?
These affairs are simply rotten;
Better far is woad.

Woad's the stuff to show men,
Woad to scare your foemen!
Boil it to a brilliant hue
And rub it on your back and your abdomen!

Ancient Briton ne'er did hit on
Anything as good as woad to fit on
Neck or knees or where you sit on.
Tailors, you be blowed!!

2. Romans came across the channel
All dressed up in tin and flannel
Half a pint of woad per man'll
Dress us more than these!

Saxons you can waste your stitches
Building beds fo…

Love, Barack

Time for Chet Culver to start job hunting?

According to a new TIR/Concordia Group poll, Bob Vanderplaats would beat Iowa Gov. Chet Culver... and former Gov. Terry Brandstad would absolutely cream him.

Moreover, about two thirds of Iowans say that Culver doesn't deserve another term.

With the popular Sen. Chuck Grassley heading the ticket and Culver facing what will be to say the least an uphill battle for re-election (especially if his opponent is the popular Branstad, as I strongly expect), it looks like a Republican year in what has in recent years tended to be a Democratic state.

St. Valentine, Martyr

We don't know whether St. Valentine's Day celebrates St. Valentine, or another saint of the same name.That is to say, there are several saints named "Valentine" bouncing around in church history. Valentine the Presbyter, whose feast day we celebrate on February 14 in the West (his feast day in the East is July 6), is so poorly attested that he hasn't been officially on the Roman Catholic calendar since 1969.

The legend, though, is that when the warlike Emperor Claudius II forbade marriage among the young men of Rome due to his difficulty in attracting new recruits, Valentine defied him and continued to perform weddings. Marriage, after all, is a divine institution, and society's most basic, as well as a necessary remedy to sexual concupiscence. He simply could not in good conscience honor the imperial edict.

Valentine was arrested and imprisoned. According to the legend, his jailer had a daughter who was intelligent, but blind. Her name was Julia, and her fath…

This is bad even for the MSM

For members of the MSM to be in denial about its own behavior is pretty much the normal state of affairs. But sometimes the denial is so outrageous that it's hard to tell from the outside whether it's denial, or just outright lying.

Of course the media hate Sarah Palin. Their snarkiness where she is concerned couldn't possibly be more... well, snarky. Nor could their denial of that fact be more transparently dishonest, whether consciously or not.

The East is red- with blood. Beware.

There are those who maintain that the increasing military power and profile of the most bloodthirsty regime in human history- that of China, which has murdered over one hundred million of its own people, and makes Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany both look bush league in comparison- are benign, and nothing in particular to worry about.


HT: Real Clear World

The Old Gaffer strikes again

According to Vice-President Biden, the surge in Iraq- which President Obama strenuously opposed- was one of President Obama's greatest achievements.

Thank you for explaining that to us, Mr. Vice-President. Otherwise nobody would have realized it.

Nobody on this planet, anyway.

BTW, Joe... what planet are you from?

Meanwhile, watch White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs try to justify Biden's remarks... bearing in mind that every single "accomplishment" he attributes to Barack Obama actually was accomplished by George W. Bush:

HT: Drudge

Benne on the ELCA trainwreck

The flip side of the "tolerance" issue

It is only reasonable that gay people should have the legal right to live their lives as they choose.

It is not reasonable that government should dictate what our children think about that choice over the objections of their parents.

If the First Amendment has been removed from the Constitution, I haven't heard about it.

The barbarians in Tehran don't like Gmail. Good for Gmail!

The Islamofascists in Tehran have permanently suspended Gmail.

One more reason to use the best webmail out there.

HT: Drudge

Congrats to Google

First Google finally stands up to the thugs in Bejing, and now the Islamofascists in Tehran have permanently suspended Gmail.

Looks like the Google folks really have decided not to be evil.

HT: Drudge


Maybe the U.S. decline and Chinese rise aren't inevitable after all

Amid all the pessimism from both the Right and the Left (and this blog has been a part of it) concerning the relative economic and political futures of the United States and China, it's good to come across a cogent argument that neither our continued decline from preeminence nor China's ascent to it is either inevitable- or necessarily even likely. HT: Real Clear Markets

Two chuckles for the price of one

It seems that there's a billboard outside Wyoming, Minnesota bearing a likeness of former President George W. Bush and the caption, "Miss me yet?"

This story gives me a chuckle. So does the awkward attempt of this entry on the NPR blog to find an explanation for the billboard- however implausible- that would make the people responsible intend to criticize Bush rather than President Obama

ADDENDUM: Perhaps the phenomenon isn't quite as random as the NPR folks would like to think.

A headline guaranteed to get the article read

I did a double take this morning while reading the Des Moines Register- not, as usual, while scanning the editorial page, but while perusing the news section.

One of the articles on the second page was headed, 'CHINCHILLA EXPECTED TO WIN PRESIDENCY.' I instantly smelled a rat. At first, I assumed that I'd misread the headline. But no. It read the same the second time as the first.

Then I assumed that it reported some frat boy joke somewhere, though I couldn't imagine why a student government election  deserved such prominent coverage. When I actually read the article, however, I learned that Laura Chinchilla was leading in her race to become Costa Rica's first female president- a race she eventually won.

Never assume.

ABOVE: Not the president-elect of Costa Rica.