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Five from The Weekly Standard on the stem cell cheat

Honesty is such a lonely word...

Our entire lives

I see we have another Des Moines Lutheran blog!

Is it the Democratic Party, or the Donner Party?

There they go again!

The new rankings are out

Upon further review...

An object lesson from Africa

Hoist by their own petard!

Bears 41, 49ers 10

They did it!

Our servicemen are being preyed upon

Huh, Madam Secretary?

Comet Swan takes a dive

GOP Bloggers raises a good point

Lynn Cheney tells it like it is to Wolf Blitzer

More from the Fathers on the "Lutheran" solas

And while we're on the subject of embryonic stem cells...

In his own words

Make up your minds, Sci-Fi!

First the White Sox, and now the Cardinals

A mystery solved!

Another 'Lost Cause?' I hope not!

The taxman cometh

Where do YOU fit on the political spectrum?

Here we go again!

First naked eye comet since Hale-Bopp!

The vindication of Rush Limbaugh

Idolatry 101?

Occam's Razor in action

It's hard to miss the point

Spin City, indeed

Some thoughts on Rush and Michael J. Fox

Sol is a survivor

A reply to Fox's emotional appeal

They're playing a Series in Japan, too!

And rightly so!

'Dancing with Darwiniam nihilism'

Worth a read

That's not the option, dudes

I wonder what Wood and Prior are doing this winter

Aid and comfort to the enemy... at the very least!


I thought it was all our fault!

More from Pelosi

Something loony from Andy Rooney

Carny time!

Cinéma de la vérité

Iranian child rape victims forced to live on the street

And while I'm at it, might as well make it a clean sweep

And while we're waxing nostalgic...

Since the Bears have a 'bye' this week...


Jack Danforth- and the Left- are at it again!

Goofy, Xena, 2003 UB313, whatever has an actual name!

A bizarre tactic in Tennessee

Not a good week, injury wise, for the good guys

Just thought aorta warn you

Evidence that Steve Irwin might well have survived!

Bad theology from a Bush critic

Ben Stein on Mark Foley

Why the Christian RIght can't stay home on Election Day

Freedom of religion, Clinton-style

Kinda speaks for itself

Media spin?

Kim apologizes for fizzle

This once was true

Go Tigers!

That Mediacom/Yahoo problem is solved

The other side of the story

Osama is a what!?

Headline on ABC story lies

FBI unable to connect Foley to sex with underaged pages

Hearts and minds

Before you vote Democratic, or even stay home...

'Theocracy! Save me! Or let me rephrase that...'

It's Lou!