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Wait a minute...

In the market for the Brooklyn Bridge?

Not exactly reassuring

The Real Victims

NFL players at greatly increased risk for Alzheimer's

Reports of the demise of the Neocon movement...

Gloomy thoughts of an autumn Monday night


A specter is haunting Europe...

You have to see this!


The rest is silence

Obama administration confirms: Jail time for those who don't buy health insurance if Obamacare passes

Barack the Innocent

Sermon for Trinity 16


Coach Q is apparently a detail man

A re-emerging Republican majority?

Open mouth, insert foot

We just don't do this sort of thing in democracies!

Singing to the Beloved Leader

The real incivility in the health care debate

"Indecisive and pushed around"

Give Obama credit for this one

Even Ralph Nader sees Obama as a weakling

The Keystone Cops of diplomacy

Black Caucus joins Carter race baiting

Job one for Hendry: get DeRosa back

Is this for real?

Sometimes a gesture is more than it seems

Giving credit where credit is due. Sort of.

Minnesotans heart Pawlenty, candidate or not

Don't say we didn't warn you

Score one for the good guys

Just sayin'

Leno vs. ACORN


Jaw-dropping time

Sermon for Trinity XV

Irving Kristol, 1920-2009

The founder of Neoconservatism is dead

Obama rejects Carter's race baiting

Obama: Legalize aliens, and cover them!

Be afraid.

Bush, Obama, and deficits

A blast from the (not too distant) past: the origin of that "death panels" remark that got Palin in hot water

What's good for the goose...

She's back for Samoa attention

Democrats rush to denounce Carter and Dowd

Now THIS is a father!

A modest proposal

A little ambivalent


The Democrats' Stark hypocrisy

Carter goes totally moonbat on race and Obama

So much for the football season.

This season will not be a cakewalk for the Bears

May we never forget September 11, 2001

Some of us remember

The GOP the "Party of Cranks?" That's a laugh!

Those square fish are more appetizing

The president's health care speech- and the facts

Rude is rude no matter who is being rude, and to whom

Bad form

Something else I don't get

I don't get it