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Gay rights supporters on anti-Christian bigot Dan Savage

Weep for America

"We have ALWAYS been at war with East Asia."

St. Robert Barnes, Martyr

Did Planned Parenthood help cover up a rape- and enable the victim's ongoing abuse?

My favorite lesbian atheist lets loose a broadside

Of unicorns and computer programing


The Iranians might cheat on the nuke deal in the future...

And she doubtless doesn't see the irony

I choose not to believe this poll

After 583 years, a new contender for the title 'Worst Political Blunder in the History of Civilization'

Now go way, Donald.

So much for the Scout Oath- if you're an orthodox Christian or a traditional Jew or Muslim

Shame on you, Mr. President.

An idea whose time came a long time ago- and is still here

I would not vote for Ted Cruz. I would not vote for Rand Paul. And I certainly would not vote for Donald Trump.

Speaking of selling things and polls...

Selling books is one thing, even in a bad cause. But now, Planned Parenthood has gone to far.

Yes, it's a joke

This pope...

Sorry, guys, but Americans still haven't bought marriage redefiniton- and certainly not the exaltation of "gay rights' over the First Amendment

How "progressives" completely- and disasterously- misunderstand freedom of religion

Running afoul of a Stalinist Democratic judge

Sen. Baldwin: Americans have no right to freedom of religion outside their church or synogogue buildings!

A Sharp pain.

Every once in a while, even really marginal extremists have a good idea

Couldn't hurt.

Granted, self-reporting isn't always reliable in such matters...

The new totalitarians and church insurance

James Madison and Thomas Jefferson meet George Orwell

Gay 'marriage' among the ancients?

Tom Nichols gets it.

Something is very, very wrong here

So what else is new?

These dudes be crazy

Now, if SCOTUS truly respected precident and the law...

The message gets through to some. Even in America. Even today.


It gobbbles up everyting.

Say what you want about immigration policy...

Oh, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!

Israel's former ambassador discusses Obama

It's where we're headed, too, not too long from now

Removing tax-exemptions from faithful churches will amount to an establishment of religion

+ Sts. Johann Esch and Heinrich Voes +

Not just Saad. Tragic.

What Pastor Surburg says