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Oopa, Mr. President!

Left, Right, and Center: Why we don't understand each other

First Chik-fil-A, and now this

Surfer rides world-record 100 foot wave

Iranian pastor in peril; American pastor imprisoned in Iran


The Blackhawks- and Crawford- are soaring

'By thy red ink gently flowing, Illinois, Illinois....'

That heretical inauguration prayer

Crikey. There's a snake in the grass somewhere.

Blackhawks beat Blues, remain undefeated

This explains a lot


Where- and when- to find Comets PanSTARRS and ISON

Take comfort, folks.

Silly Saturday

PolitiFact's "Lie of the Year" turns out to be true

More on ISON- and a great picture of McNaught

So it goes

Bottom line: Obamapolous owns the debt

They should give this guy the money anyway

It seems that Jimmy Hoffa isn't buried in the Meadowlands end zone after all

Tolérance oui, l'absurde ne

Sin and the Religious Left

Coup de chapeau à la française!

Sean Hannity joins the squirrels

Yes, it's come to this

How's that again?

Just to whet your appetite...

Guess what?

What the cat dragged in

2012 was the 'hottest' and second 'most extreme' year- since 1880

The slander machine chugs on

NHL lockout ends. Yawn.

They who vote for a candidate who is blowing smoke...

Comet PanSTARRS and Comet ISON update

Anti-Boehner coup in House GOP conference called off at last minute

The grown-ups win

Flotsam du jour

Cardinal George cuts to the same sex "marriage" chase

Do GOP grown-ups have a chance? We'll find out today

Three thoughts