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Trump's and his supporters have left me speechless, and that's no easy trick

You know, as hard as I find it to imagine that even the jackass in the Oval Office could tell the grieving widow of an American soldier, "He knew what he signed up for, but I guess it hurts anyway," I find it even harder- and far more disturbing- to see that so many of us are so entirely devoid of decency as to defend him for it.

What has this man done to us as a people? That this president has no filters and very little sense of what is appropriate is hardly news. But it seems that no matter how outrageous or even downright barbaric Donald Trump is, his supporters will excuse it.

For the thousandth time, they've proven the man right when he said that he could commit murder in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue in New York and not lose any support. Are we as a nation really so far gone that our population has such a high percentage of sheep with no moral compass whatsoever?

Narcissists have no empathy. But what excuse do Trump's supporters have? Are they narcissists, too?

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