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The "progressive" neo-Fascists take the (wedding) cake, the Klein's freedom of religion, and their supporters' freedom of speech

When I heard that a Federal court had slapped Christian bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein with a $135,000 "fine" that will go to a lesbian couple for "pain and suffering" because the Kleins refused to bake a "wedding" cake for them, I assumed that people of good will and common sense from all over America would come together to raise the money.

I was half right.

GoFundMe promptly became a target of an attack by the Gaystopo- who are really, really into intimidating people and trampling all over the rights of those who disagree with them- and shut down the campaign to raise money for the Kleins for allegedly violating its terms of service. It is unclear whether they will get the $109,000 raised in a mere eight hours before the left-wing fascists struck, but it sounds to me like they won't.

They are appealing the Court's outrageous decision. Pray for them. As I've said before, I personally would have baked the cake with no qualms.

But they're no…

'Does the Constitution require us to allow four lawyers to marry?'

Smart fellow, that Sam Alito. And a question which- interestingly- the lawyers for the marriage redefinitionist position were unable to satisfactorily answer.

It appears that there's not a very logical case for forcing states to allow same-sex "marriage." But then, those few of us who have been paying attention knew that already.

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Three things from the front page of this morning's Des Moines Register

Upon glancing at the front page of the left-wing Des Moines Register this morning, I noticed three interesting things.

First, its headline actually used the accurate, non-prejudicial, journalistically proper, professionaly neutral term for the debate over same-sex "marriage:" marriage redefinition, rather than marriage equality. The former accurately describes the issue; the latter is a partisan argument in favor of one side as opposed to the other.

Secondly, the Register seems to differ from me in its interpretation of the Supreme Court justices' questions on that subject the other way. They seem to think that Justice Kennedy- and therefore the court- is leaning away from redefining marriage. Time will tell.

SCOTUSblog, sadly, sees Justice Kennedy's attitude as I do.

The third interesting thing is that Republican Carly Fiorina- the other presidential candidate with two "X" chromosomes- appears to be making major headway here in Iowa.


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Arguments indicate SCOTUS is prepared to ignore the law and redefine marriage according to its own preferences

The members of Supreme Court heard arguments and debated gay "marriage" among themselves yesterday. All that remains is for the decision to be rendered.

Chief Justice Roberts said that he had been unable to find a single legal definition of marriage written before a dozen years ago that did not define it as between a man and a woman. Chief Justice Roberts said he had looked up definitions of marriage and had been unable to find one such definition written before a dozen years ago that did not define it as between a man and a woman. “If you succeed," he told the pro-redefinition justices, "that definition will not be operable. You are not seeking to join the institution. You are seeking to change the institution.” The Chief Justice also warned against curtailing an ongoing debate in a culture still of two minds about the matter.

Justice Anthony Kennedy- a moderate liberal often misidentified by liberal observers of the Court as a conservative of some kind- thinks th…

This is what we've come to

Rioters in Baltimore threw rocks at police. Police- their tempers understandably frayed- threw them back.

The president of the Baltimore City Council has apologized.

To the rioters. For calling them "thugs," when they are really only "misdirected youths."

Simply sick. People who throw rocks at cops performing their duties lawfully and properly are thugs, and nothing else.

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If Brian Williams' lie disqualifies him from being an anchor, shouldn't Hillary Clinton's identical lie disqualify her from being president?

NBC is reportedly pressuring anchor Brian Williams to resign after falsely claiming to have been under fire while overseas.

Now, there's somebody who did exactly the same thing, and is seeking a far more responsible office where telling the truth to the American people is at least as important: President of the United States.

Her name is Hillary Clinton. And if their mutual conduct is disqualifying in a network anchor, it should be disqualifying in a president as well.

Hillary should withdraw. But of course, the MSM will not connect the two, nor will they subject their political darling to the same standards they impose on one of their own who holds a far less responsible position than that which Sec. Clinton is seeking.

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Hawks continue to win by playing tag-team with their goalies

This time it was Scott Darling's turn to get lit up in two consecutive games, and Corey Crawford had to come of the bench and shut Nashville down. But he got it done. The Hawks beat the Preds 4-3 at the United Center last night to advance to the next round of the playoffs.

So now it's on to St. Louis- or, more likely, the Hawks entertain Minnesota- as the beards grow longer and the Hawks' quest for their sixth Stanley Cup and their third in six years continues.

"Chelsea Dagger," baby!

Lindsey Graham for president?

I had the pleasure of sitting at the same table with Sen. Lindsey Graham at the John McCain party on Caucus Night here in Iowa in 2008. I've always liked the guy, who is clearly one of the sharper knives in our Congressional drawer (even though he does look like Larry from the Bob Newhart Show).

Now George Will is talking about him as a potential president. We could do worse.

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Surprise: more gay couples are "marrying" than might have been predicted

According to Gallup, some 0.3% of Americans are involved in same-sex "marriages." Gays and lesbians are between two and three percent of the population.

I would guess that the large majority of the couples in these relationships are lesbians. Still, it seems likely that more gay male couples are taking advantage of marriage redefinition laws than I would have expected, given a general aversion to monogamy that even gays themselves (Andrew Sullivan, for example) have generally acknowledged until recently to be common among them.

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If we knew our history better, we would think much less of Thomas More

As Gene Veith- and Hillary Mantel- point out, Thomas More may have been a Roman Catholic saint. But he was not a very nice person. For one thing, one of his favorite dishes was roasted Protestant. He was quite an accomplished bigot and persecutor of "heretics."

The man was a murderer, to put it bluntly.

Nor was Thomas Cromwell- though no saint himself- nearly as much a Machiavellian monster as he is often painted as being.


Even liberal pressure group Common Cause is calling for an audit of the Clinton Foundation.

What's the rush?  Iss a five year-old really even ready to make a life-changing decision like gender "reassignment?"

Yet another study has undermined the climate alarmists. This one- from Duke University- not only says that climate change has slowed, but that recent changes are due to "natural variations-" precisely what those constantly slandered by the Left have insisted that the data is too sparse to exclude as a cause.
Carly Florina's potential Republican presidential candidacy is beginning to intrigue a lot of people who relish the prospect of seeing her face off with Hillary.

A new study shows that regular exercise doesn't help you overcome obesity after all.

The deportation of illegal immigrants has plummeted due to the Obama administration's change in policy. A report says that the Department of Homeland Security is engaged in a crash program to natur…

One more supporter of marriage redefinition who 'gets' tolerance and civility. They do exist!

My opposition to marriage redefinition and the ongoing attempt to coerce America into recognizing sodomy as the moral equivalent of the reproductive act has resulted in a predictable response from those who disagree. I am libeled. I have my motives attacked. I am called names. But I am never rebutted by reasoned argument. And the truly fascinating thing is that such attacks are most common on posts simply observing that in specific instances the other side argues by libel and name-calling rather than by rational debate!

I thank those who have posted on my Google+ account (they're apparently too smart to do it here) and so promptly and vividly reinforced my argument by doing exactly what I deplored in the posts for which they attacked me!

There is a reason for this. The cultural Left aims to win out not by winning a debate, but by preventing one. It has largely succeeded. After all, if you can start the discussion by defining those who take a position even Barack Obama and Hillary…

Sacramental abortion

You have no idea how extreme the Democratic party's love affair with abortion has become.

Prepare to be shocked- and once more appalled by the Left's totalitarian proclivity for compelling people they disagree with to violate their consciences and religious beliefs.

Jefferson would be ashamed of his party. So would every other Democratic president or presidential nominee up until Bill Clinton.

And maybe even Clinton, who at least wanted to make abortion "safe, legal and rare."

"Safe," of course, is a matter of perspective.

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Sometimes, "progressives" are SO funny!

There is no such thing as liberal intolerance, and anybody who disagrees with liberalism should be silenced.

Makes sense to you? Not to me.

Oh. And by the way... study after study has shown that children of same-sex couples do often grow up having trouble forming appropriate relationships with the opposite sex. And once again- you can't be a bigot for disapproving of a behavior.

Just sayin'.

ADDENDUM: It is now 2:06 on Monday afternoon, April 21. I just read yet another comment on Google+ from a logically-challenged individual who has taken to reacting to my posts on the subject of marriage redefinition and liberal intolerance with hate-filled tirades illustrating precisely the point I made above. In fact, he's reporting me to Google- who, while it may not laugh in his face, will doubtless give his complaint the attention it deserves ;).

Like I said. Sometimes "progressives" are SO funny!

Darling starts- and stands tall for the Hawks

When Corey Crawford struggled in Game One of the Blackhawks first-round series with Nashville, Chicagoan Scott Darling came in and saved his bacon.

When the Crow was lit up for six goals in Game Two, Darling came in again in relief- unfortunately too late to help.

Yesterday Darling started in goal for the Hawks- who beat the Preds 4-2 to take a two-games-to-one lead in the best-of-seven series.

Meanwhile, check out the opening of yesterday's game at the UC, which has gone viral:

Next to Hillary Clinton, America's best-paid CEO might as well be slinging hamburgers

John Hammergrin is America's best-paid CEO, with an annual salary of $131,200,000. That's $2,523,077 a week, $504.615 a day, and $63,977 an hour.

That's a lot of bread. Clearly, Old John is part of the One Percent- the kind of guy Hillary Clinton has in the crosshairs of her "populist' campaign.

On the other hand, based on Hillary's fee of $300,000 per speech, she makes $634,000,000 a year, $78,000,000 a day, $15,000,000 a week, and $300,000 an hour.

Mitt Romney could only dream.

So the natural question arises: who, pray tell, does Hillary- or for that matter the other wealthy Democrats who wage class warfare so valiantly- think they're fooling?

Evidentially they're fooling about half the country. Maybe more.

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ADDENDUM: Even Rolling Stone recognizes that what Hillary is offering is "fake populism!"

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Yes, Virginia. The United States DOES have an established religion

I've believed for many years that the United States actually has an established religion, regardless of what the First Amendment says: the Church of the Lowest Common Denominator. Heresy is insisting on anything about the generic god we as a nation worship that anybody else might disagree with.

But Gene Veith shares an interesting alternative take on the subject. Yuval Levin, it seems, has put forward quite a persuasive argument that in fact our national religion is the Church of the Left- and it seems that Barack Obama is our Torquemada.

The position of the Left is that you can believe whatever you want- just as long as you don't act on your beliefs. This is not, of course, Jefferson's position, nor Madison's, nor that of any other of the Founders. Nor is it a position that Christianity or Judaism or Islam or any other religion would consider an acceptable practice for its adherents.

It is a form of piety unique to the Church of the Left- which is bound and determined…

Is Pluto angry rather than embarassed at no longer being a planet?

Despite what the first New Horizons photo of Pluto appears to show, Pluto may be turning red with rage rather than pale with embarrassment at the news that it's no longer a planet.

At least that's what the chemistry says. And Hubble observations support it.

Meanwhile, here's the north pole of another dwarf planet, Ceres- which was also briefly considered a planet before we realized that it was simply the largest of a new class of objects called "asteroids." The Ceres story was in many ways a parallel to what happened when we realized that Pluto was merely a large- if typical- Kuiper Belt Object. The photo was taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft.

Huckabee announces tonight

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee- "the Other Man from Hope-" will announce his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination tonight on Fox News.

Huckabee won the 2008 Iowa Caucuses, and retains strong support among religious conservatives in this state. But he'll have to share that demographic with several other candidates this time, likely including 2016 Iowa winner Rick Santorum.

The population of my adopted state is about to experience its quadrennial temporary explosion.

Nothing 'evangelical' about these guys!

Gene Veith ponders the degree to which many so-called "evangelicals" are theologically nothing more or less than non-sacramental Roman Catholics. And this includes some of the most anti-Catholic of the bunch.

Remarkable how people who think that Jesus died simply to give us the chance to pay part of our own moral tab at a discount can think of themselves as in any conceivable sense "evangelical!" But then, I've long since given up trying to figure out how many who claim that label can consider it appropriate.

The playoffs are off to a good start

Blackhawks 4, Preds 3 in double overtime. The Good Guys have a one game to none lead in the best-of-seven Stanley Cup first round, and have stolen home ice advantage in the series.

Jennings Trophy co-winner Corey Crawford had a rocky start, and was relieved by native Chicagoan Scott Darling in the second period. Scott proved up to the challenge.

Time to bring our Cup back home. GO HAWKS!

If Carly is the nominee, who can Hillary say the GOP is waging war on?

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fioina sayid last month that was "a 90 percent chance" that she'll seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

And, as she observes, her candidacy would take away a bit of Hillary's thunder. After all, it would be hard for the former Secretary of State to exploit her gender and portray the GOP as "anti-woman" if her opponent also has two X chromosomes.

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Maybe Hillary's odd campaign logo is appropriate after all. Sort of.

Many Americans think that Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign logo looks like a hospital sign.

Two thoughts; first, the idea of electing Hillary Clinton as president is indeed sick, and the necessity of defeating her does, in my view, constitute an emergency. Hopefully we in Iowa will once again provide triage.

And secondly....shouldn't that arrow be pointing to the left?

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NYT's restaurant critic Bruni serves up a helping of fascism

It has been said that inside every "progressive" is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

But I have to admit that I never thought that even the Democratic campaign leaflet of record- the New York Times- would carry this blatantly totalitarian a piece of hate.

Frank Bruni should be ashamed. And so should the NYT.

Perhaps he'll address the question of whether fascists should be allowed to participate in the national debate. Not being one myself, I'd say that they should. But they should also be held accountable for their bigotry and totalitarian nonsense.

No stars, Frank. But four swastikas.

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Rubio declares; courts Romney backers- and could make Florida a GOP lock

Despite Jeb Bush's huge fundraising lead, supporters of 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney seem to be warming to newly-declared 2016 candidate Marco Rubio.

One thing is for sure: given Rubio's Cuban roots and President Obama's decision to make nice-nice with the Castro regime, if Rubio is the nominee it's hard to see how Hillary can carry Florida.

It would be quite a task if Jeb were the nominee. But with the support Rubio would get from the Cuban community, Florida could be out of Ms. Clinton's reach.

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Bake them two cakes- but still call sin and unbelief what they are

As I've said before, I personally don't see how selling a wedding cake to a gay couple is endorsing their "marriage," or their sex lives, or anything else. It's selling them a cake, period.

But I carelessly shared a meme on Facebook the other day without checking out the blog post to which it linked. The meme said, "If a gay couple asks you to bake them a wedding cake, bake them two." A paraphrase of the Sermon on the Mount- and, I think, a very apt one.

But the blog post it linked to was terrible both logically and theologically. I posted a mea culpa on my Facebook page, complete with an explanation of what I found wrong with the post.

As it happens the Manhattan Project blog also posted a response to the post here. I commend it to you.

This is what I wrote:

Yesterday I posted a meme which suggested, paraphrasing Jesus, that "if a gay couple forces us to bake them a wedding cake, we should bake them two." I commented that to do so is not to en…

Dowling High School was right to refuse to hire a publicly active homosexual as a teacher

This is one of the most frightening things that have happened here in the Des Moines area for quite a while.

A gay substitute teacher has been denied a permanent job at a local Catholic high school not because he is gay, but because he is openly in a homosexual relationship- behavior which is contrary to Catholic (and authentic Christian) teaching, which is explicitly made grounds for termination in the standard contract signed by teachers at the school, and which everyone admits is perfectly consistent with the law.

The local news outlets have consistently misreported the story, claiming that the man was denied the job because he is gay. Dowling High School has carefully and clearly explained that this is not the case, pointing out quite properly that homosexual orientation (a concept less than a century old) is in no way morally problematic for Catholics or for those who subscribe to the consistent biblical teaching that homosexual behavior is inconsistent with the Faith.

The confusi…

To the tune of 'Puff, the Magic Dragon'

1. Rahm, the foul-mouthed mayor
Won a second term,
Despite a friendship with the rich
That made the moonbats squirm;
All those left-wing unions
Could not make a dent,
And so they're stuck for four more years
With 'Mayor One Percent!'

Rahm the foul-mouthed mayor
Won a second term,
Despite a friendship with the rich
That made the moonbats squirm!

2. Starting a new business?
Prospects are quite grim,
If on this or if on that
You disagree with him!
Government by bully
Is the Chicago way;
If you have doubts, well, then, just ask
The folks at Chik-fil-A!

Rahm the foul-mouthed mayor
Won a second term,
Despite a friendship with the rich
That made the moonbats squirm!

3. The City of Big Shoulders
Is in financial pain;
If Chuy had won, its credit likely
Would be down the drain!
There is a silver lining; ponder it quite well-
At least with Rahm it just might have
A fighting chance in hell!

Rahm the foul-mouthed mayor
Won a second term,
Despite a fr…

Chicago's voters go to the polls today... choose between making the city's financial crisis hopeless on one hand, and continued mayoral abuse of authority and contempt for the First Amendment on the other.

Actually, they'll probably get that second one no matter which way the count goes tonight. After all, we're talking about two left-wing Democrats here. One is just more extreme than the other.

Oh, my poor, poor home town...

Sometimes even the New York Times amazes me

News flash:

1) The "churches" which claim that homosexuality and Christianity don't conflict are about a political agenda, not about Christianity. For most of these folks Jesus is only an excuse for a secular ideology. These churches have, for the most part, denied every source of authority the Christian faith has ever recognized and at least declared optional every defining affirmation of the Faith.

2) The Bible condemns homosexual activity in every strata of both Testaments.

3) The laity of the churches in question are passive either from a conviction that nothing they can do or say will matter, or from a degree of biblical and doctrinal ignorance unprecedented in the history of American religion.

3) This guy's ignorance is appalling, and an embarrassment to the New York Times.

Yes. Even to the New York Times.

HT: Real Clear Politics

Ecce Homo: A Good Friday Sermon

Ecce Homo!
John 19:5
Good Friday
St. Mary's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Des Moines, Iowa
March 21,2008
Anybody who's seen the movie Fat Man and Little Boy will remember the incident.

Dr. Michael Merriman and the other scientists of the Manhattan Project were excited. A critical experiment was about to be performed which, if successful, would prove that the atomic bomb was a practical idea.

A plutonium sphere was being surrounded by neutron-reflecting tungsten-carbide blocks, which reduce the mass necessary for the plutonium to go critical. That's just a fancy way of saying that they were putting that chuck of plutonium on a hair trigger, to facilitate a small-scale experiment it ordinarily would have taken a much larger and more dangerous chuck of the stuff to perform.

As the last brick was being lowered into place, everybody leaned forward in expectation. One of the scientists had been drinking a cup of tea. He set it down next to him- not realizing that he was putting it …

Good Friday: The Most Important Day of the Church Year

In the Western Church, the Christian holiday that gets all the play is Christmas. That's the one day of the year everything is closed, and everybody takes the day off. Even non-Christians often celebrate what has become a secular, universal side of a specifically Christian holiday. Doubtless the Roman Catholic emphasis on the Incarnation as the center of the Faith plays a role here. Then, too, there's the rich secular tradition of Christmas in the West. It's a season famous for filling believer and non-believer alike with "the Christmas spirit." Even unbelieving homes are often visited by Santa Claus. And if one is a believer, the Christmas Eve candlelight service and the singing of Silent Night is a high point of one's spiritual year. The plentitude of sacred Christmas carols- known, at least to some extent, by nearly everyone, so completely do they permeate the culture- makes Christmas perhaps the one day of the year when it's hardest to ignore the Chri…

The Indiana Religious Tolerance Act: 'Solidly in the mainstream of the tradition of American religious tolerance'

Long-time gay "marriage" supporter Michael Barone points out that the Indiana religious tolerance law is 1)substantially identical to the Religious Freedom Act, passed almost unanimously by Congress in 1993 and signed by President Clinton; and 2)firmly in the mainstream of the American tradition of religious toleration.

A key observation:

... The First Amendment, ratified in 1790, guaranteed Americans the "free exercise" of religion. The Framers knew that their new republic included Quakers, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, atheists, even perhaps a few Muslims. They wanted all to be free to live -- not just worship, but live -- according to their beliefs.

Opponents of the Indiana law point to horrifying hypotheticals. Restaurants won't serve gays; large corporations won't hire them, and so on. But mass anti-gay discrimination seems extremely unlikely. What is on the opponents' minds, apparently, are the cases where gay couples have successfully sued bak…