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More evidence of Americans' biblical ignorance- or apathy

According to a new Rasmussen poll, 60% of Americans favor women in the pulpit.  The New Testament, of course, explicitly forbids this in 1 Timothy 2:12, among other places.

Only 16% know their Bibles well enough to oppose women's ordination (or even care what the Bible says about it).  25% are undecided.

Meanwhile- incredibly- 43% support openly gay and lesbian individuals in the pulpit, despite the fact that every stratum of both Testaments consistently declare homosexual behavior to be sinful (both homosexuality as a condition and "sexual orientation" are recent concepts unknown in biblical times; it is the act of men having sexual relations with men and women doing so with women which is condemned).  I Corinthians 6:9-10 explicitly mentions homosexual activity as behavior such that "those who do such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God."

It seems that a plurality of the American people come under the condemnation of Romans 1:26-32.

At one level, the …

Not to be cocky, or anything....

Tom Ricketts has called his shot: the Cubs win the division in 2015- and maybe the World Series.

Dude, you don't know how much I hope you're right. But there is such a thing as hubris.

Especially for the owner of a team that's been bad as long as the Cubs have.

We'll get there. Soon. But don't jinx it for us, Tom!

This is- excuse the expression- rich

Howard ("I Have a Scream') Dean- remember him?- his brother Jim, and seven moonbat aldermen have declared war on "The Godfather," Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

It seems that the mayor who doesn't think that people who oppose gay "marriage" should be allowed to open restaurants in his city isn't sufficiently crazy Left for some folks.

"Mayor 1%," as one book of... um, interesting perspective... calls Emanuel, somehow doesn't come across as a stooge of corporate interests, whatever else might be said of the man. But hey. Since when are politics on the lunatic fringe supposed to make sense?

Has the Mennonite Christian wing had enough?

It looks like many of those in the Mennonite church who are fed up with hypocrisy where following Jesus is concerned are organizing a new denomination in the face of the growing blight of apostasy in the Mennonite Church USA.

Hopefully the new Mennonite group will do a better job of reclaiming their denominational heritage than ELCA spinoffs like the NALC and the LCMC have done. The first step is to bring front and center a distinction which the Lutheran breakaway groups have followed the ELCA in largely ignoring: the distinction between exegesis (interpreting Scripture) and eisegesis (imposing one's own agenda on it).

At least he didn't say that it was Bush's fault. Exactly.

Believe it or not, I just rode down in my apartment building elevator with a guy who blames "Republican corporations" for the criticism of the Patriots for "deflategate," and even for the spying scandal of several years ago.

I'm afraid I wasn't very gracious with the gentleman. In fact, to be honest, I was inexcusably rude. But I am getting so, so sick of the hysterical, paranoid class warfare being waged by the Democrats, the party that only has a left wing.

Especially when I have to deal with it before my first cup of coffee.

Good-bye, Ernie. If I were a Buddhist, I'd say 'Let's play two.'

But I'm not- so I'll use an analogy closer to my own faith tradition.

In both movie versions of "Angels in the Outfield," a baseball-loving angel tells a manager who is in the process of deciding which of two pitchers should start a pennant-deciding game that one of the options will be "called up" by heaven's team come Spring. Well, Hall of Famer Ernie Banks, one of the franchise's best prospects, has been "called up," reporting to the Parent Club on Friday, after suffering a heart attack.

"They called him 'Mr. Cub'," said White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf. "But he was really 'Mr. Baseball.'"

I can't possibly find the words to explain what this man meant to me. He was a man of incredible courage and grace. One of the pioneer African-American players in Major League Baseball, he was universally beloved by white and black fans alike. A genuinely good-hearted man who never had a mean word to say about an…

Walker wows 'em here in the Hawkeye State

Keep your eye on this Scott Walker guy. He's making quite an impression here in Iowa.

In a year in which both the rank-and-file and the general public say that they want a fresh face, Walker could certainly be it. And the way he's handled the public employees' unions during his time in Madison should certainly please the "red meat" crowd.

The question is whether he can attract the votes of independents. Which, when you come down to it, is the real question where all of the "movement" conservatives candidates have to answer if they're going to deserve to be taken seriously as potential 2016 nominees.

HT: Drudge Report

Romney, Bush, Carson and Walker lead the GOP pack: Rasmussen

At this stage, it's Romney, Bush, Carson and Walker.

Given their advantage in name recognition, it's no surprise that Mitt and Jeb lead the pack; that's about all that could possibly drive a campaign for a presidential nomination this early in the game. But Scott Walker's presence among the leaders bodes well for whatever presidential ambitions the often-elected Wisconsin governor may harbor, and Dr. Ben Carson's represents an even more impressive early success by direct-mail and other media efforts on behalf of somebody who is otherwise pretty much unknown.

The Democrat slander machine will be spewing mud at an unprecedented rate if the hated Walker is nominated. After all, he's the guy who took on the predatory public employees' unions in Wisconsin- and not only made it stick, but won a recall election and then was elected to a second term thereafter, both by impressive margins.

And an African-American like Dr. Carson, who refuses to behave like a sheep, …

Purple Barack is back

In the leadup to the 2008 presidential campaign, Sen. Barack Obama campaigned as the Purple Person- a uniter who believed in compromise, civility and dialog.

Once elected, he has governed as one of the most ideologically rigid presidents in our history, and surely one of the most divisive and uncompromising.

Apparently Purple Barack was brought back to deliver the State of the Union speech last night. Once again, the man is all reasonable and irenic again.

Fool me once....

It took me nearly as long to post this as it did for Alonzo Cushing to get his Medal of Honor

This was originally going to be a jeremiad against the 151- year delay in Alonzo Cushing being awarded the Medal of Honor. Alas, I've procrastinated about writing this post for so long that the story is now news nearly as old as the story of Cushing's valor at Gettysburg. But even so, that valor and its much-delayed recognition both need to be acknowledged.

Many people don't realize how close Pickett's Charge came to succeeding. The outcome of the Battle of Gettysburg hung very much in the balance in the late afternoon of July 3, 1863, when troops under the command of Gen. Lewis Armistead broke through the Union center on Cemetery Ridge. The spot is memorialized on the battlefield and in history as the "Confederate High Water Mark."

Fierce hand-to-hand fighting broke out, and all but one of the Union artillery batteries in that part of the field were captured by Armistead's men and turned against the Union defenders. Cushing commanded the only Federal b…

Just thought I'd quote myself

Just said this as a response to one of the posts in the Confessional Lutherans group on Facebook. And I feel so strongly about it that I'm going to re-post it as a status:

The social Darwinism of a great many LCMS Lutherans must make Jesus as sick as the pro-abortionism and marriage revisionism of a great many ELCA types. Nor have I ever been able to reconcile the attitude of many political conservatives toward government (not excessive government, mind you, or government which oversteps its divinely-instituted role, but government as such) with Romans 13. And I have to admit that I find it awfully difficult to see how one can be simultaneously a Christian and a libertarian.

That said, it's only the Kingdom of the Right hand which is "not of this world." God is also the God of the Kingdom of the Left. But a truly biblical political program would receive little support from either the Right or the Left these days: to much of an emphasis on compassion to suit the Right…

First 'Back to the Future II,' and now Anthony Rizzo

It seems that the Cubs' Anthony Rizzo is confident about the upcoming season. And with good reason. What with Jon Lester, Kris Bryant, and several other impact players joining the rapidly improving Bruins, the future seems bright.

In fact, even the immediate future wseems bright.

Happy, happy! Joy, joy! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Can anyone doubt that the Cubs will win the 2015 World Series, as "Back to the Future II" predicts? The stars seem to be lining up, in both senses of the word "stars-" though admittedly, if we win the Series, it probably won't be against Miami, as the movie predicted. And in the film, the pre-season odds against the Cubs were 100-1 to win it all. Right now their odds of doing just that are 12-1.

Yes, 12-1. That's what I said. Only the Dodgers, Angels, and Nationals are given better odds by Vegas at this point.

So can anybody doubt that the Cubs will win the 2015 World Series?

Well, yes.

Me. After all, I've suffered …

The lastest rumblings from the Monsters of the Midway

First, it appears virtually certain that John Fox will be the next coach of the Chicago Bears.

Secondly, Dennis Allen will probably be the Bears' defensive coordinator, if the above report is true. But coaches all over the NFL desperately want the job.

Third, reports that Brandon Marshall is gone are apparently untrue. Which, despite his continuing maladaptive behavior (probably springing from his Borderline Personality Disorder- a psychiatric illness which, unlike nearly all who have it, Marshall has courageously owned) is a good thing. As good as the Bears' receiving corps has become otherwise, Marshall would not easily be replaced.
Still no definitive word on Jay Cutler, but my guess is that he stays at least one more season. But my guess is also that 2015 will be his last chance, at least in Chicago.

I wonder whether the Bears will draft a quarterback this time around, and maybe even trade up to do it.

HT: Yardbarker

A riddle

The reek (smoke) of Master Hamilton infected as as many as it blew upon. -- An anonymous witness to the execution of Scottish Lutheran martyr Patrick Hamilton in 1528The blood of the martyrs was the seed of the Church. -- Iranaeus

What happened in Europe during the Middle Ages that is still happening in many Islamic lands today?

While I am no fan of islamophobia- a very real phenomenon in Western society today, especially on the Right- perhaps its time for us to wake up and smell the burning flesh. It's not necessary to blame Islam as such for the behavior of these animals. But we need to recognize Satan by the smell of brimstone, from whatever direction the smoke is blowing.

May what Iranaeus said of the ancient martyrs be true of the new ones as well.

Maybe we're not complete idiots after all

A new survey shows that Independents now greatly outnumber both Republicans and Democrats- and by record numbers.

I want to make it very clear that I am not personally advocating any of the positions which I argue below are wrongly excluded from our political dialog. I am merely suggesting that if they were part of the debate, our conclusions might be more thoughtful, more helpful, and more beneficial to all of us, even if they are rejected (which in at least some of the cases I would hope that they would be).

Consider one controversial issue. Remember the disclaimer with which I closed my last paragraph, now.

Ever since Roe v. Wade was handed down, polls have shown that, by a wide margin, Americans 1) do not want to see abortion outlawed, but 2) oppose the legality of abortion for the reasons that nearly all abortions are, in fact, performed in this country (that different questions in  the same polls consistently have shown  these results down through the years rather clearly compel…

The conclusions of these scientists are 'wrong' ideologically. Therefore they MUST be wrong scientifically. MiniTruth says so.

Two out of three scientists at a climate crisis conference in India have concluded that fears of anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming have been "greatly exaggerated."

Their conclusion, of course, is wrong. Incontrovertible evidence of this can be found in the fact that it contradicts the ideology of "progressives." It will be disproven shortly- and count on it: the "objective" leftists in the field of climate study will torture the data in any way necessary to do so.

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On immigration, U.S. voters are hard line

It seems that the U.S. voter is in no mood to compromise when it comes to illegal immigration.

According to a new Rasmussen poll, most of us would tell the Mexican government either to halt illegal immigration or lose all U.S. aid.

This merely underscores the political necessity of halting illegal immigration if a reasonable and compassionate solution to the problem of undocumented aliens already in this country is going to be found,

Shouldn't the Lutherans be invited?

2017 will mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation- or rather, of Martin Luther's nailing of his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, the event usually regarded as the beginning of the Reformation.

The year will be marked by various cooperative celebrations by the Roman Catholic church and the Lutheran World Federation.

But wouldn't it be nice if the Lutherans got involved somehow?

There is also an organization- the International Lutheran Council- composed of churches with the word 'Lutheran' in their names who actually continue to confess the teachings of Martin Luther and the Reformation. It would be nice if perhaps Pope Francis gave them a call, at least.

HT: Real Clear Religion

Now elements of the ELCA are dissing other Christian traditions, too

We've known for some time that the ELCA has no respect for the Lutheran theological tradition, or for that matter for the Great Tradition which has defined orthodox Christianity through the ages.

But a great many ELCAns who really ought to know better try to justify their failure to stand up for the authentic Gospel by unashamedly placing the institution ahead of the Word of God and, in many cases, their own ordination oaths. So at least it always seemed safe to assume that such ELCA ecclesiolators would respect the authority of the hierarchy of other denominations. This might especially be expected given the ecumania which has virtually defined that nominally Lutheran body.

But apparently this is not the case when it comes to the right of the Roman Catholic church to define and deliniate its own presbyteriate.

The battle against marriage redefinition isn't lost yet

Despite the media's (and, of course, the cultural Left's) deceitful rhetoric on the issue, new Rasmussen polls- some new, and some several months old- reaffirm that the American people are closely divided on the issue of same-sex "marriage," regard the institution of marriage as important to society, and look with favor upon religious leaders who publicly defend the teachings of their faith as regards marriage redefinition.

Thankfully, a large majority oppose laws such as those in force in Canada, England, and other countries against "hate speech," recognizing the incompatibility of such laws with any rational concept of freedom of speech and with the basic values of a free society.

The margin by which Americans favor marriage redefinition is smaller than the percentage of Americans who profess themselves undecided on the matter. This simply reinforces the point that despite efforts by the cultural Left and "progressive" fascists to intimidate and…