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Anybody can do this...

Hawks prove they know the way in San Jose

HOF decides Dawson will wear the wrong hat


Pastor Richard Wurmbrand: an inspiration and a rebuke

How does "Gov. Kasich" sound?

Chavez's clown act is wearing thin at home

Co-author of UN global warming report admits knowingly using unverified data

'Dear Internet...'

For shame, Daily Kos.

Daily Kos hits a new low

After the fight, Kessler called Ladd a coward.

Tell me another one, Jon

Tulsa atheists dissolve non-prayer fellowship with Rev. Beecroft

Wisconsin Synod atheists?

BHO's approval, disapproval ratings now tied at 47%: Gallup

Hugo Chavez explains the Haitian earthquake

Air America is no more

Der Spiegel says it's time for the world to say good-bye to Obama

The Catechism by candlelight

Team historian Bob Verdi on the Blackhawks-Red Wings rivalry

A Chicago team that actually deserves the respect of the city's fans

More bad news for BHO

Brown defeats Coakley

Looks like the Dems are conceding the Massachusetts race already

I agree with Joe Scarborough

Olbermann slanders Brown- and Scarborough calls him out for it

French official: U.S. "occupying" Haiti

The thing about King

Oh, Dah-ah-nah!

The Adventures of Li'l Cthulhu

The First Amendment vs. Martha Coakley

Coakley continues to self-destruct

Coakley and conscience


America has buyer's remorse where President Obama is concerned

Perhaps in his civilian life he farms a piece of bottom land?

A tree grows in... Utopia Planitia?

Oh, great.

Well, sonuvagun

Conan vetoes NBC shuffle

Good on Google!

Remember my comment about how you've seen Avatar even if you haven't seen Avatar?

A philosophical conversion


Monogamy vs. polyamory

A new drawing of the lines in the Culture Wars

For a R'lyeh special vacation...

In case you wondered...

Apparently Brit Hume isn't allowed to articulate his faith

Perhaps they should let her vote...

The mess the Democrats- and all of us- are in

Half a loaf

The best NHL team for the first half of the season?

Promises, promises (promises, promises, promises, promises, promises, promises).

Star of Wonder, Redux


In the Na'vi, or The Last Samurai Treehugger Dances with Blue Pterodactyls