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Things learned this morning by watching local news

And now, the ELCA's position on homosexuality has been completely gutted

More and more Dems in Congress are becoming "born again" hawks where Iraq is concerned

The Cubs go rollin' on


Mother Teresa and the way of the cross

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"We're winning! Let's surrender!"

Remember Charlie Liu/Bobby Fletcher?

Tonight's game

The last day of the State Fair

Cubs 5, Cardinals 3

Those first-place Cubs

FDT visits the State Fair

Thompson's strategy: Get serious

MSNBC staff boos Bush State of the Union

Mitt has fit after Obama absurdity

Here's hoping Masters of Science Fiction gets better

Huckabee- NOT Romney- is the real winner at Ames

Cousin Gabby's famous homer featured on the Cubs' web page

Romney to score meaningless victory today at Ames

Leftist attorney registers domain for anti-Thompson smear site.

Rest in peace, "Brownie"

The reason for Spencer Abraham

Send in the clowns

By the way...