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Heroes, past, present and future

Always will we remember the character of the onslaught against us.

No matter how long it may take...the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.

I believe I interpret the will of the Congress and of the people when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost, but will make very certain that this form of treachery shall never endanger us again.

-Franklin Delano Roosevelt, December 8, 1941

This is an especially poignant Memorial Day. There's a great deal of attention being paid- and rightly so- to the soldiers of what is, I think, rightly called "The Greatest Generation;" after all, the 60th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion is coming up in a few days.

A decorated war hero who belongs to my own "Baby Boom" generation will, in the space of a couple of months, be nominated by the Democrats for President of the United States. There are some who have raised questions about his decorations. I, who did not serve in …

Kerry-Bat Boy?

As I was standing in the check-out lane at Wal-Mart today, I noticed that the front page story on one of the tabloids was something to the effect that John Kerry was considering a half-human, half-bat creature as his running mate.

That headline is rich in possibilities, most of them too easy to even bother with. Suffice it, then, to say that such a choice on Kerry's part would add much-needed gravitas to the ticket.

The campaign as I see it: it all comes down to Iraq

A few weeks ago, pollster John Zogby predicted that "as of now, the election is Kerry's to lose." This is bad news for two reasons. First, despite an inclination on the part of Republicans to distrust Zogby (yes, he is a Democrat, and makes no bones about it), he is consistently the pollster whose numbers in national elections come closest to the actual result.

Second, sadly, his logic in making this analysis is sound. In elections generally, and in presidential elections in particular, the voting, more than anything else, is a referendum on the incumbent. Moreover, since the incumbent is generally the better-known of the candidates, the majority of the undecided vote generally goes to the challenger. Currently, according to Zogby's latest poll, if the election were held today, Kerry would receive 47% of the vote, President Bush 42%, and Ralph Nader three percent, with seven percent undecided.

Moreover, only 42% of potential voters approve of President Bush's job…

Terrorists are NOT covered by the Geneva Conventions!

Without even slightly softening our condemnation of the crimes committed by American troops at Abu Ghraib, two lies that Democrats, Leftists, and even such groups as Amnesty International have been spreading far and wide of late need to be put to rest: that illegal combatants imprisoned in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and at Guantanamo Bay are protected by the Geneva Conventions, and that they have the right, under international law, to be treated as if they were legitimate soldiers fighting in the uniform of their country.

They are not, and they should not. And that- as this article convincingly argues- is exactly as it should be.

This is not to justify abuse of those who, under international law, are not prisoners of war, but rather illegal combatants. It is rather to insist on the distinction between soldiers (even those fighting for unjust causes), and mere criminals- a distinction which the opponents of the Bush Administration find it convenient to ignore or even to deny.

I'll recap slowly, for the benefit of any Democrats...

Hey, Kerrycrats inside and outside the media! Mohammed bloomin' Atta. Saddam Hussein's intelligence agency. In bed together prior to 9/11.

Al Quaeda's Ayman al Zarqawi in Iraq organizing sleeper sells with the assistance of Saddam's government since 2002.

Ahmed Hikmat Shakir, a long-time al Quaeda operative trained by Osama bin Laden himself, arrested in Qatar on September 17, 2001 with the addresses on his person of the safe-houses used by the 9/11 conspirators prior to the attacks- mentioned three seperate times in records captured after the fall of Baghdad, and identified in one of them as a lieutenant colonel in the Fedayeen Sadaam!

Multiple and incriminating connections between Saddam and al Quaeda reported by such liberal sources as Newsweek and NPR over and over and over again between September 11, 2001 and the beginning of the controversy over possible war with Iraq.

No connection between Sadaam and al Quaeda, huh?

Are we becoming a nation of dolts?

Neil Boortz fears for our national IQ. And as far as I know, he hasn't even visited the Yahoo! Message Boards!

Hey. When journalists write about what someone "should of" done- and it gets by the editor; when popular polls list John F. Kennedy as America's greatest President; when such a large percentage of our population can't spell, and can only marginally read; when large majorities believe that the economy is getting worse at a moment of unprecedented economic boom; when John Kerry leads George W. Bush in the polls....well, I have to admit, it makes me worry a bit.

If they write about you there, they'll write about you anywhere

Barak Obama, a state senator from the South Side of my home town, Chicago, and the Democrat senatorial candidate in Illinois, is a star. Even The New Yorker has noticed him.

His Republican opponent- heartless, plutocratic inner-city school teacher Jack Ryan (no, not that Jack Ryan!)- is also a star. But he's a Republican, so the New Yorker hasn't noticed him. He is also, parenthetically, the ex-husband of Jeri Ryan, aka Seven of Nine. Everybody notices Jeri Ryan.

Whichever of these men wins the election to succeed Sen. Peter Fitzgerald (R-Ill.), an excellent legislator retiring out of weariness after a single term, will be heard from- big time- in national politics for years to come.

I badly want Ryan to win, and Obama to lose. But still, it's nice when a guy from the sleepy little village you're born in is recognized in New York.

Wow, as Ben Stein would say.

We can't afford to blow this June 30 thing.

Despite the emphasis the President is placing on the transfer of authority to an interim Iraqi government, it seems, after much discussion, that its authority won't be more than nominal- at least for the seven months leading up to the Iraqi election.

This is a mistake- and perhaps a major one. It will mean that the transfer of power will probably have little political impact either in the United States or in Iraq- and may end up costing President Bush his one chance to turn perceptions about Iraq decisively around before November 2.

I understand the risks. But until the Iraqi people are given the final say in the affairs of their country, it will be hard for them to see us as liberators rather than as occupiers. And unless they see us as liberators, it's hard to see things stablizing
as throughly as I had hoped before Election Day.

A Kerry presidency would be even more risky to the security of Iraq and the United States alike.

Corporal Dunham, thank you!

From The (vast) Right Wing Conspiracy, a truly inspiring tale of heroism from Iraq.

My dad worked with a gentleman named Milton Olive, Sr. His son, Milton Olive, Jr., was on patrol in Vietnam one day when a VC grenade landed right in the midst of the Americans. Without thinking, Pvt. Olive threw his gun into the brush and his body onto the grenade. He was killed instantly- and in the process saved the lives of his buddies.

Pvt. Olive posthumously received the Medal of Honor. Cpl. Dunham should, too. And both men deserve the eternal thanks of us all.

Thanks, Blogger!


I wrote to Blogger Support about my problem with those ads. Since Blogger Pro isn't available right now, they gave me a complimentary upgrade!

Now that is customer service! I think this blog has found its home!

Al Gore has gone gaa-gaa

Al Gore mortally wounded his political career with his over-the-top rhetoric about President Bush during the primaries. Now, as John Podhoretz points out, Gore has gone completely gaa-gaa in his rhetoric about the President , effectively administering a coup de grace to his own career.

Gore, who would have been a strong contender for the 2008 Democrat nomination if he had just kept his mouth shut, is finished as a political force in this country. He will never be taken seriously again.

V/: The Force be with you. R/: And also with you.

FromSt. Stephen's Musings:

Star Wars and Christianity

Lutheran and Reformed are like Obi-Wan and Darth Vader--they're both really cool and have the Force, but the Reformed have to be all sinister and scary about it...

The Baptists are Han Solo. They're pretty cool I guess, but no Force powers and lose my interest fast.

Liberals (PCUSA, United Methodists, ELCA) are Jar Jar Binks. They somehow escaped from a cartoon and are in our universe. Go away.

Arminians are C-3P0. I don't think it needs too much explanation.

Charismatics are R2D2. They live in their own universe, no one understands anything they say, and they hang out with the Arminians a lot.

Anglicans are Lando Calrissian. You're not sure whose side they're playing for, but when they get their act together, they usually come out with the good guys.

The Catholics are the Storm Troopers because there are basically eight quadrillion of them, so you really can't ignore them. The Pope is the Emperor.

The O…

ABCNEWS has linked al Quaeda and Saddam!

Blogs for Bush- with assists from Rantingprofs and Blogosapien- reports that, of all possible sources, ABC News is claiming that Ayman al Zarqawi, the al Quaeda operative who cut off Nick Berg's head, operated for years establishing sleeper cells in Baghdad with assistance from Saddam Hussein's government!

I really, really don't think it's dawned on Peter Jennings what he's reporting, and what the implications are. And I will be very surprised if it ever does, given the state of denial the liberal media are in when it comes to connections between Osama bin Ladin and Saddam Hussein.

But I do hope that denial becomes a rather less comfortable state for the media to live in, given this revelation.

"Nothing new? " That's not what they say in Iraq!

Mid-East expert Walid Peres tells FOX News that while trouble may continue in Iraq from al Quaeda and other foreigners, President Bush's speech the other night- said by so many Stateside to contain "nothing new-" has had a major impact in that country, where it is seen as the signal that now the political process has begun. "This is what they (the Shi'ites) have been waiting for," Peres says.

Al Quaeda and other foreign groups, of course, are the exception to the rule that the approach and finally the reality of self-rule combined with a desire to get the American troops out of the country will cause things to quiet down. It will be interesting, though, to see whether the Democrats and the media effectively play into al Quaeda's hands by assisting them in promoting the idea that the transition is being disrupted whenever an Iraqi sneezes.

Even more interesting is how credible the Democrats can be when they get indignant at the suggestion that they have …

By the way, I've moved!

As I mentioned in my Wictory Wednesday post below, I don't think many people will read these entries for the next day or so, until the new URL is connected to the blog title at Blogs for Bush. But I don't think those of us who blog do so primarily to be read. It's nice, of course- but the main thing, I think, is simply to express what's on one's mind.

One of the lesser things that's on my mind this morning is explaining the new location of this blog. As of this writing, Blog Studio is in disarray, and it's impossible to even log into its main site. Apparently the problems which have kept me off the blogosphere for the past five or six days were more extensive than just my blog. Or maybe they're just "remodeling," and failed to tell anybody with blogs there.

Either way, I hope they're up again soon over there. While there were a few technical problems on occasion, and while tech support, while cordial in tone and exemplary in substance, cou…

One thing drives me nuts about Blog*Spot

Those Blog*Spot ads are hard to take at times. It's a bit disconcerting for a blog strongly supporting President Bush to have ads for John Kerry's campaign, John Kerry tee-shirts, and Democrat dating services as the first thing a visitor sees- or as something one has to put up with while simply looking at one's own blog!

I've been browsing some other Lutheran blogs here at Blog*Spot tonight, most of them more centered on theology than this one has been lately. The same thing happens there. It has to be rough to be a confessional Lutheran pastor whose blog is headed with ads for The Prayer of Jabez or some book on "the rapture" or some dubiously biblical Pentecostal book about the alleged ways of the Holy Spirit.

I know from bitter experience that I need a "Blog This!" type of bookmarklet to do much of a job with a blog; it just facilitates the whole process. Blog*Spot, like Blog Studio (which doesn't have ads) offers this- and is free, to boot.…

It's Wictory Wednesday!

Don't look now, but it's Wictory Wednesday- my first at the new site. In fact, it's so new that, while the URL has been changed on the blogroll, the list at the Blogs for Bush site still has this blog linked to the old one. That being the case, I'm not sure how many people will read this post. C'est la vie (pardon my French- and I acknowledge that that which is French is not often easy to pardon these days). But there are things which weigh a great deal more heavily on it these days.

Patrick Henry's famous quotation contrasts the true lover of one's country with "the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot." John Kerry and Jane Fonda infamously played upon this phrase with the expression "winter soldier," which they took as the title of the "hearings" through which they and others besmirched the reputations of the Americans who fought in Vietnam.

As repulsive as that association is, it's winter in May these days. The media …

Larry Sabato's cracked crystal ball

With all due respect to Larry Sabato, he's wrong about the supposedly dire state of President Bush's prospects.

Sabato writes:

There are two fundamental reasons for Bush's sharp decline in job approval and the dramatic increase in people saying the nation is on the "wrong track." First, Bush's presidency is--by his own admission--inextricably bound to Iraq, and things are going very badly there. Second, he is receiving no credit at all for the substantial, very positive rebound in the economy.

While it's true that the President isn't getting the credit he's due for the turnaround of the economy, that is because- as Sabato, to his credit, notes- the Bush presidency is so completely identified in the public mind with Iraq. But despite the general perception to the contrary (for which thank the media), in fact things in Iraq are going well, after a few very rough weeks- and have actually been going considerably better than the media have led us to b…

Shouldn't they call it "PARTISANSHIP Central?"

Comedy Central, whose Jon Stewart barely contained his ill-informed contempt for President Bush four years ago, must smell blood in the water. It's broadcasting its legitimately contemptible That's My Bush again.

For those of you lucky enough to miss it originally, it's a "comedy" set in the White House with a Bush lookalike in the lead role. Various other actors and actresses portray Laura, Karl Rove, etc. The "humor" comes from ridiculous stunts, sight-gags, and broad humor around the theme of the President's alleged stupidity. It's essentially an acting out of the delusions of the Left about a guy who in fact got into Yale with an SAT over 2000 before graduating and then going on to earn an MBA from Harvard.

The disrespect for the office is bad enough, but how does this not qualify as requiring equal time? After all, if we aren't officially in the midst of a Presidential campaign yet, we will be soon.

Can you imagine a Comedy Central show…

At least one Marine has some lessons to teach us about Iraqi wedding customs

Neophyte Pundit shares the following from a Marine in Iraq:

Speaking of the media: for those of you, who have heard or read of the 'wedding' incident, remember this: Iraqis get married on Mondays and Thursdays. They do not get married on Wednesday mornings. They don't get married at 3 a.m. on Wednesday mornings. They don't get married in the middle of a wadi in the middle of a bleak desert 6 miles from the Syrian border at 3 a.m. on a Wednesday morning. We do not target civilians. We do kill terrorists and terrorist leadership. And we make very damned certain they are terrorists before we kill them.

ScrappleFace says that President Bush is about to "declare an end to major self-loathing operations"

The hypocrisy of the Islamic world, in which the sort of thing that went on at Abu Ghraib is the norm, in professing horror when Americans do such things as an aberration, together with the excessive good time the Left is having beating their own country up over the whole mess, makes it about time, I think, for the Presidential declaration contemplated here.

We have a war to win, and a country to defend, people.

I'm dizzy from the spin!

From Madeline Albright to Susan Estrich to the staff of CNN, the Left tonight was spinning a war in Iraq which is going quite well at the moment as a military disaster, and the President's failure to specify the inherently unknowable moment when the situation in Iraq will be sufficiently stable for our troops to leave as some sort of failure. It's more of the same kind of stuff we've heard from the media for weeks: reporting which has essentially sold the American people a bill of goods as to how the war is going and what our prospects are for success.

Abu Ghraib, to be sure, hasn't helped- but neither has the media's constant harping on what for the American military is an aberration. It seems amazingly clear that the media and many Democrats are bound and determined that we lose this war, if that's what it takes to drive George W. Bush from the White House.

In about six weeks, we will cede control of Iraq to an Iraqi government. Our casualties have been light…

CNN strikes again!

After President Bush's address to the nation on Iraq, CNN's overtly hostile coverage featured as analysts former Clinton Secretary of State Madeline Albright and liberal Time columnist Joe Klein.

Is there anybody in the whole world who believes that CNN is a news organization rather than a left wing soapbox anymore?

Well, I suppose there are a few. But they're wrong.

Earth (specifically, Iraq) calling the American media!

Iraqi Maj. Gen. Mohammed Abdul-Latif, with the aid of a sane mind on the staff of a paper serving a city with a large Moonbat population, the Boston Globe's Jules Crittenden, herein offers the single most cogent, clear-eyed analysis of the war in Iraq I have ever seen.

It's not about the fashionable partisan rhetoric about an imaginary "quagmire." It's about the Iraqis' perception of their own interests- and despite the frequently racist analysis of the Left, they are not a nation of imbeciles.

Gen. Abdul-Latif has it exactly right: the only people who can lose this war for us are the American media.

The media are WHAT?!

Liberals are an endangered species now days. The merely liberal call themselves "moderates;" the real moonbats prefer "progressives." But even taking such camoflage into account, it turns out that among those willing to describe themselves with either term, liberals overwhelmingly outnumber conservatives.

Gee. Imagine that.

Yes, yes, I know. The publishers are conservatives, as Al Franken likes to point out. But the publishers don't report the news.

2000 redux?

Don't look now, but we may be heading for a repeat of 2000, in which Bush wins the electoral vote even if he loses the popular vote.

Despite his approval ratings and the national polls, the President is doing much better in the so-called "battleground states" than elsewhere- and these are the states which will decide the election.

The media may be gloating right now, but Dubyah is anything but finished!

Not only that, but the sky is falling!

"Sinkhole!," Chris "Chicken Little" Matthews entitles his session of Bush-bashing tonight. The news from Iraq, of course, is good: al-Sadr is on the run, the June 30 handover looms, and despite the incessant dwelling on the Abu Ghraib scandal, it seems certain that fewer than two thousand Americans will die (despite comparisons to Vietnam, where we lost 57,000)- and we will win the war.

More than a little detail, that last. But Saddam is gone, and Iraq has the first chance in its history to be a democracy. Sorry, Chris and company....but we win.

You know. The opposite of losing.

John Kerry has displayed his lack of class...again

POTUS fell off his bike yesterday and scraped his hand and face. John Kerry, you may recall, fell off his bike a few weeks ago. A while back, he also fell off a snowboard.

A snowboard.

In the case of the snowboard, Kerry said, "I don't fall," blamed a Secret Service agent, and cussed him out. The presumptive Democrat nominee, who is apparently ignorant of the proverb about people who live in glass houses, responded upon hearing of Mr. Bush's accident, "What happened? Did the training wheels fall off?"

The remark displayed such a total lack of class, even for Kerry, that according to Drudge reporters debated treating the remark as off-the-record.

Blogs for Bush is right: it's about character. More than that, though, it's about something more worrisome: is this the mouth we want representing the United States at the summit with the leaders of the world?

Communist nations aspire to the creation of a classless society. If Kerry wins in November, we…