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Isn't this tweet?

Loco Hugo is pro- O

This is just too easy!

Benghazi and Iraq: Isn't what 's good for the elephant good for the donkey?

This is hilarious- for the most part!

Romney to call out Obama's lies; let's hope it's not too little, too late

Yes, Whoopie. Ann Coulter certainly does know what she's talking about.

...but the President apparently remains oblivious.

More on those slanted polls

Guess what?

Never mind.

Now HERE is a disaster!

So what else is new?

A reminder...

My RSS and Atom feeds are back!

Obama: 'My ads sometimes go overboard'

Romney is winning the battle of the middle-class

My feeds are down

'Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

Chick-fil-A: Trying to have it both ways?


Lutheran Satire responds to the 'Mrs. Christ' papyrus

Unacceptable- but at least it's a win

The Cubs have done worse

Mitt Romney's tax returns, and why the polls underestimate his support

Miscellaneous moonbattery

Cook THESE numbers, Mr. President!

Michelle Obama's co-host says he doesn't hate Romney

Well, duh!

The proto-Fascists win in Chicago

Are you sure it isn't, "Take my wife, please?"

"I actually believe in (income) redistribution-" Obama

SOMEBODY is very narrowly ahead in the swing states

Better late than never

Romney's plans for taxes and Social Security: exposing the Obama lies

A few sheep shots from supporters of OB-A-A-Ama

Gallup confirms: Obama convention bounce is gone

Today is the sesquicentennial anniversary of the Battle of Antietam

Administration: Benghazi RPG and mortar attacks 'spontaneous'

Goodwin: Crisis shows Obama's weakness, ineptitude

Benghazi security official to diplomats three days before the attack: 'The situation is frightening. It scares us'

The Commander-in-Chief has no clothes

White House: Middle East riots aren't aimed at America


Administration reports terrorism threat at Valpo

Here we go again

Is Egypt an ally or not?

Michelle O: the greatest threat to America's national security is...

Rasmussen has Romney back in the lead

MSNBC asks whether Iranian ayatollah or Netanyahu is more dangerous!

No, Ron Paul. It's not our fault.

President Obama's convention bounce...

POTUS identifies opponent as 'Jack Ryan'

Luck is not enough to beat the Bears

Don't sweat that Obama bounce from the Charlotte lie-fest

A wonderful novel about a wonderful city

Obama's and Biden's convention speeches as works of fiction