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Einstein was an optimist

Superbug gonorrhea can kill. Fast.

The quest for the Cup begins

Awwww. Isn't he cute?

Will Obama fatigue leave America Bushed? I hope so!

Will disco dancing be next?

But it is hazardous to your health

Class- and sometimes a lack of it- surround the Bush library dedication

Huzzah! Blackhawks clinch President's Trophy

Not helpful, Ann

Where is Dubyah now that we need him?

Rand Paul learns from external stimuli

Bad news and- sort of- good news about the H7N9 bird flu

Yes, apparently we DO miss him!

Even Iowa

Nice horsey!

From the Philadelphia abortion trial

Well, duh, Gov. Cuomo!

New Zealand falls

The trouble with biblicism is that it's just not biblical

The Generic "Evangelical" Publishing House Salesman Always rings 1,000,000 times

In memory of Jim Meyers

Oops! Busted WashPo, NYT, and WSJ begin covering Gonsell trial- five weeks late

Lest we forget...

New Democratic strides toward creating a classless society

The trial of "the most successful serial klller in history" is being ignored by the media

The U.S Left has no monopoly on classless morons

..And the MouskeFlag flies at half-staff for Annette

Rest in peace, Baroness Thatcher

"Baseball season's under way...."

There is no such thing as a "superbug virus."

Decent people mourn with Rick Warren. Indecent ones taunt him instead.

We kinda need some good news here...

The AP is at it again

Scientists: We've lost the war against "super bugs"

If you're afraid of spiders...

AP bans term "illegal immigrant"

The Moon Illusion over New Zealand

Easter, unbelief- and contemporary scoffers

A non-April Fool's news item. Really.