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Accept no substitutes. Except Jesus substituting for you.

Hammer blows of freedom

Leave it to Bill Murray


NEWS FLASH! Earth round (more or less), Pope Catholic (more or less)....

A thought

Lester. Arrieta. Hendricks.

November 28 is Donald Trump's big day!

The Cubs' backs are to the wall

Only on Planet Trump


A number of constitutional crises are possible as a result of the 2016 election.

Nate Silver gives the Cubs s 62% chance of winning the Series

All-Star Game? What All-Star Game?

Blue ostriches and red ostriches

Macht nichts

If I seem to be stuck on this, remember: I've been waiting for it my whole life

It's not just hard-core Trump supporters that make me wonder whether America can still be saved

The short version

Bill Murray reacts to last night's final out

In addition to everything else, Trump's nomination is suppressing the Republican turnout

A night I've waited for all my life

The choice

Let there be no mistake about where the blame lies for the GOP disaster of 2016

Hopefully the third time's the charm

With these two candidates, why am I not surprised?

Voted early today

First things first

A town hall meeting with Evan McMullin

He who stands for nothing will fall for anything

WHO is trying to "rig" the election?

And with a damn fine cup of coffee, too.

Gambling site already paying off bets on Hillary

Crazy Donald is becoming Creepy Donald

And Rasmussen leans heavily Trump

Donald luvs Vlad. Vlad doesn't luv democracy. And Donald luvs Donald more than he loves democracy.

You read it here first.

No comment.

Donald Trump and the death of the Republican party

And here it is: Nate Silver's explanation of how Evan McMullin could end up being our next president

Computer, your timing was exquisite

Nate Silver describes Evan McMullin as...

The Republicans' only remaining chance to beat Hillary

Don't be evil

Half a clue is better than none


On to the NLCS!

Now if these were the candidates for president of the Eighth Grade....

McMullin and Finn answer Trump and Clinton

I'm going to Evanize tonight's debate differently

We're all waiting, Sen. Ernst

Donald Trump does the impossible: making Bill Clinton look classy by comparison

Meanwhile, in the polls...

McMullin-Finn 2016

Keith Olbermann- who is wrong about most things- is wrong about this, too.