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Did somebody break something?

The finer points of Wahabi extremism

Heroes, past, present and future

Are American prisoners less human than Iraqi ones?

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Kerry-Bat Boy?

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Terrorists are NOT covered by the Geneva Conventions!

I'll recap slowly, for the benefit of any Democrats...

Here's a summons to the Real World!

Talk about close calls!

Are we becoming a nation of dolts?

If they write about you there, they'll write about you anywhere

We can't afford to blow this June 30 thing.

It's good to be able to smile at something as scary as Al Gore's rhetorical meltdown

Corporal Dunham, thank you!

Sometimes lying liars lie when they accuse other people of being lying liars

Thanks, Blogger!

Al Gore has gone gaa-gaa

V/: The Force be with you. R/: And also with you.

ABCNEWS has linked al Quaeda and Saddam!

"Nothing new? " That's not what they say in Iraq!

By the way, I've moved!

One thing drives me nuts about Blog*Spot

It's Wictory Wednesday!

Larry Sabato's cracked crystal ball

Neil Thompson is not a "chickenhawk"

They're down on Moore "Down Under!"

For shame, Teddy. Again.

Is there a Doctorow in the house?

Dubyah is betting the farm on Iraq

Don't tell PETA, but Poisoning Pigeons is fun!

Shouldn't they call it "PARTISANSHIP Central?"

At least one Marine has some lessons to teach us about Iraqi wedding customs

The French and the Arabs both have honored Fahrenheit 9/11!

ScrappleFace says that President Bush is about to "declare an end to major self-loathing operations"

I'm dizzy from the spin!

This is a wise man. Listen to him!

CNN strikes again!

Earth (specifically, Iraq) calling the American media!

...and warmer comfort is better still

Cold comfort is still comfort...

The media are WHAT?!

2000 redux?

It was Michael Moore's sex appeal that did it, actually

Not only that, but the sky is falling!

John Kerry has displayed his lack of class...again