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More sanity from Paglia

While I have a couple of lesbian friends I'm fonder of, Camille Paglia is rapidly becoming my favorite specifically atheist lesbian.

Still more uncommon sense from the woman.

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First 2016 poll

Christie 48%
Clinton 46%
Hillary is NOT inevitable... as long as the Republican crazies don't prevail.

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Ducks are toughter than chickens

Chik-fil-A backed down in the face of liberal fascist intimidation by Rahm Emanuel and company.

Don't count on the Robertsons doing the same.

BREAKING NEWS: Nor did they. A&E has caved. Phil remains on Duck Dynasty.

This is a huge victory for the First Amendment and the American way. Hopefully it will also be a precedent. The politically correct brown shirts will have a tougher time intimidating people now.

Oh. And Berlin fell, too. Hitler is dead. And so, incidentally, is Stalin.

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Fooling Mother Nature- and ourselves

Here is an article on a concept which has been accepted as being at the heart of Western philosophy and jurisprudence for thousands of years, and the denial of which has gotten us to the messed-up place where people can marry folks of the same gender and people can lose their jobs for having unpopular political and religious convictions.

It's an area of dialogue in which the ethical revisionists who seem to have the upper hand right now in Western society can't win- and so they simply deny its validity. The result is ethical incoherence and a society which is literally losing its mind.

It's called natural law. The Apostle Paul embraces it in Romans 1. Thomas Jefferson uses it as the basis of his theoretical justification for liberal democracy. Thomas Aquinas used it as the basis for his Summa. It's been treated as the basis of ethical and philosophical discourse since the days of Socrates. But today's elites deny that it exists.

But denying the existence of the law…

An interesting question

'How DARE you disagree with me!'

All of us- even the nicest of us, with the best of intentions- have stuck our foot in our mouths at times.

We are living in an age in which even reasonable statements which offend people who find the fact that  others disagree with them a cause of offense can be treated as matters of scandal. Things have actually deteriorated to the point at which you can be fined and/or jailed in such supposedly free countries as Canada and Great Britain for expressing ideas merely because others find those ideas "offensive."

Here are some thoughts on these facts I think worth sharing.

When tolerance isn't

Secularists and leftists- usually through an incredible display of bad logic and superficial reasoning-somehow deny that Christianity is undergoing persecution in America.

Here are some thoughts on the increasing evidence of their self-deception.

Not Ducking controversy

Cracker Barrel has reversed itself, and will continue selling "Duck Dynasty" stuff  despite A&E's McCarthyism.

Under Armour is resisting Leftist intimidation attempting to get it to join in the repression of  Phil Robertson's freedom of religion and speech.

Apparently A&E tried to intimidate Robertson into silence before the comments at issue.

The Robertson family thinks he was set up by A&E.

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Is it time to re-think Thrivent membership?

Lutherans who get insurance through the "fraternal" Thrivent organization may need to consider Lutheran Satire's most recent video. Is this a subject concerning which a Christian organization should remain neutral? And if it does, does it deserve the support of individual Christians and their families?

Suspension of Duck Dynasty's Robertson 'utterly fascist, utterly Stalinist:' Paglia

Also sprach feminist Camille Paglia regarding the Phil Robertson affair:

I speak with authority here, because I was openly gay before the ‘Stonewall rebellion,’ when it cost you something to be so. And I personally feel as a libertarian that people have the right to free thought and free speech...In a democratic country, people have the right to be homophobic as well as they have the right to support homosexuality — as I one hundred percent do. If people are basing their views against gays on the Bible, again they have a right of religious freedom there. 
Now, the term "homophobic-" a word which actually means "fear of the same," but as meant as a linguistically awkward ad hominem argument against people who are prejudiced against gays and lesbians, or disapprove of homosexual behavior (depending on the person using it) is problematic, especially since its definition is so variable. Certainly the notion that one can be bigoted because one disapproves of a set of be…

Time to end the totalitarian embargo on dialogue about homosexuality

Brian Ambrosino is a Baltimore professional dancer and writer. He is also gay.

While I disagree with some of the things he says in this article about the Phil Robertson/A&E "Duck Dynasty" affair (while I regard Robertson's phrasing as tactless and tasteless, I happen to agree with his premise that homosexual behavior is inherently contrary to the primary natural purpose of sexuality and a distortion of others), it seems to me that Ambrosino gets his major point exactly right: there is a great deal more bigotry being expressed on the Left than on the Right where the matter of homosexuality is concerned.

And if you disagree with me about homosexual behavior being unnatural, fine. But don't silence me, and don't stigmatize me.

Convince me.

We are simply not having a debate or dialogue about gay "marriage" or the changing attitudes in our society. The media and Leftist politicians (Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel comes to mind) won't allow it. Deciding p…

So far to the Left he may fall off the surface of the Earth

Brian Schweitzer is ther former governor of Montana. He may be running for president as a Democrat in 2016.

Now, don't run out and get your eyes examined after you read this, but he is apparently going to run to the left of Hillary, to the left of Obama, and even to the left of the Ron/Rand Paul pseudoconservatives.

Be astounded and- excuse the expression- apPauled:

Make no mistake: Obama's approval rating now worst since Nixon

A new ABC/Washington Post poll shows President Obama's current approval rating at 43%.

Richard Nixon's when he left office was admittedly far worse, at 29%. But Mr. Obama's is the worst since then. George W. Bush's approval rating when he left office was 45%.

In answer to that billboard ad that popped up a few years ago, yes, apparently we do miss Dubyah. As well we should.

Peggy Noonan perceptively defines Mr. Obama's problem here.
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Meanwhile, on the health front...

Sorry, libertarians. But legalizing pot is a really, really bad idea. In case you've forgotten, it has really bad effects on teenagers' memories.

Oh. And the FDA is warning us to stop using antibacterial soap- which, along with killing germs which ordinary soap also does a fine job of killing, nukes beneficial bacteria which help us with digestion and other normal bodily functions as well, and contains substances which may mess with our hormonal balance and otherwise poison us.

The inadvisability of using antibacterial soap is nothing new. Interesting, though, how much more powerful the industry is than the medical community in informing the public on the issue.

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Ryan, Huckabee most popular 2016 contenders among Iowa Republicans; Paul, Cruz, Rubio, and Walker trail

According to the first Des Moines Register poll of the 2016 Iowa Caucus campaign, 2012 GOP vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan easily leads the pack, clearly outdistancing the darlings of the crazies,  Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

Thank God.

Ryan has a 73% popularity rating, compared with 66% for 2008 winner Mike Huckabee, 58% for 2012 winner Rick Santorum, 55% for Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and 51% each for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

In one of the most encouraging set of stats I've seen in a long time where Iowa Republicans are concerned, I am thrilled to say that the intemperate junior senator from Texas, Ted Cruz- the man with the bad habit of labeling any Republican who disagrees with him about even minor matters of strategy a "traitor-" is tied with Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at the bottom of the rankings, with a 46% favorability rating. Few Iowa Republicans, however, know …

Do words- or anything else- really mean things anymore?

One of the terminal stages in my long disillusionment with the religious organization which for some reason calls itself the "Evangelical Lutheran Church in America" was a meeting called by our bishop at which all but two of the attending pastors identified themselves as either Modernists (i.e., people who believe that truth is unknowable), or as Post-Modernists (people who believe that there is no such thing as truth). How people who believed in either of these things could at the same time consider themselves followers of the Man Who claimed to be the Truth, or for that matter adherents of any theological or philosophical system whatsoever, eluded me. It still does.

A colleague of mine has pointed out for a long time that for Nietzsche,  "truth" was nothing more or less than the will to power- and that this view of truth served as whatever justification the Nazis felt necessary to carry out their agenda. Truth, for the Post-Modernist, doesn't exist. If the w…

Whiskey Tango Hotel? Aussies show uncommon sense

It would appear that there is a place after all among the alleged Western democracies in which actually is a democracy rather than a kritarchy (rule by judges), and in which the courts actually do have some respect for two thousand years of precedent (including the entire Western legal and constitutional tradition).

Australia's highest court has struck down a law permitting same-sex "marriage" in the Federal district which includes Canberra, the capital, on the ground that only Parliament has a right to make such a change.

The rest of the Western "democracies," of course, have pretty much made it a matter of settled policy that the courts are de facto the legislative branch of government, as well as the judicial one, and that the preferences of judges take precedence over legal precedent and the law itself whenever they jolly well want them to.

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A six year-old boy has kissed a little girl on the cheek in Colorado.

He's been suspended from school and charged with sexual harassment.

No word yet as to whether the death penalty will be sought.

ADDENDUM: It took a while, but common sense has finally prevailed.

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The coldest temperature in Earth's recorded history...

...has been reached in Antarctica.

-135, to be precise.

Remember, "global warming" doesn't really mean global warming. It just means extreme weather- and, in all fairness, I think this qualifies.

Even in Antarctica.

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Hold the outrage, and read the article

"Gay teacher fired after applying for marriage license," the headline in the New York Post reads.

You have to read the story to discover that this took place at a Catholic parochial school, and that the teacher's contract very reasonably required him to conform his public behavior to Catholic teaching.

The school had no right to ask that of him, you say? Well, actually, it did. Theirs is a religious institution whose goal is to inculcate Catholic teaching along with imparting a secular education to its students. And that goal is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

You know. The one the Left doesn't think applies to anyone it disagrees with.

The school had continued to employ the man despite the fact that his sexual orientation and his relationship with the man he "married" was known to it. Some might argue that it should have acted earlier. Instead, it chose to treat his sexuality with as much discretion and indulgen…

It's cold out there!

While I don't necessarily buy all the catastrophic, anthropogenic climate-change hype right out of the box (science is just too politicized these days to assume that what scientists say is necessarily scientific rather than political),  it snowed yesterday in Australia.

It's summer down there.

Killer winter storms are predicted in Britain for the next 30 years.

And a new breed of cockroach appears to have evolved in New York City (where else?) which likes it this way.

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The man who mistook Adolph Hitler for a doorman

Lord Halifax was Neville Chamberlain's foreign minister. A devout Anglo-Catholic, he was raised to believe it his destiny to become prime minister and "reunite England with the Holy See."

Neither happened.  But with Chamberlain's help, he did pursue a foreign policy which very nearly united it with the Third Reich.

He liked Goering and Goebbels, but once nearly committed the ultimate diplomatic faux pas by mistaking Adolph Hitler for a doorman hand handing him his hat. Oops.

The question of what the Halifax/Chamberlain policy of political appeasement as opposed to standing up for principle teaches us about the relative merits of theological appeasement and standing up for principle, the life of Halifax is instructive.

Click here to be instructed.

You better watch out!

Today is the feast day of St. Nicholas of Myrna, the prototype of Santa Claus.

He would not be looked upon with favor by today's society. He was anything but "tolerant" when it came to theology. In fact, when he encountered the heretic Arius at the Council of Nicea, jolly old Santa punched his lights out.

More about St. Nick here. As the headline on the Catholic World Report article says, you better watch out. Santa Claus is coming to town!

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Picture from Lutheran Confessional Memes

Rebuttal, please.

Many on the Left charge many on the Right with being "anti-scientific." And many doubtless are. But what needs to be recognized is that a great deal of the skepticism in this country about what scientists tell us arises from the fact that science has been so thoroughly politicized in recent decades.  Ideology rather than data often influences the conclusions of the secular priesthood whose pronouncements we are supposed to accept as holy writ.

I personally am not a doctrinaire "denier" when it comes to global warming. I do think that its often hysterical announcers would be more convincing if they were less snarky and more humble- more willing to refute the "deniers" rather than simply telling them that they're stupid.

They can start with this.  And then they can go on to explain why both polar ice caps have grown in the past year- the northern one by fully one third.  And the fact that we've just passed on the whole a remarkably moderate year, cl…

Gays push for repeal of blood donation ban

Gay men are pushing for an end to the 30-year old ban on their donating blood. Opponents say the efforts are driven by politics rather than science, and that it would compromise the safety of the blood supply.

The reason for the ban, of course, is the prevalence of HIV in the gay community. While the virus has no particular affinity for any sexual orientation, the microscopic damage done to the rectum by anal intercourse does provide an especially convenient mode of transmission. But advocates for the change say that the problem can be eliminated by the practice of "safe sex."

The Department of Health and Human Services Advisory Committee on Blood and Tissue Safety will hold hearings on Thursday.

ADDENDUM: According to a survey the CDC just released, 62% of self-reported HIV positive men have had unprotected anal sex with another man in the past year.

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Summing up the ISON debacle

"Comets are like cats. They have tails, and do whatever they want."
                                                                -- Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Here's the full record of ISON's life, and death, and life, and death, compliments of NASA'S Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft in orbit around the sun. You can see it fade at the end:

Here and here are excellent summaries of our adventure with our puzzling, feline comet- which, BTW, had it survived would have lit the skies with a ghostly green glow. Sort of like a green Comet Hyukatake (below),  except closer to the horizon and even spookier-looking.