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Earth to Obama!

The Democrats- notably Barack Obama- are stuck in a time-warp on Iraq, portraying a war we're currently winning as the disaster it was some time ago. Barak Obama has been to Iraq exactly once, some years ago- and on that basis regards himself qualified to pontificate on our progress there. He's willing to meet with terrorists, and the heads of rogue nations- but not with our own commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petreaus.

Here's a useful perspective on the realities we're facing in Iraq, and in the War in Terror in general.

Not, of course, that it will do Obama any good. He just doesn't deal in reality. He prefers his fantasies of gloom and defeat.

Year of the Cub

The Cubs- who have the best record in the major leagues- are now fourteen games above .500.

The last time they entered June with the best record in baseball was in 1908- the last year they won the World Series.

Medved's interesting veep thoughts

Michael Medved- one of the smartest men in America, whose political judgement is even better than his talent at judging movies- has written a fascinating blog entry over at Townhall on just who John McCain should pick as his running mate.

He makes a strong argument for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, with an intriguing and impressive possibility I haven't heard mentioned before- Connecticut Gov. Mary Jodi Rell- as the alternative.

Worth a read. One thing's for sure: Mitt Romney isn't the answer, and neither is Mike Huckabee.

Sarah Palin might be- if only she had more experience.

Hubble gives spotty performance in viewing Jupiter

Jupiter- at 2.5 more massive than all the other planets combined- is not small.

It is, however, increasingly measly.

For about three hundred years- give or take a century- the King of the Planets has sported what amounts to a permanent Category 5 hurricane about three times the size of Earth in the tumultuous atmosphere of its southern equatorial region. The Great Red Spot, as it's called (being great, and red, and a spot) is probably the thing observers with telescopes try hardest to make out when viewing the biggest of our solar system's four massive gas giants.

About a decade ago, a series of smaller, white storms merged to form Red Spot Jr., or Oval BA as it's officially known. Now, the Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a third red spot,

Each is big enough to easily gobble Earth and leave room for desert.

Red Spot Jr., or "Little Red," had a near-collision with its big brother a few years ago, but escaped unscathed. The newest member of the family currently appea…

American socialism's last gasp

Barack Obama is a radical.

That's a basic fact of life apparent to anyone who has actually studied his record and his positions. He is the last gasp of '60's Movement politics, and the last politically significant paladin of American socialism.

The media, of course, paint their darling as a moderate. He is not. John McCain must not, and I trust will not, allow that silly conceit to go unchallenged.

Here are some thoughts from Carol Ann Shiver of The National Review on Obama's status as the candidate of the Hard Left, and the folly of pretending that he's anything else.

HT: Real Clear Politics

The poppies still grow...

(Note: The poppy is a symbol which, at least in the United States, is usually associated with Veterans Day, celebrated in November- on the anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I. But this year, I think, the appropriate time for thinking about poppies is before November.

In a public school third grade class- a couple of years before my first exposure to Luther's Small Catechism- I had to memorize the poem below. It was written by a Canadian veteran of World War I, but it speaks with the voice of the dead- and of the living- who have fought in every war. Substitute Antietam or Normandy or Hue or Falujah for Flanders fields, and the appeal that voice makes is just as compelling.

When we memorized the text, we were instructed to substitute the words "Take up no quarrel with the foe" for "take up our quarrel with the foe." After all, we were no longer at war with the Germans and the Austrians. But this particular Memorial Day, the original words seem mor…

On the other hand...

Robert Elart Waters's Aliases

Your movie star name: Robert Crushless

Your fashion designer name is Robert Belfast

Your socialite name is Drippo Washington, D.C.

Your fly girl / guy name is R Wat

Your detective name is Dog Luther South

Your barfly name is Fritos Jaegermeister

Your soap opera name is Elart 24th Place (I doubt it.
An alternatitve would be Elart Keeler, I suppose, or Elart Kedvale.)

Your rock star name is Chunky Quark

Your Star Wars name is Robatv Watdia

Your punk rock band name is The Contemplative Civic Center Piccaso

The Amazing Meganame Generator

In case you wondered

Your Mind is Orange

Of all the mind types, yours is the quickest.

You are usually thinking a mile a minute, and you could be thinking about anything at all.

Your thoughts are often scattered and random - but they're also a lot of fun!

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about esoteric subjects, the meaning of life, and pop culture.

What Color Is Your Mind?

When verbal blunders turn into policy

Barack Obama, the not-ready-for-prime-time presumptive nominee of the Democratic party for President of the United States, could not have picked a worse moment to stick his foot in his mouth about meeting Middle Eastern terrorists and friends of terrorists without prior conditions than this spring when gas prices have topped four dollars a gallon, and are still climbing.

Charles Krauthammer thinks that Obama started off by misspeaking- and then, in his haste to demonize the "cowboy diplomacy" of George W. Bush, painted himself so quickly and so completely into a corner that he had no choice but to make his verbal blunder policy. Sometimes mere candidates can get away with this, especially when (as in Obama's case) the media is firmly in their corner and not only downplaying their blundering but creating almost a daily series of pseudo-gaffes and faux scandals centering on their presumptive November opponents, as they continue to do with John McCain. But even this double…

Obama must lose for the right reason

Fascinating, isn't it, the way Barack Obama continues to backtrack from his downplaying of the threat Iran poses to the United States, and his willingness to meet personally with its nutty president? The naivette of Sen. Obama is startling in a man who finds himself so close to the White House. Only last night CNN was displaying electoral college maps which seemed to demonstrate his near inevitability.

In fact, he's a phenominally intelligent and charismatic man- without the first qualification to be President of the United States. He has held only one national office, and during the time he's been in the Senate he's spent such little time in Washington that it's reasonable to ask whether that even counts.

As his naive (and oft-modified) foreign policy statements would indicate, Sen. Obama has no foreign policy experience at all. To the extent he has one, he seems to espouse the Jimmy Carter make-nice-nice-to-the-bad-guys approach to what his supporters laughably cal…

I just realized something

The abomination whose creation the British Parliament has authorized (albeit in embryonic form) is in fact a creature from Greek mythology- the minotaur.

It should be pointed out today that no treatment for any disease has ever been derived from embryonic stem cell research, and that other approaches to the creation of pluripotent stem cells equally useful in research into Alzheimer's Disease, Parkonsonism, etc. have been shown to be feasible.

Anybody who maintains that the British vote is in any sense an advance for human dignity (!) or even a real step toward the alleviation of human suffering is responsible for a result of 100% bovine inheritance, bearing a Y chromosome.

In other words, it's pure bull.

I'll take that embryo without pickles and lettuce.

British MP's have approved the production of half-human, half-bovine embryos for research purposes.

There's a great deal of potential for humor here. The trouble is that the subject matter just isn't funny. The creation of half-human hybrids even in the embryonic stage is something grotesque enough that whether or not it shocks somebody might well be seen as a test of just how deeply that person's conscience is seared.

Or at least how badly his or her moral sensibilities have been ravaged by the ethical insanity of an age which considers species diversity- as important as it is- as being of greater importance than the ethical status of the human creature as something separate and distinct from the rest of creation.

Call it the image of God, or sentience, or what have you: he who truly fails to distinguish strictly between human beings and animals rarely ends up treating animals like human beings.

She usually ends up treating human beings like animals.

The implications of th…

Hamas DOES endorse Barak Obama

Barack Obama thinks that it's below the belt for John McCain to have pointed out that Hamas has explicitly endorsed him- Obama- for President of the United States. Apparently- though inexplicably- much of the main stream media agrees with Obama.

Well, here is a remarkable YouTube video in which, first, Obama opposes negotiating with Hamas before he was for it. Then comes the actual endorsement of Obama's candidacy by a Hamas spokesman, in which he compares the Illnois senator to John F. Kennedy and explicitly says that Hamas hopes he wins:

And here is some commentary by an expert on McCain's charge- which, as we just saw, is truthfully nothing more or less than a simple statement of objective fact :

Documentary proof: Jamie Rubin lied

Here is an actual tape of the statement by Sen. McCain reported by the Washington Post's Jamie Rubin as advocating negotiation with Hamas.

As you'll be able to see for yourself, McCain says no such thing:

The MSM's smear campaign against John McCain continues...

A random thought....

Is Mola Ram on the Missouri Synod's Board of Evangelism?

Jamie Rubin is a liar.

The nutroots- led by The Huffington Report- have been showing a carefully edited version of a statement by Sen. McCain which makes him appear to be saying that he is in favor of negotiating with Hamas. The video follows a widely-reported article in the Washington Post in which Leftist Jamie Rubin misrepresents McCain's statement in precisely that fashion.

Here is Sen. McCain's actual- unedited- position. Note that he's even wearing the same clothing he was wearing in the version being circulated among the nutroots:

More on Rubin's deception here.

Obama displays his foreign policy fecklessness

Remember the uproar when John McCain- correctly- pointed out that the Iranians were supporting fellow Shi'ite Muqtada al-Sadr in making war against American troops in Iraq?

Well apparently nobody has even noticed that Barak Obama- a foreign policy neophyte who is as innocent as the driven snow when it comes to dealing with foreign governments, yet is being touted by the MSM as the best potential president since Abe Lincoln- apparently thinks that people in Afghanistan speak Arabic!

He also thinks that farmers in Iraq, like those in Afganistan, cause us problems by growing opium poppies.

They don't.

HT: Pejaman Yousefzadeh

This is ridiculous even for the New York Times!

Here are Ed Morrisey's comments on one of the most ridiculous pieces of writing we're apt to see even from the New York Times in its ongoing series of spurious hit pieces on John McCain: the notion that John McCain was prevented from confronting the realities and lessons of the Vietnam War because he spent so much of it being tortured and held captive by the North Vietnamese!

Top of the world, ma!

The Cubs, btw, are now tied with the other NL division leaders- Arizona and Florida- for the best record in baseball, namely 23-15.

The defending world champion Red Sox, at 24-17, have more wins- but a lower winning percentage.

Paulista screwballs plan to act the part at St. Paul

The Ron Paul nuts are apparently planning to stage an embarassing tantrum against John McCain at the Republican convention in St. Paul.

Could backfire. It will simply underscore the point that the Republican loonies are sore losers.... while the Democratic loonies will, as usual, be running the show.

As for the Paul wing of the Party, we need them like we need a hole in the head. Ron Paul is the Jar Jar Binks of the GOP, and the role of chronic embarassment is about the only role he has to play in it.

Newsweek joins the MSM smear campaign

Consider this piece of partisan garbage masquerading as journalism.

For eight years, the entire case against George W. Bush, according to his partisan critics, has consisted in the allegation that he is a diabolically clever but somehow
stupid mass murderer who looks like a smirking chimpanzee.

Even after fellow national guardsmen came forward to share memories of serving with him at an Alabama air base where he was alleged not to have reported, not only partisan Democrats but media types continued to repeat the discredited lie- even four full years after it was discredited, during the President's re-election campaign. Claims of having stolen Florida and the election in 2000 were routinely made by the very people who actually tried to steal them by disenfranchising military personnel and through their crooked manual recount.

The attacks against Bush and his administration have been so heavily ad hominem and top heavy with outright slander that at many junctures during the past eight y…

Getting back at the Diamondbacks

Last year, the Arizona Diamondbacks swept my Cubs out of the playoffs in the first round.

But yesterday, the Cubs completed a three-game sweep of the Snakes- the team with the National League's best record- at Wrigley Field.

This is not last year.

Is a puzzlement

Herein John Kass of the Chicago Tribune poses an interesting- and obvious- question: how is it that Barack Obama- child of the corrupt world of South Side Chicago politics- has hitherto been able to present himself as a pristine and unblemished reformer, of all things?

The answer: Obama is unvetted. He's a former state senator who has hardly been around the U.S. Senate to make a name for himself either for good or for ill nationally. At the state level, he wasn't prominent enough to create a profile, either.

Hence, everybody is free to project on to him their own wishes and fantasies- and they do, especially if they work in the media.

The media's love affair with Obama is a wonderful thing for us Republicans. Sooner or later, somebody is going to do what nobody has done yet: take a good look at this guy's life and career. I'm not saying that there are necessarily frightening skeletons in the Obama closet, or even any skeletons at all. But he isn't he person the MS…

Baby boomers: The Least Generation

Some day I'd like to write a book about my generation. Generation of Vipers is one possible title; a book by that name came out in the early 'Sixties, but I think enough time has passed for another to use that title. Another possible title- and maybe a better one- is The Least Generation: How the Baby Boomers Ruined America.

In case you haven't guessed, I'm not a big fan of us Boomers. We are, in essence, a generation of spoiled brats, handed a level of prosperity and opportunity no generation before us in any country had ever had. We quickly decided that we were born entitled, and demanded that the world conform to our whims. When it failed, we had a decade-long temper tantrum called the 'Sixties.

We like to kid ourselves that we are uniquely compassionate. In fact, we're the generation that has embraced the casual murder of the unborn as yet another one of our rights. We rejected, by and large, the notion that we have any obligation to anybody but ourselves. I…

McCain on defending the defenseless

Conservatives are not heartless.

He who would forbid the pulling of babies limb from limb in utero is not the heartless one; rather, it is the one who regards it as a constitutional right who might be suspected of lacking that particular organ.

Here, Republican presidential nominee-to-be John McCain speaks eloquently about the necessity of defending those among us who are the most vulnerable.

Liberals should take compassion lessons from the man.

Happy Cinco de Mayo

This is the anniversary of the victory of the Mexican army, loyal to the great President Benito Juarez (often called "the Abraham Lincoln of Mexico"), over the French supporters of the puppet Emperor Maximilian at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

It's been the Mexican national holiday ever since.

Dr. Adams on the divisions in the LCMS

Preachrblog links to a fine article and chart detailing the division in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, describing the three main groups and their characteristics and beliefs.

Anybody interested in the sad situation in that divided and confused church body, or in American Lutheranism generally, should take a look.

FINAL RESULTS: watersblogged! Republican Vice-Presidential Poll

Who should John McCain's running mate be?

1) Mitt Romney

2) Sarah Palin

3) Mike Huckabee

3) J.C. Watts

5) Condi Rice

5) Charlie Crist

7) Rudy Giuliani

7) Tim Pawlenty

7) Mark Sanford

7) Fred Thompson

11) Other

12) Duncan Hunter

13) Haley Barbour

13) Colin Powell

15) Elizabeth Dole

15) Mike Pence

17) Tom Coburn

17) Joe Lieberman

19) Marsha Blackburn

19) Jim DeMint

19) Kay Bailey Hutchinson

19) Rob Portman

19) Tom Ridge

19) Richard Burr

Rude, crude- and rather pointless.

He was reported by the Huffington Report to be Baptist minister(!)

He got into the meeting posing as a journalist.

The Des Moines Register, Iowa's best Red newspaper, bought his story hook, line and sinker.

In reality, he's a Barak Obama supporter who used to work for the Biden campaign- and yesterday he asked John McCain a rude and obscene question which prompted the Republican Presidential nominee-to-be to respond in a very appropriate fashion.

One question about this incident I can't get out of my mind: what was this dude trying to accomplish?