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Newsday needs editorial help- badly!

A post-modernist attacks Wilken

Wood can't match Prior, either

Big Brother targets blogs

You wanna reconsider that opinion, Justice Souter?

Canada OK's gay "marriage-" at least until the next election

Tsk, tsk, Carlos!

Journalists, or enemy propagandists?

Can you say 'hubris?'

It's a miracle, even so

SCOTUS gets it exactly right

And we'd better start paying attention!

Tom... it was a bet, for crying out loud!

The American people aren't dummies

A good day on the diamond!

Son of a gun!

A special day

Ugly. Just ugly.

First case of U.S.-origin mad cow discovered

More frustration

Rove tells it like it (obviously) is

The Midwest is Red?

As General McAuliffe would say...


God must have chuckled when He did this!

God does, indeed, work in mysterious ways

Durbin apologizes

Is hockey coming out of deep freeze?

Moving in the right direction!

I've been tagged!

Back on track

A certain gruesome logic

Vilsack returns the vote to Iowa ex-cons

Stricter Gitmo policies needed?

And the priest was spiritually and mentally healthy?

In this case, silence doesn't give consent

Broom time at Yankee Stadium

Is Chicago America's dirtiest city?

We just keep falling further behind

Dean is right about something!

Surprised, is what I am.

Baseball is not berry, berry good to me today.

This isn't good

Cremation and Christian liberty

What has Durbin been smoking?

Excellent original hymn..

This may be a first!

Another opportunity lost!

Even Fox News!

Let's hear it for Christian "intolerance!"

Is hot air from environmental wackos the cause of global warming?

What's with Sergio Mitre?

Canadian Libs hanging on by their fingernails

The verse we ought to sing

How did crucifixion kill?

Well, it's OJ all over again!

A grand old flag

A threat is dawning in the East

A big step backward

That is, if he can get his foot out of his mouth first!

Missed opportunity

Interesting questions

The source of the problem?

You'd think Al Gore was a candidate!

Bad day in baseball

Baby pictures

You know something?

I thought the ACLU liked men who wear dresses in public!

And we pick up a game on St. Louis, too!

Al Franken is wrong. Again. Good thing nobody is listening!

But the dude needs a new nickname!

Huzzah! Clueless Dem extremists flock to Dean's support!

Fashionable anti-Americanism is a doomed ideology.

Flying snakes rock

Canadian Supreme Court: 'Our healthcare system doesn't work.'

But the Germans believed Hitler

Bob Byrd is in trouble in West Virginia

How many liberals does it take to change a lightbulb?

They're trying to convince us that it's fashionable for men to be pastel-wearing wimps

More truth than humor here

Does Howard Dean work for Amnesty International, too?

Bad news!

Stomp on your pregnant girlfriend's stomach, go to jail

Couldn't have said it better

'And I don't care which one'

Talking about rigged elections...

Mixed blessing

Random thought

Thomas Jefferson is the Looney Left's latest villain

Nine out of ten!

If only there had been Americans involved!

Perhaps we should play this game in Iowa

The case against the Greens

Earth to Tom Davis!

Eighth win in nine games!

Don't hold your breath

So much for the winning streak!

Hyperbole, anyone?

But I AM pressing charges!

Far too much time on my hands today

EU in crisis over French, Dutch 'no' votes

They're setting me up for yet another broken heart

I wonder whether Howard Dean has heard this

'Amnesty' leadership backed Kerry

The political ideology that dares not speak its name

Soviet-style justice in post-Soviet Russia