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Welcome to my nightmare...

One night in the 'Seventies, I watched, as was my wont, the Dick Cavett show, ABC's greatly superior alternative to NBC's Tonight Show.

Cavett mentioned a favorite author of his, someone of whom I had never heard. His name was H. P. Lovecraft, and Cavett said that he'd been hooked by the story a video version of which I've posted below, "The Haunter in the Dark."

As Cavett commented, that story as Lovecraft wrote it is so immeasurably more powerful than anything that visual media could reproduce....

I read the story, and I, too, was hooked. But this video cannot do the ending justice. As Cavett said that night, Lovecraft's prose was so compelling that one can almost hear the leathern wings slowly flapping as the Haunter in the Dark crossed the space between Federal Hill and Blake's room. It ended with words which haunt me still:

I see it—coming here—hell-wind—titan blur—black wings—Yog-Sothoth save me—the three-lobed burning eye. . . !
The video d…

Here's a thought!

Doug Atkins- the prototype of the defensive end- dies at 85

Bears Hall of Famer Doug Atkins has died at 85.

Atkins was a defensive end feared by quarterbacks all over the NFL, and a mainstay of the team during my early years as a Bears' fan.  He also played for Cleveland and New Orleans.

A college high-jumper who was 6 feet 8 inches tall, when he wasn't demolishing quarterbacks or eating running backs for lunch he had an uncanny ability to leap into the air and bat passes down as they crossed the line of scrimmage,

Together with Gino Marchetti of the Colts- another Hall of Famer- Atkins pretty much created the modern defensive end position, much as Mike Ditka did for tight end.

So another of the Bears I rooted for as a kid has gone. Every time it happens, I feel even older than I am.

Rest in peace, Doug.

Limousine liberals only want to soak SOME of the rich

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the Leftist crowd are famous for their passionate defense of what they call the "middle class." They are eager to raise taxes on the rich, but utterly refuse to consider raising taxes on middle class folks making less than the paltry amount of- $250,000 a year.

A question worth asking: Is a quarter of a million dollars a year really middle class? And might it be that the reluctance of the Democrats to select a more realistic cut-off point for tax raises is caused by the fact that such a large percentage of their constituency makes six figures a year?

Is it really only the Republican rich the Democrats want to "soak?"

Things do sort of change when you're the one getting the "soaking," eh?

In more ways than one.

Or two.

In fact, Stephen Hayward asks an interesting question in Forbes: "How did the Democrats become the party of the rich?"

I'm afraid, my "progressive" friends, that if you really …


I would definitely say that these commercials are creepy.

This is getting old

Ever since the Democrats tried- and failed- to steal Florida and the presidency in 2000 and then had the incredible chutzpah to claim that George W. Bush and the Republicans had done so, the sad and sorry refrain that not allowing the Democrats to cheat was somehow itself cheating has been a part of the Left's perennial rhetoric.

They're at it again. Already.

Voting fraud is a regular feature of American politics, and the overwhelming majority of it is practiced by Democrats. After all, in poor neighborhoods when the Democrats dominate there are going to be fewer people watching who might object. And the poor are always more easily manipulated than others simply because of their relative powerlessness.

Yet the Democrats keep raising the claim that there's no evidence of "systematic" voter fraud in America. Of course there isn't. Every time the Democrats get caught there's lots of publicity, and they have to try something else somewhere else. And it seems t…

Libertarianism: the political philosophy of the Old Adam

This article borders on blasphemy.

Government is God's institution designed to protect us from the fallenness of human nature. Libertarianism seeks to defend us from God's institution by giving free reign to fallen human nature.

Libertarianism is the philosophy of the Levite and the priest who were content to uphold the freedom of the man fallen among thieves to bleed to death in the ditch. It is more concerned about the ideological propriety of the motivations for which help is given than that help be given at all.

Not only is libertarianism an ideology which is radically incompatible with Christianity, but it comes very close to being its polar opposite. Seldom in my life have I encountered an article so transparent in its rationalization on behalf of the indefensible, or so brazen in its defense.

Webb needn't bother running as an independent

Former Navy Secretary and U.S. Senator James Webb, who ended his campaign for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination a while back, is said to be considering an independent third-party race for the office

The idea is that especially with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as his opponents Webb's considerable defense and foreign policy chops would attract the support of genuine conservatives uncomfortable with Clinton's record and Trump's manifest ignorance.

I like and even admire Webb in some ways. The trouble is his social policies, which are the standard far-Left Democratic pro-choice, pro-marriage redefinition, pro-social chaos mess. I very much doubt that many conservatives who would find themselves unable to vote for Trump would vote for Webb instead. I certainly wouldn't.

I continue to think that a centrist third party bid would be a good idea, just in case somebody like Trump or even Ted Cruz or Rand Paul- someone clearly not presidential timber- were to get …

For what it's worth at this point...

Bears 26, Tampa Bay 21.

Bear down, I guess.

Something needs to be done to at least help these folks...

Ok. I get the very understandable fear of letting Syrian refugees- who cannot be vetter, due to their very numbers- into the United States. I even agree that we can't. There is simply no way, as the FBI openly says, to screen out the ISIS terrorists who very probably are hiding among them.

But can't we do something for these people- our brothers and sisters in Christ?

HT: Real Clear World

Wake up, Republicans! The world is laughing at you!

Irish people react to Donald Trump.

What he's saying is NOT what all the Republicans are thinking. Is it?

God help us if these guys are right about that! It would mean that there is no sane and decent alternative to the Democrats.

Candy Kane. Get it?

And Panarin eating bread?

This is the Blackhawks' Christmas video. Feel free to forward through the many places where nothing is happening.

The Vatican doesn't like 'The Force Awakens'

Haven't seen it yet myself.

It's not on theological grounds. It just thinks that Kylo Renn is no Darth Vader,  and that the clear definitions of evil carved out by the previous films aren't quite so clear this time out.

As I say, I can't offer an opinion of my own, not having seen the new movie. But I agree with L’Osservatore Romano about "Avatar."

HT: Drudge

The greatest Gift of all

Luke 2- ESV

The Birth of Jesus Christ

In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered. This was the first registration when Quirinius was governor of Syria. And all went to be registered, each to his own town. And Joseph also went up from Galilee, from the town of Nazareth to Judea, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and lineage of David, to be registered with Mary, his betrothed, who was with child. And while they were there, the time came for her to give birth. And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling cloths and laid him in a manger because there was no place for them in the inn.

The Shepherds and the Angels

And in the same region, there were shepherds out in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And an angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were filled with great fear. And the angel said to them, “Fear not,…

A BETTER choice than Trump or Hillary!

A debate has arisen on the pages of the National Review between supporters of two particular candidates for president in 2016.

Jonah Goldberg supports the Sweet Meteor O' Death (SMOD). whereas Kevin D. Williamson backs Dread Cthulhu.

SMOD, a self-described "Pre-Cambrian conservative, " is sure to make an impact. Cthulhu's dedication to world domination, however, outdoes the foreign policy of even the most aggressive Neo-Conservative.

Neither are good choices. However, whereas SMOD represents true evil, Cthulhu is beyond good, evil and other moral concepts. As Williamson notes, some have used this fact as an excuse to accuse Cthulhu of being an EDINO (Evil Deity in Name Only). Nevertheless, in the battle between these two apocalyptic figures, my philosophical inclinations tend to cause me to adopt the same attitude I take toward the race for the Republican nomination and prefer the less evil option.

Accordingly- without compromising my support for Jeb Bush for the Repu…

The rise of the new Know-Nothings

So you think the Great Republican Revolt of 2015 is an uprising of conservatives?

Don't kid yourself.

It's a movement of populists- and to a great extent, as the Trump phenomenon shows, of Know Nothings. Granted, there are security concerns involved in the general revulsion against undocumented immigration from Mexico and refugees from Syria and other countries with large Muslim populations. But it would be absurd not to recognize that there is also the same kind of nativism and prejudice that once led to signs reading "NO IRISH NEED APPLY" and general antipathy against the immigrant ancestors of many of the very people who are backing Donald Trump now.

To a not inconsiderable extent, it's a revolt against conservative and libertarian orthodoxy alike. If anything, it's anti-ideological- which explains how somebody with the checkered past and current ideology of Donald Trump can benefit from it.

This is going to be a rough election for the Right. It's an e…

The Star of Bethlehem: More likely a conjunction than a comet

Gene Veith over at Cranach has an entry reporting a theory by biblical scholar Colin Nichol that the Star of Bethlehem was a comet. It links to an interview with Nichol at Christianity Today.

Actually, that's a very old theory which probably isn't valid. For one thing, no known comets in that time frame fit. But beyond that, the author makes a rather large assumption which the text doesn't bear out: that the star was continually visible for over a year.

Most people assume that, but the text doesn't actually say it. It only notes that the star was visible at certain points on the journey of the Wise Men. As it happens, a series of close conjunctions between Venus, Jupiter, and (sometimes) the star Regulus in the constellation Leo occurred in the years 2-1 BC which would fit the Bible's description of the star and its activities perfectly. Venus and Jupiter, btw, are the two brightest objects in the night sky. Conjunctions between them happen occasionally, and it'…

Okay. Two things.

First, as great a hymnist as Gerhardt was, I have to agree that the hymn that Luther sings in this video does not have one of the better tunes German Lutheran Christmas carols have to offer. The Christ-centered words certainly do beat all those Anglican snow, cold, silence and barnyard animals carols all hollow, though.

Secondly, there's an inside joke here. Pastor Fiene did one of these a while back in which Horus shows up to prove that Easter is just a retelling of his story, or that of Mithras, or that of some other dying-and-rising deity, only to have his premise unmasked for the nonsense it is. In it, for some reason, Horus has a German accent- something of which Pastor Fiene was never allowed to hear the end.

Thus, the otherwise obscure reference to an ancient Egyptian accent at the end.

In any case, I think the actual point of this video should be clear. Not that we Lutherans have anything against First Century Palestinian weather or livestock, mind you.

Trump might beat Hillary- but only if the Republicans nominate somebody else

This is fascinating- and right on target.

The polls consistently show Donald Trump to be the Republican least likely to beat Hillary Clinton in November (Marco Rubio is the only candidate who, at this juncture, actually leads her). In fact, I suspect that those polls gravely underestimate the electoral disaster Trump represents. The very irresponsible rhetoric so many Republicans find so appealing in the runup to the caucuses and primaries is going be a fatal turnoff to most voters. If the GOP nominates Trump, it will face an electoral disaster that will make Goldwater look like Ike or Reagan by comparison.

But that slanderous and over-the-top rhetoric might well work against Hillary just as well as it has against his more worthy Republican opponents. The jury is still out, but maybe Donald Trump isn't an unmixed curse to the Republican party after all.

We can still do better. But we could do a lot worse.

I am still for Jeb Bush. But as things stand, Marco Rubio may be the only thing standing between us and doing much, much worse.

Yes, I remain a supporter of Jeb, whom I consider to be far and away the best-qualified candidate in either party to be president. And I continue to think that there are few things as foolish as voting against a person because of his last name. I also continue to think that to dismiss the best-qualified candidate as somehow a "RINO" because he's to the left of one on immigration and Common Core and nothing else is absolutely nuts.

It seems at this point, however, that Marco Rubio is the only candidate acceptable to me who realistically has a chance. I hope Jeb somehow catches fire between now and the Caucuses. If not, I have to admit that Rubio impresses me.

Consider what he says below. Note that he says nothing about imposing anything on anybody. Note, too, that he in no way attacks those whose belief systems differ from his.

Yet there will be …


NASA has discovered that in places where there is heavy industrialization and a large amount of tree loss average temperatures have- cooled.

Don't expect to hear much about it in the MSM, though. CO2 emissions cooling the atmosphere just doesn't fit the narrative.

HT: Drudge

Graham: Rational wing of the GOP has 'collapsed'

Upon dropping out of the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination- which he rightly says is not simpy about 2016, but about the soul and future of the Republican party- Lindsay Graham has admited that the centrist wing of the party has "collapsed."

Voters are now presented with a stark and simple choice between a party of the extreme Left, and a party of the extreme Right. And then there's Donald Trump, who is simply, aa Jeb Bush put it so well, "the candidate of chaos."

I very much hope that, having come to this realization, Sen. Graham- or somebody- will consider giving the rational souls among us somebody to vote for my mounting a third party campaign from the Center if Trump or Cruz or Rand Paul are somehow nominated by the Repubicans. That such a party could never win is not the point.

The point is that reason, common sense, and sanity should not be disenfranchised- and neither should those of us who believe in them. America should not be allow…

'The Force Awakens:' Spoilerless review

Not by me.

By real reviewers:

The real champion

With the debut of the new Star Wars movie, there has been a great deal of debate about whether Star Wars or Star Trek is the better franchise.

I will offer no opinion, being a fan of both. But I think this might be an appropriate moment to share the last five minutes of what, in my opinion, was a better sci-fi franchise than either- and of possibly the best series finale ever.

Here are the last five minutes of "Sleeping in Light," the final episode of Babylon 5.

BTW, the guy pulling the circuit breaker and turning out the lights prior to the destruction of Babylon 5- its mission accomplished, and now a hazard to space navigation, the vessels of every spacefaring race in the galaxy to which it played such a crucial role in bringing peace gathered in final salute- is none other than "the Great Maker," J. Michael Straczynski, who is to Babylon 5 what Gene Roddenberry was to Star Trek and George Lucas is to Star Wars.

This is no ordinary shark Donald Trump just jumped

Donald Trump "jumps the shark" quite a bit. But this time, he's jumped Carcharias megladon.

That's a very, very large prehistoric shark. The chart to the right gives both conservative and not so conservative estimates of its size. The guppy at the bottom is the Great White.

The Donald, you see, is "honored" by Vlad Putin's compliments. He thinks Vlad is just swell.

When it was pointed out to him that Vlad kills journalists who criticize him, the Trumpster replied that "our country kills lots of people, too." Yes. He actually said that.

Hopefully, this doesn't mean that The Donald, too, plans to have troublesome journalists murdered if elected. But his supporters loved it.

Science is good.

But there's a problem with a great many scientists these days. As with journalism, so with science: bias need not be conscious or malicious in order to be bias.

It seems that we have another reason to distrust NOAA's figures on global warming.

When science is perverted to support political agendas, people shouldn't surprised when a certain amount of skepticism develops about what scientists tell us. The problem isn't that the sceptics are dumb. The problem is that all too often the science can't be trusted.

HT: Drudge

It's simple.

In suppporting Donald Trump's fearmongering, you are achieving ISIS's purpose.

In achieving ISIS's purpose, you are supporting Trump.

The work-around? Don't give in to fear, and don't support Trump or anyone else who promotes and thrives on it.

HT: Real Clear World

Why those big, strong virile jihadists are scared to death by girls

There are a number of women's milita groups fighting Daesh*- and the big, strong jihadists are scared to death of them!

You see, they believe that if they are killed by women, they lose their place in Paradise. No virgins for them!

*"Daesh" is an Arabic acronym for ISIS which ISIS hates- to the point of threatening death to anyone who uses that name for them. It sounds like several insulting Arabic words, and the name drives them absolutely bonkers.

We should make a point, I think, of calling ISIS "Daesh."

'None are so blind...'

The Cubans say that President Obama is welcome to visit their country, but not to meddle.

Translation: He's welcome as long as he's Barack Obama, naively going on and on about the wonders of the totalitarian hell-hole he legitimized by recognizing its vicious government, and refrains from pointing out that it is, in fact, a totalitarian hell-hole.

Given that this is indeed Barack Obama we're talking about, I don't think they have to worry. Even if it's rubbed in his nose, I have every confidence that he will, at least, pretend not to see it.

HT: Drudge

You're not going to believe this.

Within an hour on the campus of Yale University, filmaker Ami Horowitz collected 50 signatures.....

(Drumroll, please....) repeal the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.To do away with freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly.

Between these bozos on the Left and Donald Trump (wherever he fits on the political spectrum at the moment), our most basic rights have never been in greater jeopardy- and neither Ivy League students nor a plurality of registered Republican voters apparently have any problem with that.

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Grant diplomatic recognition to ISIS?

For real? Grant ISIS legitimacy and further destabilize Iraq?

And such considerations aside, one does not practice diplomacy with the likes of ISIS. When they're dealt with as being in any sense legitimate, they only take it as a sign of weakness and are encouraged to become even more aggressive and fanatical.

One wipes them from the face of the Earth. There is no other way to deal with homicidal fanatics like ISIS. They are not sane.

Sometimes I wonder how some folks negotiate their way from the bed to the floor every morning. Open diplomatic relations with a criminal organization whose idea of diplomacy is kidnapping innocent people, slicing their heads off, and then releasing videos of the festivities? What's next? Admitting the Mafia to the UN?

One might as well negotiate with cancer. Surgery is  a better option.

HT: Real Clear World

Next gen fighter gives "Star Wars" a whole new meaning

Can you say "laser weapons?"

How about "robotic co-pilot?"

Northrop Grumman and Boeing each has submitted designs for the new Air Dominance Fighter.

And there's more coming that's even wilder. The rumored "Flying Triangle" is the size of an aircraft carrier and features an artificial center of gravity that can be moved around at will.

One wonders whether the shape-shifting nanotechnology fighters of science fiction that can totally change their shape depending on speed and aerodynamic variables are far away. And of course, one wonders how much longer warplanes will even need human pilots...

HT: Drudge

Trump, Cruz and Carson: when it comes to defense, Hillary would eat any of them alive

If you're looking for a competent Commander-in-Chief- or even somebody Hillary won't make look foolish in debating military issues- don't support any of the three leading Republican presidential candidates.

Donald Trump doesn't know the difference between a bomber and a fighter.

Ted Cruz doesn't think civilian casualties affect the outcome of wars and does think that "carpet bombing" is the way to defeat terrorism. I'm not sure it helps or hurts that he apparently doesn't know what the term "carpet bombing" even means.  Cruz also promises to "make (the) sand (in the Middle East) glow in the dark." The best construction one can put on that is that he has little idea of the effects of conventional munitions; the worst construction is that he wants to nuke ISIS!

Ben Carson doesn't know what Special Operations Forces do. And these are the three darlings of American conservatives?

When it comes to defense (or anything else, for …

Pope Francis puts the cart before the horse and offers the world MRSA for the soul

Sadly, Pope Francis, it seems, doesn't know the first rule of Christian preaching: preach the Law, convicting the sinner and convincing him that he needs a Savior, and only then tell him about the Savior that he has.

To do the opposite is to confirm the sinner in his sin and cause him to treat anything you have to say thereafter with a massive yawn.

I can't say that I'm surprised that this particular pope has this disastrous misunderstanding of the nature of the Christian message. Karl Barth  had a similar misunderstanding of the Church's proclamation, and the mainline churches positively wallow in it-.which is why they're both dying and spiritually irrelevant.

The approach His Holiness recommends just doesn't work. Very few people go to the doctor or change their lifestyle because of the news, "Guess what! You aren't going to die!" What it does is not to administer the cure for humanity's disease, but effectively innoculate against the cure …

Yeah, pretty much

Especially in Iowa, but anywhere in America these days.

And very, very few of us stuck in the middle....

You know, this just struck me

Don't misunderstand this. Vladimir Putin is a consummate politician and a master of the geopolitical arena who has been running circles around President Obama as long as the two have been in power. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a bull in the china shop who knows nothing about foreign policy and lacks the temperament to conduct it successfully even if he knew what he was doing.

But there is a sense in which Trump and Putin are alike: the appeal of both is that they tell their constituency what they want to hear.

They're both demagogues.

Iowa Republicans prepare to lose in 2016

Well, that poll I mentioned is out now, and the news is indeed bad- but not in the way I thought it would be.

Ted Cruz has a ten-point lead over Donald Trump. Now, I'm certainly glad to see The Donald get his comeuppance.  But it's Ted Cruz, a man with a personality so petulant that he's effectively destroyed himself as a U.S. Senator, and a conservative so extreme that he has only a marginally better chance to beat Hillary than does Old Tribble Head.

Bob VanderPlaats, the head of a pro-family group here in Iowa, has endorsed Cruz. While I give VanderPlaats credit for his work in the fight against marriage redefinition and other issues in this state, he is, to say the least, a bit extreme. And unfortunately, he speaks for what is probably a majority of Republicans in a state in which Republicans are considerably to the Right of the party nationally, just as Democrats are considerably to the Left of theirs.

The results:

Ted Cruz: 31% first choice, 20% second choice (Total: 5…

Meet the "Iowan whisperer"

If you have any interest at all in the Iowa Caucuses, or Iowa politics generally, you need to know the woman whose finger on the political pulse of this state is more accurate than any other.

Her name is Ann Selzer.

She tends to get different results from the other pollsters, and people scoff. But the biggest difference is that she tends to be right, and they tend to be wrong.

She saw both Barack Obama in 2008 and Rick Santorum in 2012 coming a mile away. People said she was crazy. But each time, when the smoke cleared on Caucus Night (or, in the case of the GOP in 2012, a few days later), she came up smelling like an Iowa wild rose. In Obama's case, she was the only one who had realized that a wave of first-time caucus-goers was going to throw all the traditional polls of customary caucus-goers into the proverbial cocked hat. In Santorum's, she and she alone saw that "Evangelical" voters were going to caucus in larger numbers than usual.

In 2014, all the other pollst…

Here's a thought: Why not get a Center Right third party ready for 2016, just in case?

Third party presidential tickets have until March to launch.

The talk is about Trump and Carson, of course. But while I doubt that it would happen, I would dearly love to see one of the Republicans who have left the race or are doing poorly- Lindsey Graham or Bobby Jindal, perhaps, or Carly Fiorina or Chris Christie or even Scott Walker- prepare for the remote but real possibility of a Trump nomination by starting up a third party campaign to give sane Republicans and others who can't stomach voting for either Trump or Hillary an option in November.

It would probably end the national political career of anybody who did it, which is why I doubt that Walker or Jindal- who probably harbor ambitions for 2020 and beyond- would consider it. But it might do the country a world of good to have a sane, Center Right alternative to the craziness and demagoguery of the Trumpmeister and Hillary. And it's not as if Graham or Fiorina or Christie have any future prospect of reaching the White…


Two-thirds of Republicans and nearly half of all voters support Donald Trump's un-American idea of banning people's entry into the United States on the ground of religion.

Hey, Donald. So are we gonna start building detention centers for Muslims, now? You know, like we did for the Japanese after Pearl Harbor?

Americans seem to learn nothing from history. Between the antics of the Right on immigration, the determination of the Left to stifle dissent on social and environmental issues, and the tantrums of the spoiled brats on our college campuses, I have never been so discouraged about the future of the Bill of Rights.

The words of Ben Franklin keep coming back to me: "He who would sacrifice essential liberty for temporary safety deserves neither."

HT: Drudge

But he isn't Luke's father

A retraction and an apology

I've deleted my post yesterday criticizing Mayor Rahm Emanuel for apologizing for the actions of the Chicago police.

I confused the facts of the case I linked to- the shooting of Ronald Johnson, who had a gun- with the incident the mayor apologized for in his speech to the City Council. His apology referred specifically to the case of Laquan MacDonald, another African-American teenager who was armed only with a knife and whose shooting is a great deal harder to justify.

My apologies to the mayor and certainly to the MacDonald family. My only excuses are that the timing of the mayor's apology coincided with the uproar over he State's Attorney's announcement that she would not file charges in the Johnson case, and that I to read the article carefully enough to distinguish between superficially similar incidents.

Which are, of course, no excuses at all.

One cheer for the British

Those poor Brits lack a true conservative party. The group that bears that name are lukewarm Center Lefties who, uncoerced, gave the country same-sex "marriage." Bear in mind that this comes from a person who supported McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012, who is routinely accused of being a RINO, and who, in fact, is a registered Independent.

The UKIP is crazy. So essentially sane British voters have a choice of three flavors of "progressive." Not much of a choice.

Brits, like our Western European allies generally, also suffer from a sadly diminished brand of freedom. Here you can get run off a college campus or lose your job for hurting somebody's feelings; there, you can be arrested and jailed for it.

Freedom is also curtailed in other ways. You don't have to be a potential terrorist to be denied the right to enter the country. You just need to have the people in charge not like your politics, your philosophy, or pretty much anything else.

Well, there'…

When you're a cop, you're not just guilty until proven innocent. You're guilty afterward, too.

Yes, there are plenty of racist cops. Yes, there are plenty of sadistic cops. Yes, there are plenty of cops who use unjustified violence. Yes, there are plenty of cops who even commit murder.

But why do we have such a hard time understanding that there are even more psychopaths and murderers and drug dealers and pimps who try to kill police officers and who are instead killed by them, and who shouldn't be automatically presumed innocent and the cops guilty because of the respective colors of their skins?

No charges will be filed against the policeman who shot Ronald Johnson in Chicago. The reason: after investigation it has been determined that Johnson had a gun and refused to drop it despite repeated pleas by multiple officers. Officer Hernandez seems to have acted in self-defense.

It seems that once again the Left has jumped to an unjustified conclusion that since a white police officer shot an African American, it must automatically and necessarily be a case of cold-blooded murd…

Another example of why Donald Trump scares me to death

Donald Trump is sounding more and more like a fascist every day.

Now he wants to stop all Muslims from entering the United States. Does he seriously think, perhaps, that when the First Amendment says "Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," it means to leave the president free to do so by executive order?

Ok. Admittedly the bigotry Trump (and an increasing number of Americans and Europeans) are channeling is religious rather than racial.

He saves the racial bigotry for Mexicans.

And of course he's not advocating killing anyone, nor do I believe that he ever will. But just yesterday I left a Facebook group because an admin was doing to Christians exactly what Trump and Company are doing to Muslims: blaming Christians as a group for the insanity of the lunatic fringe, like Westboro Baptist and the Planned Parenthood shootings (whose perpetrator, even if he was motivated by pro-life sentiments, has dubio…

Will Venezuela soon be a friend again?

In a landslide defeat, the late Hugo Chavez's Socialist party has lost the National Assembly in Venezuela.

Chavez supporter President Nicholas Maduro, who won a bitterly disputed election in 2013, may face a recall vote in 2016.

Maybe Venezuela will rejoin economic and politically reality soon. It's existed in Never Never Land ever since Chavez came to power in 1999.

HT: Drudge

I may just do the unthinkable

Jeb's top donor says that he'd vote for Hillary if the GOP nominates Donald Trump.

And while I'd still probably just leave the presidential line blank myself, I'm considering it myself. I think Trump is that great a danger to our country.

Yes, actually THAT great a danger.

Donald Trump is a hypocrite and a demagogue who seems to have no respect whatsoever for the Constitution which he, as president, would have to swear to support and defend. He his utterly clueless about the issues, and when asked for specifics always changes the subject. His support comes mostly from frustrated, uneducated voters who at least so far haven't quite figured out that when you vote for somebody it doesn't matter that it was only a protest.

He still becomes president. And in Trump's case, that's simply unthinkable.

I still have confidence that when the process actually begins, and people start considering the consequences of their actions, Republicans will choose somebody li…

The darkest hour of American religious freedom

Peggy Noonan- as usual- is absolutely right: now is the time to pray for the First Amendment.

The juvenile, often slanderous attacks on religion and prayer in the wake of the San Bernardino tragedy should be a wake-up call to anyone who hasn't yet tumbled to the fact that religiously and biblically ignorant secularists- at this point, quite probably a majority in this country- are treating believers with a degree of open intolerance even those who have openly admitted to being bigots have rarely dared display before. Yes, there was a time in America when racist rhetoric reached the level of nastiness the secular Left is engaging in today. But the time is long past when most racists wouldn't feel the need to use innuendo and weasel-words to express the kind and degree of hate the secular Left is expressing quite openly these days.

The fascinating thing is that when I went to Google Images to look for a graphic for this post under the rubric "religious bigotry," what I…

I don't BELIEVE this!

Last night, in the wake of the San Bernardino shootings, I made a sarcastic comment on Facebook and on this blog about how it must have been done by a pro-life terrorist since there is a Planned Parenthood facility somewhere in the same county.

Believe it or not, MSNBC has actually tried to make that case!

You can't make this stuff up. The extremists on both sides are simply too off-the-wall to be believed!

The bigotry, intolerance, and totalitarianism of the secularist Left

The vitriolic and mean-spirited response to the "thoughts and prayers" offered by concerned Christians and others in the wake of the San Bernardino tragedy is a tragedy in itself. We have not seen this level of narrow-mindedness since the darkest days of Dr. King's civil rights marches in the South and the ugly response of the Klan and other extremists of the Right.

It's not just that "thank you" is the polite and proper response even for an unbeliever to the good will and good wishes conveyed by a believer telling of their thoughts and prayers on their behalf. It's the only civilized and non-juvenile response.

But alas, the secularist Left is not civilized, for the most part, and is entirely too juvenile. And it seems these days that many on the Right are simply nuts. All the paranoia and hate is really disconcerting, coming as it does from all directions and from pretty much all available viewpoints. But I can remember when it was possible to be eithe…

Ok. Time to rile some conservatives for a change!

Just thought I'd share this article on the realities regarding the oft-heard fantasy of gun ownership providing protection against bad guys.

They don't. They themselves are the danger. Guns, it's true, don't kill people.

They just make it a hell of a lot easier to kill people.

They are worse than useless when it comes to protecting ourselves, our families and our property from bad guys. Not only that, but it's by stealing the guns of law-abiding gun owners that the bad guys arm themselves.

The childish fantasy about handguns as a means of protecting ourselves against a government with a modern, well-equipped military is just that. Pull a gun on a criminal and you basically increase your own chances of getting shot. Pull one on an armored personnel carrier, and those chances become a certainty.

We will never get rid of handguns. That ship sailed long ago. But it's absurd to let naive daydreams fool us about that being a bad thing, not a good one. It's no acc…

Countless college students will be scarred for life by this, poor dears!

Sooner booms

Oklahoma University President Everett Piper to infantile "safe space" seekers: "Grow up or get out."

"This is not daycare," Piper explains. "This is a university."

Good for him! Though I suspect that there might be more adults in the student body at Oklahoma than elsewhere.