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Doug Jones shows that the only way to fight the cabal of the crazy is with a 'coalition of the decent'

According to a recent poll, one-fifth of Republicans (I was one of them, back when I considered myself a Republican) refused to support Donald Trump last year, and continue to refuse to support him. 23% more supported him in 2016, but will not support him again. 

That's roughly 43% of Republicans. On one hand, I cannot begin to express how heartened I am by that. I was beginning to think that the heritage of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt and Ike had vanished from their party. Intelligent Republicans- decent people- continue to make excuses for a man whose unfitness for the presidency was obvious to anybody who actually knew anything about him back in 2016, and is even more obvious now.

The trouble is that this means that 57% of Republicans continue to back him despite his association with Bannonism and the darkest strains of the authoritarian, racist, extreme, quasi-fascist, stone crazy, nativist Right. That's why I- apparently unlike Evan McMullin- think that the soul of the R…

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