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Remember Rush Limbaugh? He's even more ridiculous than he used to be.

Rush Limbaugh suggests that there is a conspiracy of the "globalist elites" to defeat Donald Trump by bringing about a recession. Which we are not on the brink of, by the way.

Every time I think the radical right (or left) can't get any more transparently goofy, they prove me wrong- and large numbers of people who apparently have enough gray matter to get out of bed and get dressed in the morning without breaking their necks and killing themselves believe them. On the other hand, while President Trump is obviously responsible for the steady uptick in the economy which began in the Obama administration, obviously any recession that takes place on his watch would have to be somebody else's fault.

Even a recession that isn't going to happen.

Rush has always been more of an entertainer than an actual pundit, of course. And he's nowhere near as funny as some of the folks who take nonsense like this seriously.

On the other hand, given their numbers and the fact tha…

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