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Dennis Prager, Donald Trump, and repentance

I've admired Dennis Prager for years. An intelligent, insightful man of customary integrity- while I don't necessarily agree with all of his Prager University videoes, he's conspicuous on the Right for his customary avoidance of nonsense cliches like pretending that Southern secession was anything but exactly what the Declaration of Causes issued by the various Confederate states openly declared it to be: an effort to preserve slavery based on the fundamental principle of white supremacy.

But like many conservatives of habitual integrity I've admired over the years, Rabbi Prager has been somehow seduced by Donald Trump. Now, I can understand someone voting for Trump in 2016, even though I couldn't do it myself; the alternative, after all, was Hillary Clinton, and the replacement of the great Antonin Scalia with Neil Gorsuch and the mediocre Anthony Kennedy with Brett Kavanaugh may well save the Constitution from being further savaged by judicial amendment. That…

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