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Give Joe Biden his due.

More evidence of Americans' biblical ignorance- or apathy

Not to be cocky, or anything....

This is- excuse the expression- rich

Has the Mennonite Christian wing had enough?

The State Department is also meddling in internal Israeli politics

We have met the enemy- and he is us

Backbone envy?

At least he didn't say that it was Bush's fault. Exactly.

Good-bye, Ernie. If I were a Buddhist, I'd say 'Let's play two.'

Walker wows 'em here in the Hawkeye State

Romney, Bush, Carson and Walker lead the GOP pack: Rasmussen


Purple Barack is back

It took me nearly as long to post this as it did for Alonzo Cushing to get his Medal of Honor

Just thought I'd quote myself

First 'Back to the Future II,' and now Anthony Rizzo

Don't take this seriously

"Foxes have holes," said the Lord. And one of those holes is the Chicago Bears coaching job.

The lastest rumblings from the Monsters of the Midway

Who is Jacob Turner...

Oh, this is REAL funny.

In a word...

A riddle

A Foxy move by Da Bears?

Picking up the Pace

Maybe we're not complete idiots after all

Good for the Gates Foundation

The conclusions of these scientists are 'wrong' ideologically. Therefore they MUST be wrong scientifically. MiniTruth says so.

Colder than a libertarian's heart

Who says Republicans don't care about the poor?

Super Bowles for Da Bears?

On immigration, U.S. voters are hard line

Shouldn't the Lutherans be invited?

The Democrats: a party for its times. 1979, to be exact.

Now elements of the ELCA are dissing other Christian traditions, too

The grownups are still running things

Republicans are beginning to think they have a chance in 2016

The battle against marriage redefinition isn't lost yet

Mission NOT accomplished