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...the caucus scuttlebutt here in Iowa is that Mike Huckabee has passed Fred Thompson in the polls and is now foremost of the Republican candidates distantly trailing Mitt Romney.

Romney poured tons of money into Iowa from the very beginning, and has put on such a well-funded, strong and lengthly media campaign that he may be unbeatable. Thompson and Rudy Giuliani are right behind Huckabee.

Looks like four "tickets" out of Iowa this year, instead of the usual three.

Baseball dodges a bullet

Baseball has a true world champion again this year. It almost didn't.

The game dodged the bullet posed by the presence in the World Series of yet another team not even good enough to win its own division over the long haul of the season, yet allowed to presumptuously contest the championship of all of baseball. And this time, the integrity of the game won out.

I've figured all along that the American League team- either Boston or Cleveland- would clean the floor with the whatever National League team made it to the Series, simply because both teams are so much better than any of the playoff teams from the Senior Circuit. What wound up happening is only further proof that even a lesser team that gets as very hot for so very long as the Colorado Rockies did cannot, in the last analysis, stand up to a truly deserving world champion that relies on talent rather than luck.

Hats off to the Red Sox- though after winning World Series two of the past four years, at this point they've …

'Is he not a son and a brother?'

The parallel between abortion on demand and slavery has always seemed to me to be a striking one. In both cases, a living member of our species is reduced to the status of a chattel and treated, to all intents and purposes, as the property of another. Either can be justified only by dehumanizing the victim, and treating him or her alike a chair or a comb or a spare tire, to be disposed of as one wills.

This article is a remarkably thoughtful and measured expansion on that theme. I commend it to you.

Carnival time!

Lutheran Carnival LXI is up at House, M.Div. - one of the more refreshing blogs I've come across of late in either the Lutheran or the general blogosphere. The title of the blog- whimsical as it is- will give a good clue as to its content: biting, sarcastic, somewhat cynical (in a healthy sort of way) and irreverent (except to the things of God) humor that unerringly finds its mark and then twists in a little deeper. Bound to be infuriating to synergists, methobapticostalite Jesus-mongers, those with a functional view of the OHM, and all those unable to give an account for (or of) the hope that is in them other than the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in their hearts.

But if Pastor House is addicted to anything as Dr. House is to painkillers, it's sound, biblical and Lutheran doctrine. Don't miss this blog.

Or the Carnival, either.

'Do you know who I am?'

The above is said to be John Kerry's catch phrase when not instantly deferred to by his social inferiors (read: ordinary Americans). Apparently his attitude is spreading to others on the plutocratic Left, their egalitarian rhetoric notwithstanding.

Here is an interesting post on what seems to be a recent uptick in overweening arrogance on the part of members of the MSM. The Iowa connection is interesting. No, I didn't know who he was.

In fact, after reading the article, I barely know now.

Farsi farce

PBS did its usual partisan job the other night with a documentary explaining how the Bush Administration ignored signals from the well-meaning "moderates" who used to run Iran that they wanted to patch things up between our countries. Supposedly this effort had the blessing of the clerics, even. The underlying assumption, of course, was that the self-serving memories of Iranian jihadists are inherently more reliable than the publicly taken positions and publicly explained policies of an American president whom PBS doesn't happen to like.

Par for the course.

Hillary implicated in Leftist attempt to buy blog support

"Bloggergate-" the subversion of the blogosphere by the illegal payment of Democratic and generally Leftist campaign and PAC money to left-wing bloggers in order to create a critical mass of "grass roots opinion" in support of their causes- is an underreported phenomenon on the web.

So too is Hillary Clinton's involvement in the scandal.

Murder isn't a matter of Federalism

I'm deeply disturbed by this drivel on the Draft Thompson '08 blog.

The only evidence we have that Teri Schaivo wanted to be offed by starvation was the word of her husband, Michael- the one with the most to gain. And I'm sorry, states righters, but murder by starvation legitimized on the basis of hearsay is a clear violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Federal Constitution.

This is not a states' rights issue, and Fred Thompson's inept response to that question about Schaivo is not helped by efforts to portray it as such. In fact, this post causes my waivering support for FDT to waiver still further.

No real World Series this year

A wild card team- the Colorado Rockies, who were unable to win their own division- are the cheese champions of the National League.

Cubs fan though I am, I'll be rooting for the American League team in what will laughingly be called the World Series. A victory for the Indians or the Red Sox is the only way we'll have a world champion this year whose title means anything.

Coulter foams at the mouth once again

Ann Coulter is both beautiful and brilliant. What stops her from being my dream woman is that she also has a nasty streak in her a mile wide- and is quite capable of baldly promulgating blatant falsehoods on occasion.

Her recent column taking Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson to task is a case in point. Defending Huckabee falls to his supporters; I'm a Thompson man, despite my doubts about his responses to questions about the Supreme Court-recognized right of their families to kill sick people, and the question of whether even state legislatures are competent to redefine society's oldest and most basic institution- marriage-to include people of the same gender.

I happen to agree that Bill Clinton should have been removed from office for lying a grand jury under oath about his relationship with Monica Lewinski. But the fact remains that his relationship with Lewinski was not material to the subject matter of the investigation, and therefore, legally, did not constitute perjury. …

Chicken Little wins a Nobel Prize

I know. I couldn't believe my eyes, either. But Al Gore has indeed won a Nobel Prize.

Now there's a renewed call for the man whose hot air is the real cause of global warming to run for the White House. Again.

I wonder whether Florida Democrats will allow all the absentee ballots of their state's soldiers serving under fire to be counted this time- and maybe be a little less successful in their efforts to record the votes of convicted felons.The first group, you see, tends to vote Republican by about two to one; the second votes Democratic by about the same margin. Were it not for Democratic monkey business in those two areas in 2000, Florida wouldn't have been close enough for the Gore folks to whine about.

Well, come to think of it, since all their complaints were about areas in which the election was run by Democratic officials, they didn't really have anything to whine about anyway. Not that that stopped them, of course.

Being Osama bin Laden

This was forwarded to me by a Center Left friend who routinely warns me when I begin to foam at the mouth. It's a look at the theology of Al Qaeda; at what goes on, not in Osama's rhetoric toward the West, but in his head.

His is not an irrational movement lacking ideas. It is merely a movement lacking rational ideas.

Elegy over the grave of another Cub season

Next year, the Cubs will have new owners.

By winning he division this year, Jim Hendry has made a case for remaining as their GM (Walt Jocketty, in case you haven't heard, is leaving St. Louis; both he and manager Tony LaRussa are rumored to be heading to Cincinnatti). Unless Hendry acts decisively over the winter to turn a team that won 83 games, barely won baseball's weakest division, and was swept in the NLDS into a team that can win 95 or more, rank close to the top of the whole league, and have an honest shot at going all the way, he'll deserve to be fired by the new owner, divisional title or not.

Carlos Zambrano is not Brandon Webb. We need a stud at the top of the rotation, not merely an often-dominating pitcher who can eat up innings but can't be counted on to be a true stopper. Z simply isn't consistent enough for that role. Hendry did well do build his team this year on the assumption that neither Mark Prior nor Kerry Wood would be around, or at least able…

Best-of-five baseball series prove nothing

Best-of-five baseball series are travesties- and I'm not just saying that because my Cubs are down two games to none in the NLDS.

With the advent of the wild card, baseball essentially stopped pretending that the result of the post-season was supposed to have very much to do with merit, anyway. The proliferation of hoops a team had to jump through to reach the World Series further contributed to the degree to which getting hot at the right time, or simply dumb luck, really decides who winds up being world champions.

But baseball plays a long season for a reason. It's the nature of the game that one game- or even two or three- proves very little; it's only over the long haul that the true merits of a team are tested. And any series shorter than best-of-seven is really more of a crap shoot than a contest. If there must be divisional series, they need to be best of seven, just like the LCS and the World Series itself.

I am even less happy...

with Fred Thompson's proposed "compromise" on gay marriage than I am with his disturbing reaction to those questions about human euthanasia.

The problem with gay "marriage" isn't simply that judges, rather than state legislatures, legalize it. The problem is that it's an oxymoron- which is why it simply isn't appropriate to treat it as an appropriate concept no matter how it's legalized.

Sputnik I plus fifty years

Exactly fifty years ago today, the complacency of the world- and especially that of the United States- was shattered by the "beep..beep...beep" sound broadcast back to Earth by a tiny metal ball called Sputnik. Its launching proved, first, that the Soviet Union had rockets capable of delivering nuclear warheads to targets in the United States from its own soil (we had no rockets capable of reciprocating the favor), and- in some ways more frightening- that the United States was not, after all, as supreme in the realms of science and technology as we had assumed. In fact, the other superpower demonstrated through the series of space spectaculars of which the orbiting of Sputnik I was only the first example that it had, at least in some ways, left our science and technology in the dust.

Ivan could read and do arithmetic, we were told; Johnny could not. Why were we not putting more emphasis, we asked ourselves, on scientific education? Why were we not more concerned about the w…