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Don't feel bad, Kerry backers

Some weeks ago, a blog (I forget which) held a contest asking supporters of Le Senateur Kerry to give reasons to vote for him, rather than against Mr. Bush.

There were no takers. Every single entry in the "contest" turned out to be an anti-Bush tirade with nothing in particular good to say about John Kerry.

When I reported the story, a Kerry supporter reacted angrily to it, observing that in pointing out the difficulty supporters of his man had justifying their support I had "made him sick." But he, too, was unable to express a coherent reason to vote for Kerry, as opposed to against Bush. His objection turned out to be yet one more illustration of the point.

Well, as Mark Steyn points out, the Kerry rank-and-file shouldn't feel so bad. All one has to do is to read the endorsements of those newspapers who are supporting the Senator from France to see that they couldn't think of any particular reason to justify voting for him, either.

Except, of course, that…

Zogby for Halloween

Good news for the President: John Kerry's brief one-point lead has turned out not to be a trend. The race is tied again at 48%.

I wouldn't get too worried about Kerry's leads in those battleground states in Zogby's poll, either. The critical states are to all intents and purposes toss-ups, and Kerry's lead in, say, Florida isn't reflected in other tracking polls.

Monday's Zogby may, if past cycles are any indication, give us something of an idea how the election is going to go- but only if one candidate or the other leads by multiple points. Right now, I wouldn't bet on it. As things now stand, this election is looking very much like a toss-up, and who that is good news for depends on which pollster or pundit you ask.

In wartime, undecideds usually decide not to switch horses in midstream. Otherwise, they tend to vote against the incumbent- unless the challenger is at least as much "the issue" as the incumbent is. The circumstances of this campa…

This should destroy Kerry. But it won't.

Two more documents have been uncovered demonstrating that Hanoi called the shots on John Kerry's 1971 propaganda campaign charging American servicemen with routinely committing war crimes.

It is a scandal that this guy is anywhere in the picture as far as the polls right now. Of course, the media will never report that their darling conspired with a nation with whom we were at war to slander our fighting men and undermine the war effort.

I opposed the war in Vietnam myself. But I didn't take orders from North Vietnam in doing so.

Bosox, not Botox

As a Cubs fan, I was delighted both in the end of the long draught of world championships for the Boston Red Sox and the resultant tempering of the swagger of the sometimes overbearing fans of our arch-rival (our "Yankees," if you will), the St. Louis Cardinals. The Curse of the Bambino is history; hopefully, next year the Curse of the Billy Goat, at long last, will also end.

Further, a victory for the Bosox doesn't translate into a victory for the Botox, even if M. Kerryis a Massachusetts Red Sox fan. Today World Series hero Curt Schilling urged everybody to go to the polls next Tuesday- and vote for President Bush!

Wit and Wisdom

Collected wit and wisdom on the election....

"No, it turns out Saddam Hussein didn't have weapons of mass destruction. And how crazy does that make Saddam? All he had to do was tell Hans Blix, 'Look anywhere you want. Look under the bed. Look beneath the couch. Look behind the toilet tank in the third presidential palace on the left, but keep your mitts off my copies of Maxim.' And Saddam could have gone on dictatoring away until Donald Rumsfeld gets elected head of the World Council of Churches. But no..." --P.J. O'Rourke

"You get the sense that if George W. Bush said it was sunny, John Kerry would rise in indignation to speak about how a 10 percent possibility of light rain proves that George W. Bush has not been honest with the American people." --John Podhoretz

"John Kerry's problem is that he can make a cigar store Indian look like he's overacting." --Argus Hamilton

"While the people of Afghanistan are celebrating their fi…

Zogby Tracking Poll- October 25

The Reuters-Zogby Tracking Poll shows Le Senateur Kerry having pulled to within one point of President Bush.

The count is now Bush 48%, Kerry 47%.

Meanwhile, Zogby's battleground state polls continue to show an extremely close and volatile race in the electoral vote column as well.

Please re-read my Wictory Wednesday post below. We may never have seen an election like this one. It might actually make us forget 2000!

Act now!

Wictory Wednesday, October 27

Well, Blogger is back up, or no longer backlogged, or whatever, so I can at last get on with my last Wictory Wednesday post of the campaign.

In 2000, New Mexico was decided by fewer than five hundred votes. Iowa was decided by a little over a thousand. This year, there is a potential for even more states to be decided by which highly-motivated and well-funded campaign does a better job of getting its voters to the polls on Tuesday.

We Bush Bloggers are asking you to do two things. First, we ask that you go to this site and choose among three options- depending on the time you have available and your level of experience- for helping the President get every possible vote.

The War on Terror, America's sovereignty over its own foreign policy, the Supreme Court, the recovery...all these and more depend on what happens next Tuesday- and what happens next Tuesday depends on which side does a better job of getting its voters to the polls. Don't spend the next four years wishing you'…

A recap of last time

As the Kerry forces continue to play dirty while implimenting out their already-outed plan to "preemptively" (the operative DNC memo's term) whine about voter intimidation by Republicans whether it happens or not, it's worth reviewing something the Democrats continue to lie about even after nearly four years, and can be expected to misrepresent even more in coming weeks: what really happened in Florida in 2000.

Kristalnacht continues

Hollister, California...the "tolerant" Left- which believes so strongly in free speech- continues its ongoing national Kristalnacht...

Kerrygate(s): Why no coverage?

In 1973, the Democrats helped bring down a President (deservedly) over Watergate.

Why has there been no coverage of the pattern of similar tactics used by the Kerry people?

There have already been scores of Watergate-style break-ins at various Bush/Cheney campaign headquarters around the country. Here is a mere sample. One must ask, what did Kerry's campaign know, and when did they know it? Or is it merely that Kerry attracts free-lance crypto-fascists to his candidacy?

Click on the link for each story:











Look for this pattern to continue as the election approaches and the post-election continues... but don't hold your breath waiting for the media to see the patte…

I have to agree here

As Election Day approaches once more, we again have to listen to the chorus of moans about the number of people who can't be bothered to vote.

I have to agree with the author of this article: if the unmotivated and uncaring don't want to vote, good! Why should the outcome be skewed by the participation of those who don't care, and who presumably are too uninformed to cast their votes intelligently?

Aren't we all better off if they don't vote? Maybe instead of trying to encourage higher voter turn outs, we should simply encourage better informed voters.

The Guardian sinks to new depths

First it was your occasional, random, hate-filled Leftist. Then it was an Air America talk show host. Then it was the Florida Democratic Party (though in fairness the Florida Democrats only called for non-lethal physical violence against a member of the Cabinet).

But now Britain's leading Leftist rag, The Guardian,has openly called for the assassination of the President of the United States.

A message from Arizona

If you remember, shots were fired into a Tennessee Bush-Cheney headquarters last week, presumably not by Undecideds.

This week, the following comes from a Bush-Cheney volunteer in Arizona:

I volunteer at the Lake Havasu City, Arizona republican headquarters
for Bush Cheney We made a police report on the bomb threat and also
called our local newspaper to report it. We were told by our newspaper
they would not do a story on the bomb threat because they were afraid of
alarming the community.

The Flagstaff attack followed only a day after a bomb threat against
the Bush-Cheney headquarters in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: the party of hate is
fast becoming the party of violence.

Bush lead holds: Zogby

Today's Reuters-Zogby tracking poll continues to show President Bush with the same two-point lead as yesterday-but with an especially strong "single day of polling."

John Zogby, the pro-life Democrat who runs the poll, comments: "Bush had a stronger single day of polling, leading Kerry 49% to 46%. For the first time, in the one-day sample Bush had a positive re-elect, 49% to the 48% who feel it's time for someone new. Also in the one-day sample, Undecideds were only 4%. Could Undecideds be breaking for Bush?"

Could be, John. Could just be.

Dem storm troopers in action

The Orlando Sentinel reports that union goons and other Democrat storm troopers are continuing the strongarm tactics they utilized earlier this month in trashing local Florida Bush-Cheney HQ's:

Early voting brings cries of bullying

By Brittany Wallman
Staff Writer

October 23, 2004

On Election Day, voters will be protected from campaign pressures by
a 50-foot cone, an invisible barrier that campaign workers cannot
breach. Not so for early voters.

While the Voter's Bill of Rights in state law says they have a right
to "vote free from coercion or intimidation by elections officers or
any other person," a glitch in the newer early voting law does not
include the same 50-foot guarantee.

As a result, with early voting taking place in busy public places
like City Halls and libraries, voters are voicing complaints of being
blocked by political mobs, or being singled out for their political
views. Others say they have been grabbed, screamed at and cursed by
political partisan…

Ed Koch: "Why I'm Voting for Bush"

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch explains something worth understanding very clearly:

Why I'm Voting for Bush
by Edward I. Koch
Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2004

The presidential election is less than three weeks away. I have never voted for a Republican for president. However, on November 2, I will vote for George W. Bush.
What has propelled me to the side of President Bush is his resolute, uncompromising behavior and dedication to winning the war against terrorism. In last Friday's debate, the president summed up his philosophy in three sentences. He said: "And abroad we are at war. And it requires a president who is steadfast and strong and determined. I vowed to the American people after that fateful day of September the 11th that we would not rest nor tire until we're safe."

Churchill was more eloquent in describing the situation confronting England during World War II. He stated, "We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and…

Good vs. evil

While I'm no great fan of the Houston Astros, my wife is an old friend of their manager, Phil Garner. And as a Cubs fan, of course, I root against the St. Louis Cardinals as a matter of principle. So I was disappointed by the outcome of the NLCS- though obviously not as disappointed as I was last year!

I am confident that in next year's NLCS I will have a chance for my Cubs- relativley injury free, and making use of the financial wherewithal the Cards don't have (St. Louis won't even be able to re-sign their own free agents!) to shore up their bullpen and add a legitimate leadoff man- to disappoint me fully once again.

In the meantime, while taking comfort from the Cardinal's sad financial situation (which will mean the loss of key free agents over the summer), lack of a farm system, and unlikely prospects for having two such seasons in a row without a bullpen, the immediate task will be to root our spiritual cousins, the Boston Red Sox, home to victory over those…

Blogs for Bush: Wictory Wednesdays

This is the second to last Wictory Wednesday, and it's an especially critical one. From all indications, voter turnout will decide this election!

Walk, don't run, to the nearest Bush-Cheney phonebank! And while you'e at it, visit this page!

You can find the Wictory Wednesday blogroll here.

You're not the only one!

Just got this in my email:

Subject: I'm confused

This was passed on to me, but I can't understand it. Maybe you can,

I'm trying to get all this political stuff straightened out in my head
so I'll know how to vote come November. Right now, we have one guy saying
one thing. Then the other guy says something else. Who to believe. Lemme
see; have I got this straight?

Clinton awards Halliburton no-bid contract in Yugoslavia - good...
Bush awards Halliburton no-bid contract in Iraq - bad...

Clinton spends 77 billion on war in Serbia - good...
Bush spends 87 billion in Iraq - bad...

Clinton imposes regime change in Serbia - good...
Bush imposes regime change in Iraq - bad...

Clinton bombs Christian Serbs on behalf of Muslim Albanian terrorists- good...
Bush liberates 25 million from a genocidal dictator - bad...

Clinton bombs Chinese embassy - good...
Bush bombs terrorist camps - bad...

Clinton commits felonies while in office - good...
Bush lands on aircraft carrier in jumps…

NAACP vote fraud project is FOR vote fraud ?

The assistant director of the NAACP's Ohio vote fraud project has been implicated in an attempt to fill out more than one hundred fraudulent voter registration forms in one of the election's most crucial states.

Chad Stanton of Defiance, Ohio was paid for the deed in crack cocaine by Georgianne Pitts of Toledo, who says that the Ohio NAACP's Thaddeus Jackson II put her up to it. Jackson resides in Cleveland.

Ohio is generally regarded as one of the three most critical states in the upcoming presidential election. Two weeks before the voting, and attempts are underway to steal Ohio for John Kerry already!

An interesting phenomenon

You know, I've doing this blog for over a year. I have gotten more than my share of negative responses from Kerry supporters and others on the Far Left. I have been called many names. I have been told that I make people sick, and that I should be ashamed of myself.

But not once have any of these poor, deluded folks explained why, or responded to what I had to say with an intelligent counter-argument.

But again...when your entire argument is irrational hate, you tend to be rather short on intelligent defenses of that position, or intelligent criticism of those who disagree with you. I guess it comes with the territory. All I can say is that I'm awfully glad that I'm supporting the candidate for whom intelligent arguments can be mustered, and opposing one whose supporters wouldn't recognize one if it ran over them.

The word from Zogby

Historically the most accurate poll- one run by a Democrat, by the way- tells the tale: Zogby's tracking poll has President Bush leading by four points, with the undecideds breaking his way.

This could be the best news yet- and a clear indication that despite the continued attempt by the media to spin a Kerry surge, the Good Guys are winning. It's particularly significant because John Zogby is the guy who said a couple of months ago that the race was Kerry's to lose.

If things are moving so strongly in the President's direction this late, the prospects for victory are indeed looking up!

There they go again!

Those sensitive, caring, politically correct Democrats are at it again.

Let us never again hear about how John Kerry's party cares about the mentally challenged- or about the supposed negativity of the President's campaign.

Lesbians and the mentally challenged, all within a week! Way to go, Democrats!

"Tehran John?"

I came across this press release today.

Fascinating. "Tehran John," indeed!

"TEHRAN JOHN" KERRY accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from
Pro-Iranian Lobby

Iranian Whistleblowers Disclose Kerry Accepted Hundreds of Thousands
of Dollars in Cash from the Pro-Iranian Lobby Hundreds of thousands
of dollars were given to Kerry from the Pro-Iranian Lobby, according
to SMCCDI coordinator Aryo Pirouznia, who has called an October 14,
9:15 am ET news conference in Washington, DC to disclose the details
(National Press Club, First Amendment Room, 13th floor).

The Keynote speaker at the news event is Dr. Jerome Corsi, who co-
authored the NY Times best selling book, "Unfit for Command."

Due in part to the high profile and credible participation of Dr.
Corsi, who is completing a book on the Iranian-Kerry connection
titled, "Atomic Islam," the Kerry campaign has doubled their efforts
to distance their candidate from the embarrass…

By George, I think he's got it!

I think the President won tonight- on style as well as on substance.

It's frustrating listening to the Senator from France get away with those absurd one-liners about our twelve-year "rush" into war in Iraq, and the "tax breaks for the rich" which everyone got, and which pulled the country out of recession. No wartime president has ever managed to avoid running a substantial deficit, either- and I wish that fact had been crammed down old John's patrician throat. This president is not the greatest debater in the world, and as the incumbent he couldn't get away with using charm as a substitute for forcefulness and focus. But winning the one debate where Kerry was supposed to be the strongest may just be what the doctor ordered- and it won't cost nearly as much as Kerry's healthcare plan!

Wictory Wednesday, October 13

Better late than never!

Only two more Wictory Wednesdays to go!

It's going to be a tough battle, people- and the consequences of the struggle we wage these next three weeks may well last a generation. Now is the time to make sure you don't spend the next four years regretting that you didn't do more! Volunteer now to help defeat John Kerry and keep a strong President whom we can depend on to protect us all in the White House!

And the Senate is important, too! Don't forget to send a check, if you can, to Dr. Tom Coburn's Senate campaign in Oklahoma!

You can find the Wictory Wednesday blogroll here!

Voting for Kerry will take REAL faith!

John Edwards gave a remarkable speech today at Newton High School in Newton, Iowa, just ten miles from my last parish. But never did I give a sermon like this:

'We will stop juvenile diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other debilitating diseases... When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going get up out of that wheelchair and walk again.'

Not only that, but John Kerry's inaugural address will be called "The Sermon on the Hill," and he'll walk on the Potomac as an encore.

Just as believable as most things coming from the Democrat ticket these days, I suppose.

Through the lense of history

No wartime U.S. President has ever been defeated for re-election.

Every wartime U.S. President, by the way, has run up a deficit- a point which, had it been raised, would have cleared the air of a great deal of demogogery during the second debate last week.

This election looks hard to call. While President Bush leads in most polls, most are within the statistical margin of error. The President's approval rating hovers around fifty percent; the good news is that John Kerry's is even worse.

Kerry seems, however, to be on a roll at exactly the right moment. Bush's arguable victory (or at least non-defeat) in the second debate seems not to have stopped the momentum switch to Kerry. With one more debate in the offing, that may or may not change. My guess is that the third debate, like the second, will have minimal impact on the race.

One of the columnists- I don't remember which one- made the sage observation this past week that Presidents of the United States are seldom if …

Heil Kerry?

The only documented case of strong-arm tactics in the 2000 Florida election involved the disruption of a heavily Republican Haitian precinct by Democratic thugs. Look for Democratic storm troopers to use physical intimidation against Bush voters this time, too- on a wider scale.

Afterward, they'll probably do some more hypocritical whining- supported by no particular evidence- about Republicans denying people the right to vote!

Misrepresenting Duelfer

The Duelfer Report convincingly makes President Bush's case for him on Iraq.

How odd that the media have spun it as doing the opposite, stressing Duelfer's conclusion that Saddam had no WMD at the moment of the invasion, and virtually ignoring Duelfer's analysis of the threat Saddam posed long-term!

Well, not odd, exactly. All too predictable, actually. But sad- and frustrating to those with a fondness for journalistic integrity.

Additional thoughts on Bush-Kerry II

Le Senateur Kerry says, on one hand, that he would never give a foreign government veto power over the commitment of American troops. On the other hand, he seems to have based his entire case against the Iraq war on the argument that we shouldn't have invaded Iraq until the UN and our so-called "allies' had been convinced. Doesn't he see the contradiction?

No. Of course not. The charitable assumption that Kerry's position is based on mere illogic won't hold. Although I wish President Bush had pointed this out last night, Kerry's actual argument is based on a wholly counterfactual assertion: that we rushed into Iraq without really giving the international process a fair shot. In fact, the UN Security Council passed a total of seventeen resolutions requiring Saddam to disarm under UN supervision- a requirement he never met- over the course of seventeen years. Anyone paying attention is aware of the drawn-out and intensive diplomatic struggles of the Bush Adm…

Round Two: a draw

A frustrating debate tonight.

Kerry keeps repeating this nonsense about how President Bush rushed into Iraq over the course of the twelve years and seventeen seperate UN resolutions that preceeded the invasion. No allusion to the broken French promise to support our resolution to go to war, but lots of utter nonsense about how he- Kerry-would supposedly talk "our allies" into joining us in such endeavors.

As if the French and the Germans would give him any diferent response than they've given Mr. Bush. And our allies are the countries which are already fighting by our side in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Having learned nothing from the umbrage the Polish government took earlier this week at Kerry's dismissal of their efforts, Kerry insulted the nations fighting by our side once again by the same implication. Glad to see the President call him on it.

Dubyah, regrettably, is no debater. Toward the end of the evening I thought he was effectively answering Thurston Howell III&#…

Dan Quayle?

I thought Dick Cheney creamed John Edwards last night, but Dick Morris's comparison to the Edwards performance to that of Dan Quayle in 1988 is going to far.

I thought that as disingenuous red herring mongering goes, Edwards did OK. Besides, while I don't know Dan Quayle. and he certainly isn't a friend of mine, I think he has a great deal more on the ball, issue-wise, than John Edwards does!

Wictory Wednesday, October 6

It's Wictory Wednesday again, and we Bush Bloggers are asking y'all to contribute this week to the candidacy of Richard Burr for U.S. Senator from North Carolina.

Then, too- as always- we're asking you to volunteer in the closing days of the most important Presidential campaign of our lifetimes. It's going to be another cliffhanger, folks- and President Bush will need every phone call you can make, and every doorbell you can ring!

The Bush Wictory Wednesday blogroll can be found here!

Who started stem cell research?

Courtesty Linda Eddy, Iowa Presidential

'Nuff said

Wait 'til next year!

Well, with today's loss, the Cubs are mathematically eliminated even from the dubious achievement of winning the Wild Card. All that's left of the baseball season for this kid is to root for the Cardinals to be eliminated ASAP. That leaves only the Bears left for me to root for between now and Spring Training, since there apparently isn't going to be a hockey season.

The Cards can't be lucky enough to have their entire staff pitching over their heads two years in a row. Jim Hendry will get us a closer and a second baseman, and we'll get 'em next year.

Go figure

According to the polls, most people think that M. Kerry won last night's debate.

Go figure.

With negatives like his, though, I don't think it will do him much good.