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An 'Internet Police?'

Shut up, Bill

Once and for all...

We have a new Chief

2008 could be tough. Could be.

Here's the plan

Predators- or just perverse?



Ladies and gentlemen of the media, this is getting really, really old

Patrick's straw poll

A distinction with a difference

Lutheran Carnival VII

We interrupt this blog to bring you a bulletin from Hollywood!

Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum...

The case against Intelligent Design

And this woman used to run our foreign policy?

Whosoever wishes to read a good blog...

Same situation, different mindset

A nutty notion meets a sensible suggeston

2008 and Iowa

Good grief!

...And thank God!

Amen cubed!

Meanwhile, on the liturgical calendar...

Tragi-comic relief

The nation's governors, as ranked by the governed

A movie review from The Burgh

Bush to blame for global warming... on Mars?

Report: Sharon to quit

Pope to ban even celibate gays from priesthood

Reid will oppose Roberts

NASA plans return to the moon

Wilken's interview with false teacher Haggard rebroadcast

Lutheran Carnival VI

An election everybody lost

I was wrong!

Maybe the UDA aren't so well-behaved after all

Merkel, Schroeder must wheel and deal for power

Yes, it was right!

It looks like a tie

Huh? That can't be right!

Prayer and common sense

'I Will Rebuild With You, Mr. President'

Murdoch: Blair says 'gloating' BBC hurricane coverage 'full of hate for America.'

A Cardinal achievement

Has The AALC returned to the Lutheran Reformation?

I believe in Merkels

Yes, we still have friends on the other side of the pond

Ferrer for NY Mayor

"Occupied New Orleans"

This is news?

Noonan: 'Bush isn't over'

Not making it easy

Latest Bush appointment has experience

I post this with a huge grin...


You need to hear this!


Extremist Protestant group labled "an enemy of peace" by the Brits

From LCMS News


Another opinion on God and baseball

Oh, for crying out loud!

Brethren, this ought not to be

More encouraging news for the Big Easy

Hope for New Orleans

A nugget of gold from half a continent away

Lutheran Carnival V: Sports and More

And this one hurts right here


The incompetent god


Now that's the spirit!

CNN didn't get there in time, either

The bottom line on Katrina

Nice try, Mr. A

Can you say "supply and demand?"

God is a Cubs fan

When peaceniks and Paleos both are against you, you must be doing something right!

When some clergy pull a Robertson, nobody is surprised

Drawing a Blanco

Get real, people!

Ahnold will veto gay "marriage" bill

That answers my question!

Cubs 2, Cardinals 1

Did Yahoo! sell out freedom?

California assembly OK's gay "marriage"

Is God good? Is God God? Sometimes the way He acts seems odd...

Half of Katrina-damaged refineries about to be back in business

Musical chairs for Justice-Designate Roberts

A blastoff from the past

Carnival time!

The death of a Chief Justice is marked by the Loyal Opposition