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Here's the thing

Here's the thing.
Even with the economic and human cost the quarantine is confronting us with, there seems no doubt that to abandon it would rapidly lead to the collapse of the healthcare system. It simply could not cope with the strain. That is what has happened to every country that has not adopted measures such as we have adopted in time.
The COVID death rate in the United States is 1.5%. The death rate for the so-called "Spanish Flu" pandemic was 1.2%. The death rate for seasonal flu is 0.5%. These are CDC numbers.
One variable is the quality and availability of healthcare. WHO statistics tell us that worldwide the death rate is currently between four and 4.5%. Germany, which acted quickly and decisively and was better prepared for some reason than almost anyone else, has reduced it to the rate of the seasonal flu. It's something like 7% in Iran and 10% in Italy. In both of those countries, the healthcare system has basically collapsed.
The healthcare systems of…

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