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A message to She-Whose-Name-I-Will-Not-Blog

Scalia on "moderate" judges

Kyrie, eleison!


Signs and portents

Maybe this is why they say it's too early to worry about 2008

Earth to Patrick Ruffini!

Jesse is right about one thing, anyway

There's something about the name 'Pat,' it seems

The Carnival is back in town!

It's back!

The Fascists of the Left are at it already!



Uncanny indeed!

Second stem cell alternative a dud- but not the first!

The Giuliani moment

"A War to Be Proud Of"

The London Zoo puts the real issue on display

Dream on, Chris Matthews! Dream on!

A bigger straw poll gets a chance to be wrong!


The Micropolitan Museum

Good on ya, Kiwis!

Top of the world (Mars), Ma!

Democrat, Republican, or Southern Republican?

Materialism, values, and the Left

More abortions than births in Russia

What the Canadians actually said

"Down under," but above board

Robertson apologizes- as well he might

Calling all Republican bloggers, writers, and webmasters!

Just asking

Long John Bin Laden

A reminder

Our gonzo society

Pat Robertson is at it again!

A question for my Catholic friends

Oh, come ON!

A badge of honor

Another workable alternative to embryonic stem cells

My answer to a weighty question

Lutheran Carnival II has been promulgated!

Oh, deer!

"This Old Cub": See it tonight!

No more

A random thought, at 4:11 of a Saturday morning

I wonder what Ernie Pyle would think

Judge Crater no longer missing?

A game for ELCA theologians

Excuses, excuses!


Sometimes, it's hard not to laugh. Or cry. Or vomit.

My heart's just not in it

Scientists need to check their math... again!

'Don't do as I do...'

The beginning of the end for Cindymania

The Sultan of Quagmire

Cindy Sheehan has blown it

Way to go, Canadian Lutherans, eh?

The "gospel" of nihilism

Well, so much for that idea!

It's official: we're a barred spiral!

Russ, Chinese conduct joint military exercises

E-mail address change

"Super-hero for choice" kills pro-lifers

Serves him right

What God can teach us by the way He worked through Mary

Well, I did vote for Dubyah twice...

About time- but still, I'm glad

That's it!

Cindy Sheehan's husband files for divorce

A Muslim looks at Islam's 'Dark Side'

What are we waiting for?

"Goofy's" planet credentials may have just gotten stronger

This is it, fellow Cub fans!

Couldn't have said it better myself

Yes, my Bears need three quarterbacks

The normal state of affairs re-asserts itself

Lutheran Carnival, 8/4/05

I suspect the re-make will have the same ending as the original