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'This is embarrassing.'

Trump supporters I know pooh-pooh my concerns- and those of many Americans- over the president's mental health. Narcissism and pathological lying are manifest symptoms one does not need a degree in psychology to notice in Mr. Trump's behavior. But that's not the most worrisome issue.

Much of what Mr. Trump says is not only contrary to fact but downright irrational. But that does not stop the most gullible among his supporters from believing every word he says, however crazy.  Some claim that he's simply engaging in over-the-top rhetoric and exaggeration.  I'm not sure his well-established habit of making ludicrous charges, unsupported by any evidence whatsoever, against anyone he finds to be a useful target can be that easily excused or defended But there's a more frightening possibility: what if he actually believes the crazy things he says?

What if he's actively delusional? 

The thought that the President of the United States might be literally paranoid i…

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