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Little Donnie is at it again

Early in her political career, radical Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) made an inappropriately big deal of the tiny amount of Native American blood in her veins. She has been mocked by Republicans as "Fauxahontas" ever since.

That's fair. It's the bogus nature of the claim, and Sen. Warren's  minuscule amount of Native American ancestry, that the nickname mocks. But Donald Trump, whose (very) offensive weaponry tends more to the bludgeon than the rapier, prefers "Pocahontas,"  an actual, out-and-out racial slur.

The reference sort of misses the point that Warren's claim to be a Native American is bogus. But the biggest problem is that it's racist. Can you imagine calling an African-American politician "Uncle Remus," or a Hispanic senator "Speedy Gonzales?" Using racial and ethnic stereotypes for political opponents is beyond crude and boorish. But of course, President Crotch Grabber is himself beyond crude and boorish. It wou…

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