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Accept no substitutes. Except Jesus substituting for you.

Pr. Hans Fiene and Lutheran Satire celebrate Reformation Day by reminding us that imitation Lutheranism is sort of like the imitation flavoring they used to put in the medicine I had to take as a kid.

It doesn't taste so hot.

Hammer blows of freedom

Today is Reformation Day, the anniversary of the day Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on indulgences to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Saxony.  The incident is generally regarded as the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

Within the Church we remain threatened by the idea that salvation can be bought- not with money, as a rule (though there are TV evangelists who still seem mired in Tetzel's heresy)  but by the very kind of human merit whose rejection was the entire basis of Paul's letters to the Romans and Galatians. American Protestantism, in particular, is fond of the "pull yourselves up by your bootstraps" approach to life which confuses justification (God's declaration that we are righteous before Him by His unmerited love alone, received by trust in that love) with sanctification (the growth in holiness and holy living which is the result of justification). Even salvation by grace through faith, which biblically is God's doing from…

Leave it to Bill Murray

Bill Murray may be the ultimate scene-stealer.

Keep your eye on the Jumbotron over Kris Bryant's right shoulder.


There will be a tomorrow!

Well, actually, a Tuesday....

Jake Arrieta, who stymied the Indians in Game 2, will be pitching for the Cubs in Game 6.

Cleveland's pitching has been great, and my metaphorical hat is off to them. But tonight was only the second time our pitchers have performed typically. Here's hoping Jake does so again on Tuesday, Kyle Hendricks does so on Wednesday, and the mother of all parades ends in a great big party in Grant Park next week!

NEWS FLASH! Earth round (more or less), Pope Catholic (more or less)....

A thought

Lester. Arrieta. Hendricks.

November 28 is Donald Trump's big day!

Mark your calendars for Nov. 28. That's the day Donald Trump goes on trial on Federal racketeering charges. "President Trump's" first term might well be largely spent in the Big House rather than in the White House.

He and Hillary ought to be cellmates. Neither of them belongs outside prison walls, let alone inside the Oval Office.

The Cubs' backs are to the wall

A lousy time for our bats to go ice cold and our starting pitchers to blow up at the same time (other than Arrieta, of course). Cynics would say that, being the Cubs, it was bound to happen at some point, and that this is the logical moment.

Who knows? Maybe they can pull one of the great comebacks in World Series history. If not, they'll be back. Late October will see the Cubs' royal blue, scarlet and white for many years to come.

The moment will come in any case- and very, very soon.

Only on Planet Trump

I am agnostic as to whether voting fraud is really rare in Iowa. After al, Democrats always claim that (most loudly in places where it is, in fact, the most common) so that they can portray efforts to prevent is as racist efforts to suppress the vote of minorities.

But there is something about an incident which occurred during early voting here in Des Moines that captures the mentality of the classic Trump supporter so perfectly that I can't help but share it. These folks live in another dimension in which any bad outcome has to be "rigged," in which Donald Trump makes sense about anything-  and yes, in which the appropriate response to an entirely imaginary and in fact ludicrous "rigging" of an election in advance so completely as to produce a likely landslide is.... to commit vote fraud yourself!


Terrible game last night. Tompkins should have been highly hittable. The wind was even blowing out. Granted, Hendricks had a terrible game- I trust that the and Lester both have that out of their systems now- but this is no time for the bats to go dead.

Tonight we face Kluber again- and this time we have to win. Being one game from elimination with three left- two of them in Cleveland- is not an option.This is the Cubs' biggest gut check of the year. Thus far the 2016 Cubs have always come through when they had to- and Kluber or not, I'm counting on it.

Not sure how much difference pitching on short rest will have for either Kluber or the rest of the Indians' patched-together rotation. But while we may have some excuse in Kluber's case, there is no way, especially with our rotation,  that we should lose to anybody else they have.

The argument can be made that the season is already a success because we won the pennant and got to the Series in the first place. The argum…

A number of constitutional crises are possible as a result of the 2016 election.

Nate Silver gives the Cubs s 62% chance of winning the Series

Even Nate Silver likes the Cubs' chances of winning the Series at this point.

It's now a best-three-out-of-five series.

Three of the five will be played right in a row at Wrigley.

The Indians will be bringing back their ace, Mr. Kluber, back on short rest in Game 4 because he did so well against the Cubs in Game 1. Of course, the Dodgers used the same logic in pitching Kershaw the second time.

The Cubs will send the MLB ERA leader, Kyle Hendricks, to the mound tomorrow. Then probably WS veteran John Lackey. Then probably Lester, who won't repeat his Game 1 disaster.

And then Arrieta.

All-Star Game? What All-Star Game?

Blue ostriches and red ostriches

Robert J. Lieber explains why Barack Obama and Donald Trump and Gary Johnson and Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton (though less so than the others) are dead wrong about foreign policy, and about America's role in the world- and why the various passive paths they offer are roadways to disaster for both America and the community of nations.

We overlearned the lessons of Vietnam, and it took us quite a while to get over that syndrome. Now we're dealing with having overlearned the lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan- or rather, of learning the wrong ones.

True enough, we have a bad habit of using the wrong kind of power in the wrong place at the wrong time. But what is called for is neither the naive, trusting passivity of the Obama administration or the pre-World War II style isolationism of the especially clueless elements of the Right. What is needed is thoughtful, perceptive, intelligent, but unhesitating and assertive use of American power instead of vacillation between the extremes o…

Macht nichts

Last night was an aberration. I'm not worried if we see Kluber again because- Kershaw. I'm not worried about Lester because he's Lester. And I'm not worried about the next few games because they can't pitch their ace every night and their bullpen, while good, didn't look all that unhittable last night.

The Cubs will be fine. This is, after all, the 2016 Cubs,

What used to be called "The Jake" will be dominated tonight by- Jake.

It's not just hard-core Trump supporters that make me wonder whether America can still be saved

I'm a great admirer of Winston Churchill. I've thought a great deal of late about two quotes from the great man.

One is, "Democracy is the very worst form of government- except for all the others."

The second is, "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

The average voter has never had either the time or the inclination to be as informed about the matters our system requirea him to pass upon as he ideally should be. His sources of information are limited. It's truly amazing that We, The People have done as good a job of governing ourselves as we have lo these past two and a half centuries, and the other Western democracies for some time less than that.

But we have. We've produced Jeffersons and Churchills and Roosevelts and Lincolns and Reagans. Even or worst presidents haven't been Mao or Joseph Stalin.

Except that some of us don't know that. The rise of Donald Trump and the emergence of ig…

The short version

Here are the last three outs of Game 6 of the NLCS. May they foreshadow an even bigger celebration during the next week or so.

In addition to everything else, Trump's nomination is suppressing the Republican turnout

Donald Trump is as clueless about winning elections as he is about policy. He has practically no "ground game" because he doesn't believe in having one. He doesn't think that he will need to actively try to get his supporters to the polls. He thinks he can win through his sheer awesomeness, which illustrates just how out of touch he is with reality.

That means that a very large percentage of potential Trump voters- many of whom are not accustomed to voting in the first place- won't make it to the polls on Election Day. And having a voter's support does a candidate no good if that voter doesn't vote!

Even worse for Trump, college educated male voters- a traditional Republican strength- are deserting him in droves. In their self-destructive foolishness, the Trumpsters ridicule and insult Republican voters who are dissatisfied with Trump rather than trying at all costs to woo them back. And one of the consequences is that even more of them than otherwise mi…

A night I've waited for all my life

I'm emotionally exhausted right now. The heartbreaks of 1969, 1984, 2003, 2007 and 2008 have been redeemed. The Cubs are going to the World Series.

Rather than trying to express how I feel I'll let the late Steve Goodman do it for me. Steve was the author, among others, of the song "City of New Orleans," recorded by Arlo Guthrie and Johnny Cash. But here are my two favorite Goodman songs.

Steve, a lifelong Cub fan, died of leukemia days before the Cubs won the first championship of any kind they'd won in either of our lives, the division title in 1984. The first song, "Go, Cubs, Go," is appropriately triumphant for the night the Cubs have won their first pennant in 71 years. The second- especially given Steve's own story and how closely it tallies with the lyrics- is bittersweet at best, and probably more bitter than sweet, especially since he performs it himself.

But the years in the wilderness deserve to be acknowledged one last time, too, as we …

The choice

Ponder well, America...

Let there be no mistake about where the blame lies for the GOP disaster of 2016

Recent polls show Sen. Marco Rubio tied in his re-election race in Florida and Sen. Kelly Ayotte- one of the brightest of the bright new GOP stars- eight points behind in her re-election bid in New Hampshire

Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight gives the Democrats a 72.2% chance of re-taking the Senate, pointing out that the GOP's Senate chances are following the prospects of doomed presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Since Trump himself repudiated his pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee before he was awarded that title himself, all of his competitors for the Republican nomination were surely absolved from their pledge to support him- a pledge which, when they took it, assumed a degree of common sense among the Republican electorate it turned out not to have. It's interesting to speculate what would have happened in Florida especially if Rubio had done the reasonable and consistent thing and refused to support a nominee he had rightly portrayed throughout the primar…

Hopefully the third time's the charm

In both 1984 and in 2003, the Cubs came within six outs of going to the World Series.

With yesterday's 8-4 victory over the Dodgers in Game 5 of the NLCS, the Cubs, for the third time in my life, are one game away from breaking the Curse of the Billy Goat.

Here's hoping for a different outcome this time. And yes, I'll be especially nervous during the seventh inning of Game 6 Saturday,

The game (or games) remaining in the NLCS will be played at Wrigley Field. NOBODY go after any foul balls! Of course, with Clayton Kershaw on the mound, even at home the Cubs will have to struggle to avoid a Game Seven Sunday.

Here's hoping they succeed, though. This is something I've waited for all my life, and more drama is something I just don't need.

ADDENDUM: My nephew Tim- who was too young to have remembered this- pointed out to me that the Cubs were actually eight outs away when Leon Duram's Gatorade-soaked glove malfunctioned against San Diego back in 1984.

Maybe we&…

With these two candidates, why am I not surprised? passes on the information that 22 percent of the pro-Clinton tweets during the last debate were generated by bots.

As was 33 percent of the pro-Trump Twitter traffic.

Voted early today

And for the first time in my life voted for a third party candidate, Evan McMullin. Or technically an independent candidate. Nathan Johnson, his stand-in for Mindy Finn, was listed as his running mate- though of course that doesn't matter, since in presidential elections Americans vote for electors rather than for actual candidates.

As as become my custom in this age of judicial legislation, I voted against retaining any of the judges. Since my Democratic legislator was running unopposed, I left that space on the ballot blank. I did the same for all of the obscure trustee and board member races, in which nobody has the slightest idea who the candidates are and thus really ought to be filled by appointments made by elected officials we do know.

I did vote for Sen. Chuck Grassley and Rep. David Young, with whom I am reasonably satisfied and against whom I chose not to hold their support of the soon-to-be-defeated monstrosity at the head of the Republican ticket. And like most of u…

First things first

I didn't bother with Evan's debate responses tonight.

We all know that Hillary and Trump are both hopeless, that Hillary is going to win, that Trump will make an ass of himself in the mst conspicuous and attention-grabbing way possible- and that there are more important things happening tonight.

The Cubs!

A town hall meeting with Evan McMullin

if you're curious about the only conservative running for president right now, here's a town meeting sponsored by the McMullin campaign.

Decently does have a voice in 2016.

He who stands for nothing will fall for anything

The first thing totalitarian governments confiscate isn't guns. That's silly. Despite the cowboy fantasies of American gun owners, they are not going to hold off the Marines with their Glocks. Armored personnel carriers and body armor are apt to be proof against such weapons.

No, the first thing totalitarians confiscate is history.
As ugly a thing as Trumpism is, the craziness which springs from a Marxist reading of history helps make it at least a bit understandable. As The Donald goes down to a richly-deserved place in the garbage heap of history, this brief British documentary underscores the disgusting and intellectualy dishonest nonsense that helped give it birth.

The irony is that this video is an advertisement for Brexit. This is the voice of Trumpism, but with an English accent. Yet we ignore it at our peril. It is not racist to resist the rewriting of history on behalf of a political agenda, and as the video rightly says, a society for which tolerance ceases to be me…

WHO is trying to "rig" the election?

Gambling site already paying off bets on Hillary

Irish Internet betting site Paddy Power is so confident that Hillary Clinton is going to win the election that it's already paying out bets placed on her.

Since what I've been saying for months- that the American people would have to be Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs to elect Donald Trump- has become even more painfully apparent in the past week than it had been before, one can hardly blame them.

The real question (aside from whether Trump will actually concede after he's defeated) is how quickly the GOP will move to repudiate Trump and Trumpism, and whether it can recover. In the short term, President-Elect Clinton's unpopularity, her personality, and simple American weariness of having the Democrats running things makes it highly likely that if the Republicans can only get their act together she will be a one-term president. The damage she will do during that one term, of course, is solely the responsibility of those who got an unqualified psychopath nominated by the Repub…

Crazy Donald is becoming Creepy Donald

Crazy Donald Trump is carrying his paranoid blather about the election he has no chance whatsoever of winning being "stolen" to new levels of insanity, calling for the polls to be monitored as if at this point the election is even going to be close. As if a majority of the  American people would even consider electing such an unqualified boob and serial abuser of women as himself as their president.

Always delusional (as are many of his followers), The Donald just doesn't get it. His cover is blown. Whatever credibility this thoroughly creepy man may have ever had with all but the most gullible of Americans has now vanished.

I don't think he'll concede on Election Night. I really think he'll continue his self-absorbed, delusional rant about the election being "stolen" right on after the votes are counted, the country be damned

It's what psychopaths do.

And Rasmussen leans heavily Trump

Donald luvs Vlad. Vlad doesn't luv democracy. And Donald luvs Donald more than he loves democracy.

Birds of an authoritarian feather stick together, and the apex predator in on the world stage, Russia's Vladimir Putin, has taken a nuthatch who thinks he's an eagle, Donald Trump, under his wing.

Were Trump to win the election (which, thank God, is not going to happen), Vlad would proceed to eat him alive.

But even now, the little nuthatch is helping to undermine American democracy just as his hero is doing in Eastern Europe.

No comment.

Donald Trump and the death of the Republican party

Here's an enlightening discussion over at Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight on the present status and future prospects of the Republican party.

It isn't pretty. Participants in the discussion have various impressions, and all of them are worth considering. But it's hard to deny the general consensus that Donald Trump has done long-term if not permanent damage to the GOP among women and minorities. Only a few cycles ago there was talk of how Hispanics- a growing portion of the population and a socially conservative one- might well be enticed into the GOP tent, No more.

Married women have tended to vote Republican; single ones have tended to vote Democratic. No more. Trump has driven an entire gender into the arms of the Democrats- and the larger of the two genders demographically, at that. It's a sign of how nutty and tone-deaf at least a large portion of the Trump coalition is that in response to this fact  one of the most active discussions among Trump supporters on T…

And here it is: Nate Silver's explanation of how Evan McMullin could end up being our next president

I've already described the essentials; McMullin is in a virtual tie with Trump and Clinton in Utah and doing well in several other mountain states. Even if Gary Johnson were to carry NewMexico, Utah alone would make McMullin number three in the Electoral College because it has six electoral votes to New Mexico's five.

The Constitution specifies that if no candidate receives a majority in the Electoral College, the House chooses among the top three. If McMullin carries Utah, that would be Trump, Clinton- and McMullin.
The House would simply keep voting until somebody gets a majority of the states. If by Inauguration Day nobody has been chosen,  whoever the Senate picks between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine would become president.
The McMullin congressmen and congresswomen aren't going to accept Trump or Hillary. But faced with a choice between McMullin and Hillary, it seems likely that the Trump members would prefer McMullin. 
Nate Silver explains the whole scenario here. The od…

Computer, your timing was exquisite

The Cubs blow a 3-1 lead in the top of the eighth but load the bases in the bottom of the inning.

And my computer goes haywire.

By the time I get it up and running again, Montero has hit a grand slam, the game is over, and the Cubs have won 8-4.

Hey. Better that my computer should choke in a clutch situation than that my Cubs should!

We lead the best-of-seven NLCS one game to none.

Nate Silver describes Evan McMullin as...

"...the third most-likely person to be the next President of the United States."

The logic is simple: Evan is in a virtal tie with Clinton and Trump in Utah and competitive in other Western Mountain states.

Gary Johnson is competitive only in New Mexico.

New Mexico has five electoral votes. Utah alone has six.

If neither Clinton nor Trump reaches 270 electoral votes the decision will pass to the House of Representatives, where McMullin served as policy director of the Republican caucus, And the House, according to the procedures established by the Constitution, would choose between the three candidates who received the most electoral votes- most likely Clinton, Trump- and McMullin.

If you truly want to make an impact on Election Day and have the good moral judgment to reject the evil represented by Clinton and Trump, McMullin is your man.

The Republicans' only remaining chance to beat Hillary

The RNC has both the authority and the duty to replace Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president.

When Reince Priebus and others insist otherwise, they are simply wrong.

Only by replacing the unstable and mentally ill nominee of the party for an office he is obviously unfit to hold does the Republican Party have any possibility whatsoever of saving the country from four years of Hillary Clinton. And make no mistake: if Hillary is slected it will be 100% the fault and responsibility those who got a candidate whose unfitness was always obvious and who thoughout the primaries was the only candidate the polls showed could not defeat her nominated in the first place.

Don't be evil

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” -John Quincy Adams

To vote for the lesser of two evils is still to vote for evil. Don't be evil.

Give this man's argument on voting for "the lesser of two evils" and on a pragmatic alternative  a hearing.

Half a clue is better than none

Nate Silver and are reacting to the poll I blogged earlier by adding McMullin to their model.

In Utah. Sigh...

McMullin is also reported to be running ahead of Jill Stein nationally in those polls which bother to include him. But most include Stein and omit McMullin for some reason.

Did I mention that if the election goes to the House of Representatives, Gary Johnson carries New Mexico, and McMullin carries Utah, the House would choose among Clinton, Trump and McMullin?

He's worth noticing. And having a higher upside than Johnson- his natural constituency isn't just libertarians but all Republicans and conservatives disgusted by Donald Trump- it's hard to understand the refusal of the media to even acknowledge him.

BTW, on Election Day he'll be either on the ballot or a registered write-in candidate in 46 of the fifty states. So that excuse doesn't fly.


For some reason, the media (and others) have the idea stuck in their heads that Evan McMullin is irrelevant. They continue to exclude McMullin from the polls while including Jill Stein despite polling information that Evan is running ahead of Stein!

And now, there's this. There has been a spate of reporting about how Gary Johnson is close to Trump and Clinton in New Mexico, and how if he were to carry Mexico and the election went to the House the House would choose between Trump, Clinton and Johnson because Johnson would have the third most electoral votes.

Well, guess what? New Mexico has five electoral votes. Utah has six. And take a look:

And that, my friends is a lot closer than Johnson is in New Mexico!

So again: when do the media begin admitting that Evan McMullin exists?

On to the NLCS!

A dramatic ninth-inning rally in a game that looked as good as lost and the Cubs have are in the NLCS for the second year in a row.

The Giants gave it a valiant fight but as manager Bruce Bochy hinted after the game, it's kind of hard to fight destiny.

This year's Cubs not only don't have any quit in them, but they don't have any fear. They're pure swagger. It's like all the history just rolls right off of them.

Goat? What goat?

Now if these were the candidates for president of the Eighth Grade....

The general response to tonight's debate from the media, from Twitter, and from people generally seems to be that Trump didn't help himself (and he needed to), while Hillary didn't hurt herself.

God help us if that's true. Trump should hurt his chances every time he opens his mouth, 

Il Duce was in full bully mode night,  I don't know whether the less formal format contributed or not; The Donald interrupts, overtalks his opponent, monopolizes the time and then whines when the moderators try to keep him within reasonable bounds no matter what. But I cannot for the life of me see how any reasonable person could watch his posturing and listen to his whining and his rambling incoherence without concluding that he's a not only frightening person but one in way, way over his head.

The best thing either of these candidates has going for them is the other one. And we did it to ourselves. The time has come to admit that the McGovern guidelines back in 1972 were a mistak…

McMullin and Finn answer Trump and Clinton

EVAN McMULLIN: GOP nominee Donald Trump has a pattern of sexually abusing women that goes far beyond 2005.

MINDY FINN: ISIS actions are not an excuse for a presidential candidate's sexual assaults.
EVAN McMULLIN:  I agree 100%.

EVAN McMULLIN: No true leader would sexually assault women and then tell them that he respects them.

EVAN McMULLIN: "Bill Clinton did it too" is not an excuse. It's an admission of cruel and abusive behavior.

EVAN McMULLIN: We should be having a debate about ideas, issues, and America's destiny. This isn't it and this isn't leadership.

EVAN McMULLIN: Hillary Clinton compromised national security and my former colleagues' lives in order to avoid accountability to Americans.

EVAN McMULLIN: Trump and Clinton are the personification of America's leadership crisis. It's time for a new generation of leadership.

MINDY FINN: I don't think we need more government in our health care system. Here's my plan: https://www.ev…

I'm going to Evanize tonight's debate differently

As I did during the first debate, I'm going to share Evan McMullin's responses to what these two clowns about have to say tonight. Only instead of posting a tweet for every comment- a process which proved too labor-intensive and generally impractical- I'll just compose one long post containing Evan's remarks as he makes them, together with my comments thrown in for good measure. Then, when I'm done, I'll post the result- and you can read what a guy who actually knows what he's talking about has to say about the circus.

It will be interesting to hear how Hillary compares The Donald's porcine nature to that of her husband. It will also be interesting to hear whether Il Duce brags about how chivalrous a gentleman he is, and how respectful of women. Probably his third favorite thing about himself, after his temperament and his forbearance.

Nate Silver thinks the damage the Orange One did to himself in the first debate is too extensive to be undone in the s…

We're all waiting, Sen. Ernst

Carly Fiorina and Sen. Kelly Ayotte- both Republican women of sufficient gravitas that I could see either one as President of the United States- have rescinded their endorsement of Donald Trump in view of the live microphone comments about women which came to light yesterday.

Fiorina has called for him to step aside and for the Republican National Committee to replace him with vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence. Such a move would instantly turn the impending Republican defeat into an almost certain victory in the presidential race and could even save the Senate from its currently certain reversion to the Democrats. It could instantly unite and galvanize the Republican party and go a long way toward undoing the massive and otherwise probably fatal damage Trump has done to the GOP not only in this election but going forward.

But Trump's ego will not permit it even though his election is utterly impossible. Not even the possibility of saving face rather than facing humiliation in N…

Donald Trump does the impossible: making Bill Clinton look classy by comparison

You know, I very nearly posted the video of Donald Trump talking in very obscene terms about how he gets to grope women because he's a star, and where he can grab them, and what he tried to do to a particular married woman. But no. Not even the bleeped version.

This tape, after all, reveals nothing about Donald Trump that people have been paying attention haven't known all the time. He's bragged about his affairs with married women before. His "locker room" excuse has at least some credibility because a great many men use such language in the exclusive company of other men, sad to say. Jack Kennedy, for example. Or Lyndon Johnson, Or the inimitable Wiliam Jefferson Clinton. Granted, most of them are 11 or 12 years old, but cases of arrested development have ascended to high positions of power before.

Such disrespect toward women, such objectifying of them, is despicable. It's one of the less attractive behaviors of my gender. But sadly, it's often one of…

Meanwhile, in the polls...'s the same old same old.

The consensus continues to be that it's Clinton's race to lose; the LA Times/USC and Rasmussen polls continue to appear to be polling in some alternate reality (and a pretty frightening one, at that); and the polls continue to include Jill Stein, but not Evan McMulin, who reportedly is running ahead of her in those few polls which bother to include him.

If your taste runs to tragic farce, the 2016 election is just your cup of tea.

Of course, it cold always be worse. The Rasmussen and LA Times/USC polls could actually be right- as, in the alternate reality inhabited by the alt-right core of The Donald's supporters, they are.

McMullin-Finn 2016

Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin has picked businesswoman Mindy Finn as his running-mate.

It's possible that McMullin's temporary, place-holder candidate, businessman Nathan Johnson, might still appear on the ballot with McMullin in some states.

Finn is a conservative feminist (yes, there are such beings!) and founder of Empowered Women, a group devoted to expanding and fostering diversity in the conversation about feminism and women's equality. She has previously worked for Twitter and for the Republican National Committee and was a tech aide to the second President Bush and to Mitt Romney. She also was a staffer for Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) and Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX). She is an Adjunct Professor of Political Management at the Graduate School of George Washington University.

McMullin had said diversity was one of the things he was looking for in a running mate. This feminist activist, businesswoman, and sought-after panel expert and lecturer certainly fits th…

Keith Olbermann- who is wrong about most things- is wrong about this, too.

So it's the Giants my Cubs will be facing in the NLDS starting on Friday.

Since the Cubs are heavy favorites to win the World Series this year, which worries me (rarely in the prolonged joke that is the modern Major League post-season does the best team actually win the World Series, and it usually doesn't even get there; unlike the regular season, the post-season is all about luck and timing) it was inevitable that minds would wander back to the last time the North Siders won it all, in 1908.

They won the National League pennant that year by one game over the Giants- the New York Giants back then. 1908 was arguably the greatest single season in baseball history, and not just because the Cubs won it all. Would you believe six teams still in contention (counting both leagues) with only two days left in the season? George Will does a fine job of reviewing some of the highlights of that remarkable year in his review of Cait Murphy's wonderful book (which I highly recommend)