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Gay rights supporters on anti-Christian bigot Dan Savage

This is encouraging: not all gay activists, it seems, are haters like Dan Savage.

Weep for America

How is the Left's war on religion possible?

I only wish that this were a surprise.

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"We have ALWAYS been at war with East Asia."

The current issue of The Advocate, a propaganda organ of the homosexualist movement, features a fist on its cover. On the fingers of the fist the word 'HATE' is spelled out; the "t" is a cross. The caption: "THE BACKLASH: Christian Conservatives are Out to Get You."

Excuse me if I take a moment to chuckle. "The Christians are gonna get you if you don't watch out?" Really?

Here is an article which portrays the actual nature of the non-debate over the acceptance of homosexuality in our culture- one in which merely to argue in the negative is to risk one's livelihood, career, and future.

And having the facts on your side- being able to document what you say- matters not a bit.

Truth doesn't matter. Science doesn't matter. What matters is the party line.

What matters is the will to power.

St. Robert Barnes, Martyr

Today is the 475th anniversary of the martyrdom of Robert Barnes, English Lutheran reformer and personal friend of Luther.

Barnes, who had served as an Augustinian prior, was one of the Cambridge scholars who gathered at the White Horse Inn for theological study and discussion. He received his Doctor of Divinity degree in 1523, and was arrested and brought before Cardinal Wolsey for preaching a Lutheran sermon in 1526. Given the choice of recanting or being burned at the stake, Barnes chose the former, and was committed once again to the Augustinian monastery. He escaped to Antwerp, however, and proceeded from there to Wittenberg, where he met Luther and was a guest in his home. While there, he also made the acquaintance of Stephen Vaughn, an agent of Thomas Cromwell. Barnes made a good impression on Vaughn, who recommended him to Cromwell. Commenting on a book Barnes had written, he wrote prophetically to the Protestant who would replace Wolsey as Henry VIII's chancellor, "L…

Did Planned Parenthood help cover up a rape- and enable the victim's ongoing abuse?

Mark Hemingway points out a particularly unnerving outgrowth of the baby parts scandal.

Planned Parenthood in Colorado apparently failed to report the rape of a thirteen year-old girl, failed to obtain her parents' consent (required by law) before performing an abortion on her- and then returned her to the custody of her abuser.

Of unicorns and computer programing

Here is a post which begins with the simplest, most straightforward, and truest explanation of why it's nothing short of ridiculous to say that limiting marriage to heterosexuals is, in any sense, discrimination- or that Obergefell makes the slightest logical, much less legal or constitutional, sense.

It then goes on to predict what we can expect in the future from those who have argued for gay "marriage" on the ground of "tolerance."

I choose not to believe this poll

One of my favorite Bill Buckley lines was the time he told somebody- I don't remember who- "I won't insult your intelligence by believing that you really mean that."

Granted, this Rasmussen poll was taken before Donald Trump's recent idiotic statements have had a chance to sink in.

But as somebody at least on the outskirts of the Republican party, I find it very worrisome.

I will not insult the intelligence of the rank-and-file of the Republican party by accepting that they really have a more favorable opinion of Old Tribble Head than of a decorated American hero.

So much for the Scout Oath- if you're an orthodox Christian or a traditional Jew or Muslim

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.
I was a scout. I belonged to a troop sponsored by my church. Now, only churches which have apostatized on the matter of sexual ethics will sponsor Boy Scout troops, as a practical matter.

Since the new policy espoused by the Boy Scouts of America leaves the decision as to whether openly gay scout leaders will be permitted up to local councils, some few may hold out for a time- under intense pressure. Ultimately, they will cave in to that pressure. Even now, they certainly ought to see the handwriting on the wall.

Hey. There are still congregations within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America which confess the historic Christian faith; a bizarre provision in the ELCA decision to "unsin" homosexuality guarantees them the right of dissent- even while making themselves publ…

An idea whose time came a long time ago- and is still here

In view of the Supreme Court's penchant for constitutionally inane rulings like Roe v. Wade and Obergefell v. Hodges, it's reassuring that a new poll shows voter support for a Constitutional amendment imposing term limits on Supreme Court justices.

One more suggestion: amend the Constitution to enable voters to recall Supreme Court justices.

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This pope...

... is a disaster for all of Christianity.

Read it and weep like Jesus did over the grave of Lazarus.

I have a hunch that He weeps over the picture in the article linked to above, too. In the crucifix Pope Francis holds, Christ is crucified anew. And Francis seems not to "get it."

What could be more obviously inappropriate and even blasphemous than a piece of art which combines the symbol of Christ's suffering with the emblem of such a prolific persecutor of His followers?

Sorry, guys, but Americans still haven't bought marriage redefiniton- and certainly not the exaltation of "gay rights' over the First Amendment

The only time polls on Obergefell and the public position on marriage redefinition get much publicity get much attention in the media is when they purport to show that Americans strongly approve of it. The trouble is, lots of polls reach the opposite conclusion. It depends in large measure, of course, on how the question is worded and who is asked.

This AP poll, for example, shows that Americans do, indeed favor marriage redefinition- by two percentage points. And it also shows that where religious liberties conflict with gay rights, Americans believe by a margin of 17 points that religious liberties should prevail.

It's conclusions are ideologically incorrect, so probably won't hear about this poll too often in the objective, unbiased mainstream media.

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How "progressives" completely- and disasterously- misunderstand freedom of religion

Here speaks a "progressive" giant:

The First Amendment, however, does not say that in every and all respects there shall be a separation of Church and State...Otherwise the state and religion would be aliens to each other - hostile, suspicious, and even unfriendly... Municipalities would not be permitted to render police or fire protection to religious groups. Policemen who helped parishioners into their places of worship would violate the Constitution. Prayers in our legislative halls; the appeals to the Almighty in the messages of the Chief Executive; the proclamations making Thanksgiving Day a holiday; "so help me God" in our courtroom oaths - these and all other references to the Almighty that run through our laws, our public rituals, our ceremonies would be flouting the First Amendment. A fastidious atheist or agnostic could even object to the supplication with which the Court opens each session: 'God save the United States and this Honorable Court...'

Sen. Baldwin: Americans have no right to freedom of religion outside their church or synogogue buildings!

Sen Tammy Baldwin (D-WI)- the Senate's only openly-avowed lesbian- says that Americans have no Constitutional right to freedom of religion outside the sanctuary of their own churches or synagogues.

Seems to me, Sen. Baldwin, that you ought to read a document before you swear to support and defend it. Precisely what part of "nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof" don't you understand?

I've heard Sen. Baldwin's bizarre argument from "progressive" Orwellians before, in the aftermath of the Holly Hobby ruling by the Supreme Court. DNC Debbie Wasserman, for example, made pretty much the same argument on that occasion.If you have any doubt that "progressives" and the Democratic party generally have declared all-out war on the First Amendment, wake up. Everything you treasure about being an American is on the line here.

In particular, your freedom of conscience is at risk.

Every once in a while, even really marginal extremists have a good idea

Hey. Maybe she has a point.

Orthodox Christians can't use the word "husband" for a man "married" to another man, or "wife" for a woman "married" to another woman in good conscience, so that is going to create a lot of awkwardness for everybody. Why not let marriage traditionalists have those terms back, and let the marriage revisionists come up with terms of their own that would suit everybody?

I'm serious. This is actually a good idea. The only thing that would improve on it would be to find a new word besides "marriage" to refer to an institution reflecting gay and lesbian values and expectations instead of heterosexual ones.

But wait. That would assume that it was actually "marriage equality" rather than the mainstreaming of sodomy that was the point of this whole business, wouldn't it?

Oh, well.

Something is very, very wrong here

It appears that illegal- ahem, excuse me- undocumented aliens- comprised nearly 37% of those sentenced in Federal courts during fiscal year 2014.

I have mixed feelings on the whole immigration issue. But it has been truly said that a country that can't control its own borders isn't a country. And there can be no question at this point that this is a matter of national security in the direst possible sense.

Donald Trump's mouth is bigger than his bank account, and his ignorant remarks about immigrants deserve all the scorn they're receiving. But it's not as if the problem of crime committed by these folks isn't real.

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So what else is new?

According to CDC figures (which fit with those from other countries all over the globe), gays and lesbians in the United States comprise about 2% of the population.

For quite a while now, they've clearly comprised a great deal more than 2% of the characters on network TV. And while (male) gays marry, the "weddings on television have disproportionately been same-sex ones. Nor can anybody without severe and unmedicated ADHD have missed the point that TV episodes have had way, way more plots promoting marriage redefinition or the acceptance of homosexuality in some other way than the number of gays in the population would suggest.

And certainly more than the tiny percentage of gay men who actually get "married" where it's legal would suggest.

Hollywood isn't much better. The media generally have been in full advocacy mode for literally years. Now Fox (the movie studio) is in the process of making a movie on same-sex "marriage-" specifically, on the Ob…

These dudes be crazy

And we can only pray that after January 20, 2017 we'll have a president sith the guts and the resolve to put them out of their misery.

Humanity demands it.

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The message gets through to some. Even in America. Even today.

While I'm somewhat skeptical about this "vision" business- only a handful of people had direct revelations from God in the thousands of years covered by the Bible, and this one seems a bit redundant (however much it may be news to today's Americans), is seems that the Seattle Seahawks' quarter bas gotten a message that goes all the way back to biblical days.

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Since orthodox Christians cannot in conscience refer to a man "married" to another man as his "husband," or a woman "married" to another woman as her "wife," or the partners in either arrangement as "spouses," we need to come up with a terminology we can use.

It's a situation that's going to keep coming up, now that the Supreme Court has presumed to re-define a divine institution.

+ Sts. Johann Esch and Heinrich Voes +

Today is (or should be) the feast day of Johann Esch and Heinrich Voes, Augustinian monks who were burned at the stake on July 1, 1523 for teaching that faith alone justifies. Esch and Voes were the very first martyrs of the Reformation, and their deaths inspired Martin Luther to write his very first hymn.

More on the martyrdom of Esch and Voes can be found here,here, here, here and here.

Here is the version of Luther's hymn most often sung in English.

In an age of doctrinal indifference and superficial, emotionalized religion, the deaths of Esch and Voes provide a much-needed witness to our day. May the fire they lit in Brussels almost five hundred years ago never die out. Maybe in view of the events of this past week, the anniversary is more important this year than most.

Precious to the Lord is the death of His saints.