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More bad logic yields more bad- but PC- "science."

Now comes supposedly "convincing" and "radical" proof that there is no such thing as a male or female brain.

Except that there is (at least on the theoretical level) if one looks at large numbers of them instead of at individual brains.

It's the very same flawed logic which supposedly "proved" a while back that there is no such thing as race, because what we call "race" is merely a grouping of characteristics which can exist independently. Few men, it seems, have those cerebral characteristics which supposedly define a "male" brain in a pure form, and few women have "pure" female brains. Most of us on average fall in between when all of those characteristics are examined, with some "male" characteristics and some "female" ones. It's only when large numbers of men and large numbers of women are compared that gender differences as such emerge.

Which is to say not that those differences don't exi…

Quit while you're a head

The pioneering operation about to take place in China is not a "head transplant." It's a body transplant; since the personality resides in the brain,  you can't transplant a head.

And despite what the surgeon says, that's hardly a technicality. It's the difference between being you and being someone else.

Kind of like the problem which the fictional Dr. Sheldon Cooper of "The Big Bang Theory" figured out about the transporter beams on his beloved "Star Trek:" if you disassemble a person at a molecular level and then reassemble that person, he or she will not be the same person. Just an identical copy.

So every time Captain Kirk was beamed down to the surface of some planet, they killed him and then created an identical copy with the same memories and everything, but whose consciousness had never existed before that moment  Although the new Kirk was not aware of it, the memories were somebody else's.

Well, no. It's really not like t…

You know that Planned Parenthood shooting by that right-wing religious nut? Well...

Although the shooting was near a Planned Parenthood facility,  it was not in the facility. The shooter fired from a bank, and then ducked into the Planned Parenthood facility for cover. It is not clear that the incident was even connected to Planned Parenthood.

The shooter- a man who "identifies" as a woman- is a registered Independent.

The police officer who was killed, on the other hand, was a pro-life part-time minister.

So other than getting every important detail of the story wrong in a rush to make political propaganda for their own favored causes, the media did a great job on this one.

In fairness, although I have the excuse of having relied on the reportage of the media, I jumped to the same conclusions when I first heard about the incident.

I shouldn't have relied on the media to accurately report the facts You just can't safely do that.

ADDENDUM: "Reports" claim that the turkey shouted "No more baby parts!" as he was being arrested.


Even Babs is half-right occasionally

Barbara Streisand, whose goofy Left views are well-known, isn't usually right about much.

She is right, though, about the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency being "scary."

Just to stay in character, though, she's wrong about a Clinton-Trump race being a "great idea." Though I suppose if I were a fan of Hillary's I'd think that, too. After all, a Trump nomination by the Republicans would be tantamount to Hillary being elected.

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Cosmic tummy ache

LIke Americans on Thanksgiving, it seems that even black holes can overeat sometimes.

Purging isn't recommended, though,

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'Don't do as I do..."

The barbarism of the act itself aside, did the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood killer ever stop to think about what a mighty blow he was striking for the pro-abortion movement by descending to their level?

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ADDENDUM: Although I have the excuse of having relied on MSM reporting, I am also guilty of jumping to conclusions here. It turns out that there is no evidence that the shooting had anything to do with Planned Parenthood or abortion.

ADDENDUM II: Except for "reports" that when he was arrested the shooter mumbled something about "baby parts." There is that.

For what it's worth.

Bears 17, The Team That Must Not Be Named 13

Having had Thanksgiving dinner and watched the game last night with some good friends who are P*cker fans and who were very gracious about the whole thing, I will not gloat.

Instead, I will merely exclaim, "BEAR DOWN!"

Three words.

Looks like SOMEBODY sees the problem....

'Raise the Flag for Old Chicago.' The Stars and Stripes, that is.

Although I didn't go there, I've always felt a fondness for the University of Chicago. My dad had season tickets to their football games back when they were still in the Big Ten. And I used to love just hanging around the campus, designed to resemble Oxford University and breathing history and erudition from every ivy-covered brick.

As the current wave of diapered fascism sweeps the campuses of the nation, Chicago is fighting back. Other schools- Princeton is one example- are beginning to follow Chicago's lead, adopting similar policies in support of free speech and academic freedom. And maybe in addition to being the place where the atom was first split, that ivy-covered campus in Hyde Park will turn out to be the place where the freedom of the mind and of academic discourse in America were saved.

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Yeah, we're crazy here in Iowa

The extremism of Republicans and Democrats alike here in Iowa is proverbial. The latest polls on the Republican side only confirm that reputation.

Trump and Cruz are both scary- though in different ways- and both are sure losers in November. But then, when have Iowa Republicans ever given any thought to November?

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'The district believes in freedom of speech, but cannot support insensitive language'

Thus speaks a school administrator explaining disciplinary action against a cheerleader who tweeted about illegal immigrants voting.

I don't know what that statement means, either- except that there's a school administrator out there who doesn't understand the concept "freedom of speech."

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Talk about 'unclear on the concept!'

The Obama administration is bombing ISIS oil tankers.

But first it's dropping leaflets in order to give the drivers 15 minutes warning!

Sporting, this may be. A way to wage war, it is not.

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Planned Parenthood shoots itself in the foot on social media

Planned Parenthood did a social media campaign asking people to describe the organization in one word.

Boy, did they ever get a surprise! Maybe there's some hope for this country after all!

And btw... they still don't do mammograms!

A second consequence of a Trump nomination: Nancy Pelosi becomes speaker again

I continue to believe quite firmly that Donald Trump will not be the Republican candidate for president. Neither will Dr. Ben Carson who, though considerably better socialized than Trump, is equally unqualified for the office and gaffe-prone to boot.

But what if one of these guys were the nominee? Here's an all too plausible scenario for the result.

The tanTrump GOP voters are throwing is doubtless very satisfying emotionally. Clearly there are one or two issues on which Trump has connected with uneducated white Republicans in a way that others have not. But he isn't a plausible president, and if he nominated there will be consequences.

Hillary will be president, having been elected by a landslide she can plausibly call a mandate and working with a Congress in which the Democrats may well have re-taken the House.

Not ready for Pope Nancy again.

Well said, Mollie

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway herein shares some tips about how to have civil and consructive conversations about the refugee issue.

These people are trying to flee ISIS. Some of them are children. On the other hand, Paris showed us something we should already have known: that terrorists exploit such opportunities to smuggle themselves and contraband into the country.

I worry about anybody on either side who is not at least a little conflicted on this issue.

ADDENDUM: It strikes me that one word of dissent from Mollie's piece- or at least qualification of my endorsement of it- should be made. It concerns a point which a great many conservatives miss, but which I think it's crucial in discussing the ethics of government action from a Christian point of view.

Mollie says- and I agree in principle- that even if the implications of the refugee question for Christian ethics were unambiguous and crystal clear, that would still not mean that the government necessarily needed to act. Now,…

Some Cubs get some hardware

National League Rookie of the Year: Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs.

National League Manager of the Year: Joe Maddon, Chicago Cubs
National League Cy Young Award winner: Jake Arrieta, Chicago Cubs.
We won't get MVP, but three out of four isn't bad.

Night before last, thousands filled Trafalgar Square in London singing this

This may be the best sceen in the classic film "Casablanca."

It has special significance at this particular moment.

'Politihacks:' Jonah Goldberg and those partisan 'non-partisan fact checkers'

Give me a break, Ann

I grieve for Ann Coulter's rapidly diminising credibility.

Her response to the Paris tragedy: "Donald Trump was elected president tonight."

Sorry, Ann. Even if you're right about the impact the Paris debacle will have on the American electorate, Donald Trump still faces one insurmountabe obstacle to the White House: he's Donald Trump.

The American people are not such irredeemable fools as to elect an egomaniacal demagogue with no understanding of the issues just because he's tough on immigration. And if they do, they deserve the result, because having someone as ill-informed and unstable as Donald Trump in the Oval Office would be a greater threat to all of us than ISIS is.

Bears 37, Rams 13

Bears tight end Zack Miller had caught four TD passes in his previous career. He's caught three in the past week.

Jay Cutler continues his impression of Brett Favre at the peak of his career, and Jeremy Langford continues to make it clear why Matt Forte, of all people, is expendabe.

The Bears destroyed the Rams today in St. Louis, 37-13.


Just one thing to say tonight.

And yeah, I know the colors are backwards But the sentiment stands.

'What do we want?' 'Free stuff!' 'Who's gonna give it to us?' 'The government!' 'Who's going to pay for it?' 'The One Percent!' "What can't we do? 'Basic arithmetic!'

Right now, we're running a catastrophic 18 trillion dollar deficit. If all of Bernie Sanders' proposals were implimented, they would cost another 18 trillion.

How to pay for it? Easy Soak the rich. Make that demonic "One Percent" step up to the plate and pay its "fare share!"

Except that the top 50% of all taxpayers currently pay 97.2% of all Federal income taxes; the top one percent pay 38.1%, and the bottom 90% pay 29.7%. Which is as it should be. The principle of a graduated income tax has behind it the reasonable idea that the burden of paying for the work of the Federal government should lay most heavily upon the shoulders of those best able to bear that burden. But on the other hand, when one percent of the population pays 38.1% of the taxes, it's hard to make the case that they're not carrying much more than ther weight!

Sorry, Mike Huckabee and all you Flat Tax advocates, but it's a matter of simple fairness.

But what happens when you p…

Heroes, living and dead

In the United States, today is Veterans' Day. On it we remember specifically American veterans who are living.

In one way, this is strange. In Canada and throughout the British Commonwealth, and in other nations friendly to us, it is "Remembrance Day" which is observed on November 11. It functions in  the same way that Memorial Day functions for us. It commemorates the truce which effectively ended the First World War at "the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918, and is the day on which the heroic dead are honored.

When I was growing up, Veterans' Day was still Armistice Day in the United States- also calling to mind the ending of World War I, but mainly by honoring living veterans of the World Wars and Korea. Why the difference in name and emphasis from the observance on the same day in the Commonweslth and elsewhere?  Because our equivalent of Remembrance Day- Memorial Day, celebrated in May- is much older. It was begun at the…

Bears 22, San Diego Chargers 19

Once again, my Bears bumbled, fumbled- and dramatically won late in the fourth quarter tonight. In the process Jay Cutler both threw a pick-six, and set an all-time franchise record for TD passes!

This in a game in which Robby Gould missed two field goal attempts- which just doesn't happen.

Heroes: Cutler, wideout Alson Jeffery and substitute running back Jeremy Langford, who made my fantasy team look very good indeed this week.

Who knows? Maybe we can curdle the Cheeseheads on Thanksgiving after all. That lone would make the season.

In any event, BEAR DOWN!

I don't know why more people aren't watching the Democratic debates!

These are some of the most cogent things Democrats have had to say in years about our nation and its future!

A touch of Lovecraft in the night

When else?

Big Brother is watching you, eh?

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, lies are truth- and Canada leads the world in personal freedom and tolerance.

Or. as to that last, at least so a new survey reported in Yahoo News reports.

In fact, freedom of speech is severely curtailed in Canada, and freedom of religion is also restricted. Those inclined to be political and social conformists would not notice either in a secular society, and upon reading the article it turns out that in fact what is being reported is not the state of tolerance and personal freedom in Canada at all, but rather Canadians' perception of the state of these things in Canada, as opposed to the self-perception of other countries.

It is thus- and only thus- that a country in which one can face criminal penalties for politically incorrect speech and in which freedom of religious expression is subordinated to social policy can be said to be free and tolerant in any sense.

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It's official: no rape charges against Patrick Kane

The Erie County District Attorney has announced that no rape charges will be filed against Blackhawks star Patrick Kane. Moreover, it seems that the evidence actually supports his innocence.

The statement issued to the press by the DA's office includes the following reasons:

◾There are significant material inconsistencies between the complainant’s accounts and those of other witnesses.

◾The DNA results lend no corroboration whatsoever to the complainant’s claim of penetration, a required element of proof for a rape charge.

◾The physical evidence and the forensic evidence, when viewed in tandem, tend to contradict the complainant’s claim that she was raped on Kane’s bed.

◾Although Kane has exercised his constitutional right to remain silent (which prohibits questioning by law enforcement), he has made no known incriminating statements to any civilian, nor has he engaged in any conduct consistent with a consciousness of guilt.
The statement also said that given the decision by the co…

Kane's accuser will no longer cooperate with the prosecution

The woman who accused Blackhawks star Patrick Kane of raping her has notified the District Attorney that she is no longer willing to cooperate with the investigation.

No, Kane has not been proven innocent. But he has the right to be presumed to be. Unfortunately, we will never know the truth- and Kane, innocent or guilty, will bear the stigma of being an accused rapist the rest of his life.

Of course, the alleged victim- if the charges are indeed true- will bear a much heavier burden.

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Somewhere is a universe without Jar Jar Binks. Maybe more than one.

An astrophysicist claims to have discovered actual evidence for the existence of an alternate universe in studying the aftermath of the Big Bang.

Physicists have long postulated that there exists a nearly infinite number of parallel realities, each reflecting the outcome of some decision made differently by somebody, somewhere and that by every decision we make, we set off a new one.

And they think this, for the most part, without the aid of recreational drugs.

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Fred Dalton Thompson dies of lymphoma

Former U.S. Senator, Senate Watergate Committee minority counsel, actor and presidential candidate Fred Thompson has died of lymphoma at the age of 73.

I was initially a very motivated supporter of Sen. Thompson's presidential campaign in 2008, but switched my support to John McCain after a conversation with Sen. Thompson on the Terry Schiavo case. Mr. Thompson, who had to make a difficult decision in a similar case with regard to his own daughter, couldn't see that the present system deprives terminally ill patients who cannot speak for themselves of protection against potentially predatory relatives who have a financial stake in withdrawing life support from them. He was also unable to see that while a thriving subspecialty of law focuses on the representation of such relatives in the initial proceedings I a lower court, comparatively few challengers to their claims have attorneys competent in that specific area of the law- and yet that once that lower court renders its verd…

Looks like Kane will walk

Rightly or wrongly, it appears that the rape case against Blackhawks star Patrick Kane is going to be administratively dismissed.

First, word leaked that DNA evidence in the case failed to implicate Kane. Then the alleged victim's mother held a press conference claiming that the evidence kit had been broken into and that clothing worn by the accuser on the night in question had been left on her front doorstep. The district attorney then announced that the kit was, in fact, untampered with and that it had never left police custody. He termed the entire doorstep incident a "hoax." The accuser's attorney then resigned.

I don't know what happened that night. It's a tragic aspect of the human condition that most rapes are never successfully prosecuted because of the very nature of the crime. If the story is true, the victim will have to go through life without having received justice. If it is false, Kane will still have he "rapist" label hung around his…