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'...And what rough beast, its hour come round at last...'

"A 'kick me' on his backside"

'Christian, Christian-influenced, anti-Christian'

Hillary's own private spy network?

Douhat calls out Planned Parenthood's backers on their 'non-existent tape' misdirection play

In case you missed something...

Is Rand Paul the next GOP candidate to bite the dust?

Pants on fire, Planned Parenthood defenders

Loyalty has its place

So what else is new?

Maybe we just don't want grownups governing us

NASA discovers flowing water on Mars! Today!

Back to the days of the Borgias and Medicis?

You tell 'em, President Harrison

Condom-throwing femiNazis assault Carly at Iowa Hawkeyes game

Tonight, we'll see a big, red moon

Who is he to know what he's talking about? (Apparently the question is who am I to know?)

Cue the Monty Python theme

Not that the wildcard, being an abomination, is anything to celebrate, but...


Marco is making his move in Iowa


DA says Kane rape kit tampering was "an elaborate hoax;" dismissal of charges seems likely

I'm afraid I'm really starting to like Stephen Colbert after all

Oh, please.

Rubio is starting to get it

Trump is becoming an old joke

Boehner hounded out of the speakership- and Congress

Glorying in their shame

More sordid developments in the Kane case

Also sprach Yogi

Kane rape kit allegedly tampered with- and then left on the doorstep of the victim's mom

What about all those loony Democrats?

I'm no fan of Donald Trump...

About some things, Pope Francis speaks in code

In a head-to-head matchup with Hillary....

Unintentional (and very dark) humor from Planned Parenthood and its supporters

Meanwhile, in Germany...

And to think I used to be a member of this outfit...

It was a Boo-Boo.

Steinem and the New York Tiimes have it wrong

CAUTION: Warning people about behavior that can be fatal can be fatal to your career

More thoughts on Walker's exit: Did CNN and Fox give him the short end of the stick?

Donald Trump: 'The woman you date- but not the woman you marry'

Walker walks the plank

Bad move, Governor.

Gaffe or insight? Joe Biden says that life begins at conception!

Excellent scholarship, I must say

Walker will withdraw from the GOP race tonight

Taranto agrees: It's time for the 'fact-checkers' to stop lying to us

I have to agree

No DNA evidence in Patrick Kane rape case

Smart, Carly

A little economic common sense...

Just saying, New York Times

Colorado traffic safety, teen behavior going to pot

Any comments, Pope Francis?

Hopefully, Iowans will recover from their tanTrump by February

CNN poll says that Carly is now Number Two

Yeah. Pretty much.

The pope should stop talking nonsense

Another one bites the dust

Good for the Vatican

Hint: It ain't Donald Trump

Climate doubters need to be answered, not just mocked. Or prosecuted!


These cartoons...

It's starting

Guess who this anonymous Lyft driver in Chicago is

The bigger (blowhards) they are...

'Highly edited video,' my gluteus maximus (WARNING: Actual abortion footage)

Axelrod on why Trump won't last

Rendering unto God the things that are God's

Lowry on the media's Trump obsession

Carly's Achilles' heel

Calling the thing what it is

More in-your-face from Obama: a fashionably gay Secretary of the Army

In case you missed Wednesday night's debate, here it is

The Great American Heresy

The crackpot candidate who appeals to crackpots

You tell him, Jeb!

Are the NFL and NHL's days numbered?

If this is 'transcending politics,' I'd hate to see an in-your-face act of hostility

The NYT on Trump overload

That's also pretty impressive

And now, for something TRULY bizarre

And now, for something completely different, as Monty Python would say

Fighting a guerrilla war against marriage redefinition

You go, girl!

From your computer, John, to God's inbox

President Obama plans to be rude to the pope

This puts a chip on my shoulder

Heaven help us...

The highlight of the night


And speaking of another incomprehensible being whose enraptured followers are oblivious to the personal consequences of their own misguided loyalty...

Haven't we had enough of the cult of personality in the last eight years?

Cherish your property rights?

The Donald isn't even that good a businessman

Jindal has more to say about The Donald. And once again, he's right on target!

Tonight's debate should be interesting

Patrick Kane or no Patrick Kane...

Need proof that Donald Trump is a RINO?

A fair prediction

60% say that Trump is unqualifed; Nate Silver gives him a 5% chance of winning the nomination

Pretty much.

Chicago circles the drain, and drags Illinois down with it

How RINO Trump is not only turning less-than- thoughtful conservatives into unwitting RINOs, but getting them to call real conservatives RINOs

And speaking of Donald Trump's boorish and juvenile behavior...

Seinfeld nails it: Don't argue with Trump. React to him by sympathizing with his pathology.

This is what abortion is. Don't watch this video if you don't want to know- or can't handle knowing.

So Benghazi is a witch hunt?

Another reason to reject Ben Carson

CNN: Jeb, Carson now beat Hillary; Trump only ties her

A cheerful thought about Western society. For a change.

Not to worry, Blackhawk fans

We need the truth about Patrick Kane

Kim Davis should resign

When is the Gospel not the Gospel? When the Law isn't the Law.