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When is a Czech not a Czech?

Decency transcends politics on Sudan genocide- but not political correctness

Olmert says Ahmadinejad is a psychopath

An important distinction

I'm a little disappointed

Powell: I urged Dubyah to send more troops

Did you say reality, Al?

Iran blinks on inspections

A mixed night for the Sci-Fi Channel (possible spoilers!)

Just received another email from Mexico

Details of new Mexican drug law

NCAA stands by idiotic rule on Indian nicknames

Vatican official: "Boycott Di Vinci Code"

How to win friends and influence people, part V

ROTFL!, part deux

How to win friends and influence people IV

How to win friends and influence people III

Well, well.

I suppose that's something, anyway

Amnesty International, Yahoo and China

Chinese man faces 15 years in prison for advocating freedom on the Internet

Earth to Europe!

Nice try, Hu


Doesn't make a lot of sense

Maybe the judge thinks that's why they call it "practice?"

A grand old idol?

Hillary is a non-starter

Four Dems sentenced for 2004 Gestapo tactics in Milwaukee

Simply the most barbaric regime on Earth

But then, they don't believe in the market, do they?

Lutheran Carnival XXII

Secret Iranian atom bomb plant already in place

Ad fontes!- because ipse dixit is still a fallacy

Good grief!

Maybe America isn't washed up after all

Reid's untenable position

How to win friends and influence people, part II

Time for Dubyah to lead at home, too

Just thought I'd mention it

We can come from behind, even without Lee!


Scenes from a silent tube

George W. Bush and the next thousand days


'All the news that fits the agenda'

Sleeping on the job?

Iraqi government logjam broken

Oh, and incidentally...