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A response to Lisa- and to Pastor White

Lisa Stapp, a good friend and fellow confessional Lutheran, had an interesting comment on that recent entry in this blog which I began by bemoaning the re-election of Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod President Gerald Kieschnick, and the apparent final victory- humanly-speaking- of the anti-confessional forces in the LCMS at the recently concluded convention. Regrettably, Blogger won't let me respond in the comment section at the length Lisa's remarks deserve, so I'll do it here.

Lisa refers in her comment to her "faithful undershepherd-" her pastor, Dr. Lawrence White, who is a faithful undershepherd indeed. I heard him espouse the program for renewal in the LCMS to which Lisa refers- namely, ceasing to put so much emphasis on "endless political battles for institutional control," but rather depending sound catechesis and preaching, trusting that God's Word will not return to Him empty- at a confessional conference a few years ago. While there is wis…

Notes from a wandering blogger

Well, my church body, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, messed up big time at its convention in St. Louis. Re-electing revisionist President Gerald Kieschnick, it gave him just about a complete slate of officers and everything he wanted in his continuing drive to convert a church body known for its solid, confessional Lutheranism into basically a high-church variety of generic "Evangelicalism." I sense schism in the wind, which is always a tragedy. But as of now, only the tiny Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS) and the small Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) remain as mainstays of traditional, confessional Lutheranism- and there are serious problems with WELS. Nor does even the ELS have its case completely together.

God is still running His church, but these are sad times for confessional Lutheranism in the United States.

Meanwhile, John Edwards, I see, is John Kerry's running-mate, and the Democratic Hate-Fest will be opening in Boston shortly. We will see h…

Blogging hiatus

Now begins my blogging hiatus. I'll blog when I can, but it won't be very often for a while.

I'm looking forward to the time- and I hope it's soon- when I can resume blogging regularly.

Cassini Gets a Look at Titan

The spacecraft Cassini, in orbit around Saturn, has sent back its first image of one of the main targets of its mission: the mysterious moon Titan.

The orange moon, below, is shrouded by thick clouds composed mostly of methane and hydrogen, comprising the only atmosphere possessed by any moon in our solar system. The Huygens probe, which Cassini carries, will attempt a soft landing on Titan next January, and will hopefully give us our first glimpse of what lies beneath the orange fog.

Rich in organic compounds, Titan may be a prototype of early Earth. On the other hand,there is speculation that it surface may feature literal oceans of petroleum.

Cubs 4, White Sox 2, 5 1/2 innings

An announcement

Without going into details, I'm going through some serious personal problems right now. My opportunities for posting (or even having access to a computer) are going to diminish drastically in the next few days, and remain so probably for some weeks. I plan to blog when I can, but it will probably be from computers in libraries and such.

I hope you'll check in from time to time. Hopefuly, before long that "Recently Updated" list at Blogs for Bush will start regularly having this blog at the top of the list again.

Oh, THIS makes sense!

Based on the wholly unsubstantiated findings of the thoroughly partisan U.S. Civil Rights Commission (not a single Florida voter registered an official complaint of being denied the right to vote on the basis of race, and the statistics in fact showed no special or unusual pattern of disqualification in African-American precincts), nine equally partisan Democratic congressmen have called upon- get this- the United Nations to provide observers for the 2004 Presidential election!

So we give the crooked Florida Democrats who were the subject of numerous complaints about voter fraud the help of the institution up to its neck in the Oil-for-Food scandal in order to make sure there's an honest count?


Cubs 6, White Sox 2

The Laryngitis Factor

Meanwhile, on the subject of Moore the Bore,John Podhoretz makes the sensible point that hatred is not a sustainable emotion, that those who scream too loud, to vitriolically, and too long are apt to get laryngitis- and that it's still four months until the election.

Cubs 5, Astros 4

Gephardt, or maybe Rendell. Not Hillary, and not Vilsack.

It seems that J. McIntyre of RealClearPolitics agrees with me about the Drudge Hillary-for-Veep boomlet.

I agree with him that Dick Gephardt is le Senateur Kerry's smartest choice, and that my own governor, Iowa's Tom Vilsack, brings absolutely nothing to the table. Conversely, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell- one of the few grownups in national Democratic politics, and a guy it's hard not to like even if you disagree with him- also strikes me as a savvy choice.

Take a look at th article underneath the one linked to above as well- the one on le ver Chirac. The one below that, on the speculation over the replacement for departed Illinois Senate candidate Jack Ryan, is also worth a glance if you share my interest in the politics of the state of my birth.


A moonbat environmental group, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, has awarded author Theo Colburn the second annual "Rachel Carson Award for Integrity in Science." This is, of course, more or less the equivalent of "The Michael Moore Award for Integrity in Documentary Filmmaking."

Carson was the author of the hysterical and scientifically-unsound book called Silent Spring, which led to what scientists now regard as a vastly overblown panic over the notion that DDT was causing widespread bird extinction and other environmental horrors.

Colburn is a banker, whose scientific credentials are his status as an amateur birdwatcher. His book, Our Stolen Future, blames everything from low sperm counts in humans to sterile bald eagles to declining otter populations to lesbian seagulls (no, I'm not kidding) on man-made agricultural chemicals. Like Carson, Colburn offers no particular scientific evidence, relying instead on anecdotes-and several of his asserti…

From the

Bill Gertz of reports:

Al Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden is focusing Al Qaida's terrorist resources on the conflict in Iraq, according to close aides of the terrorist leader. They said he is safe and out of the reach of U.S. military and intelligence forces and their allies.

The sources said that Bin Laden is concentrating on Iraq with the goal of influencing the outcome of the November presidential election in the United States. "His concentration may be switched over to Afghanistan again any time," one source said.

A newspaper report stated that Bin Laden's next focus is likely to be Britain where he may be "masterminding a campaign to malign the reputation of Prime Minister Tony Blair who, the Al Qaida people say, has played a second fiddle to the American President Bush."

Any guess who Osama supports for President?

More from the Russians