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Welcome to my nightmare...

Here's a thought!

Doug Atkins- the prototype of the defensive end- dies at 85

Limousine liberals only want to soak SOME of the rich


If Donald Trump really IS the second most admired man in America...

This is getting old

Libertarianism: the political philosophy of the Old Adam

Webb needn't bother running as an independent

For what it's worth at this point...

Something needs to be done to at least help these folks...

More on the YPJ...

Wake up, Republicans! The world is laughing at you!

Who would President Trump appoint to the Supreme Court?

Candy Kane. Get it?

A Saudi take on ISIS...

The Vatican doesn't like 'The Force Awakens'

The greatest Gift of all

A BETTER choice than Trump or Hillary!

Pray for the persecuted Church this Christmas...

The rise of the new Know-Nothings

The Star of Bethlehem: More likely a conjunction than a comet

Okay. Two things.

Trump might beat Hillary- but only if the Republicans nominate somebody else

Time out.

We can still do better. But we could do a lot worse.


Graham: Rational wing of the GOP has 'collapsed'

Let the Democrats never again accuse Dubyah of manipulating intelligence on Iraq

Politically correct cafeteria food

'The Force Awakens:' Spoilerless review

The real champion

This is no ordinary shark Donald Trump just jumped

Science is good.

It's simple.

Why those big, strong virile jihadists are scared to death by girls

'None are so blind...'

You're not going to believe this.

Free enterprise triumphs in the Middle Kingdom


Next gen fighter gives "Star Wars" a whole new meaning

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens:" A hit, it is

Trump, Cruz and Carson: when it comes to defense, Hillary would eat any of them alive

Pope Francis puts the cart before the horse and offers the world MRSA for the soul

Here's a thought!

Yeah, pretty much

You know, this just struck me

Iowa Republicans prepare to lose in 2016

Meet the "Iowan whisperer"

Here's a thought: Why not get a Center Right third party ready for 2016, just in case?


But he isn't Luke's father

A retraction and an apology

One cheer for the British

When you're a cop, you're not just guilty until proven innocent. You're guilty afterward, too.

Another example of why Donald Trump scares me to death

Will Venezuela soon be a friend again?

I may just do the unthinkable

The darkest hour of American religious freedom

I don't BELIEVE this!

The bigotry, intolerance, and totalitarianism of the secularist Left

Ok. Time to rile some conservatives for a change!

Countless college students will be scarred for life by this, poor dears!

You know that anti-ISIS coalition Obama put together?

Here we go again

I don't often agree with Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean...


Sooner booms