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...and why, in the short run, I'm maybe a LITTLE worried about my Cubs

In my previous post, I observed that my concerns about the Cubs this year center chiefly on the pitching staff; that the pitching staff on last year's world championship team was more or less scraped together piecemeal and not really built for a multi-year run; that every starting pitcher has lost velocity since last year and that only Hendricks, Lester, and Lackey remain viable; that I confidently expect at least one major trade to land a top-tier starting pitcher before the season ends; and that I expect the signing of at least one  elite free agent starting pitcher over the off-season.

I also observed that while there are several relief pitchers on the staff who are not assets the Cubs do have a lights-out closer in Wade Davis, a very capable setup man in Carl Edwards, Jr. as well as acceptable ones in Koji Uehara and Brian Duensing, and a very capable long reliever (unfortunately currently pressed into emergency service as a starter) in Mike Montgomery.

Further, I said that I…

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