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Should Apple today keep Big Brother away?

The Texas church shooter's phone can't be unlocked without Apple's help. Should Apple be compelled to give it?

Frankly, I'm torn, although I'm inclined to come down on the side of "yes." We need to restrict the government's ability to pry into our lives if we are going to remain a free society. There is a free webmail service called Yandex, which is probably the best one out there- even better in pretty much every way than Gmail. I had an account there for a while. The problem is that it's Russian, and one Russian commentator has called it "virtually a department of the FSB" (the Russian security service that succeeded the KGB).

I canceled my account when I found that out and mentioned the reason on Quora. A Russian gentleman replied that if I'm not a criminal I shouldn't be afraid of the FSB monitoring my emails (I've actually heard that argument from some Americans, too, and it scares me to death). I replied that there was…

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