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A blessed Pentecost


The Hawks' season ends... in hope and with heads held high

Hendry's lame excuse for trading De Rosa

Thank you to Red Madsen...

It looks like the Hawks are toast

Blackhawks 4, Red Wings 3 in OT

Sort of says it all, doesn't it?

This is humor. But it's still too believable for comfort!

From the Lyric Opera of Chicago...

The nirvana of my childhood is passing away

Oh, fuss and feathers.

But there is also Jesus

Joe Biden, standup comic

Obama and the 'real' Catholics


Save the octopi- and the hockey fans of Detroit- needless agony.

It's Day-twah.

Bears fourth in the NFC?

You know, Charlie, I never considered that question before.

On the other hand...

On second thought...

Let's go, Ducks!



Blackhawks can wrap it up tonight

Don't count us out just yet!

Miss California wins the debate- simply by saying "no comment"

Hawks win in overtime, 2-1; tie series!

Do You Hear the Poodles Bark?

Calling a spade a spoon

Why it is impossible to defeat a liberal in debate

Keep your order simple

Good point

On the theoretical feasibility of warp drive

I don't care of one of the Fathers did say it

Ridge would beat both Toomey and Specter

We lost

More good news for the GOP

Man stoned to death for adultery in Iran

Leno and Letterman should listen to this guy

Don't look now...

You couldn't prove it by me, but...

Ridge weighs race for Specter's seat

Hawks beat Vancouver 6-3

In Iran, the law doesn't count

Gay "marriage-" and gay hypocrisy

Jesse Jackson sued for not showing up to make speech