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My goodness, but this is fun!

The "progressive" neo-Fascists take the (wedding) cake, the Klein's freedom of religion, and their supporters' freedom of speech

By the way...

'Does the Constitution require us to allow four lawyers to marry?'

Three things from the front page of this morning's Des Moines Register

Want to know why the country is so messed up? Really? And who to blame?

Arguments indicate SCOTUS is prepared to ignore the law and redefine marriage according to its own preferences

This is what we've come to

Gay businessman caves in to intimidation

If Brian Williams' lie disqualifies him from being an anchor, shouldn't Hillary Clinton's identical lie disqualify her from being president?

Hawks continue to win by playing tag-team with their goalies

Scott has to get his mojo back

Lindsey Graham for president?

This bigot must be stopped

The Revolution devours its own young

Surprise: more gay couples are "marrying" than might have been predicted

If we knew our history better, we would think much less of Thomas More


Jindal on marriage redefinition and the First Amendment

Here comes Carly!

Secretary One Percent and an unsound Foundation

One more supporter of marriage redefinition who 'gets' tolerance and civility. They do exist!

Hawks one win from advancing; Darling still strong in goal

God is never, never, never, NEVER gonna flood the world again. He really, really, really, REALLY means it!

The pot is calling the kettle rich

Here comes Addison Russell!

RIP Doug Buffone

Hard to argue

Sacramental abortion

Kasich readies presidential candidacy

Eagles to sign Tebow

The nuke deal bombs

Sometimes, "progressives" are SO funny!

Darling starts- and stands tall for the Hawks


So now will the Democrats apologize to Romney?

A glimpse at the current state of the GOP field from the Washington Examiner

Next to Hillary Clinton, America's best-paid CEO might as well be slinging hamburgers

Yes, Virginia. The United States DOES have an established religion

Is Pluto angry rather than embarassed at no longer being a planet?

Huckabee announces tonight

Apparently it's not only the major daily newspapers that are going under

Nothing 'evangelical' about these guys!

The playoffs are off to a good start

If Carly is the nominee, who can Hillary say the GOP is waging war on?

The first color photo of Pluto

Maybe Hillary's odd campaign logo is appropriate after all. Sort of.

Will it all come from school children's dimes, I wonder?

NYT's restaurant critic Bruni serves up a helping of fascism

Rubio declares; courts Romney backers- and could make Florida a GOP lock

Bake them two cakes- but still call sin and unbelief what they are

Nor is the Ayatollah alone...

Hillary will announce her candidacy on Sunday

The Ayatollah accuses 'lying,' 'deceptive' White House of 'devilish' intentions

It's not just her own email server Hillary ran!

Dowling High School was right to refuse to hire a publicly active homosexual as a teacher

To the tune of 'Puff, the Magic Dragon'

A couple of bad deals

Big bunnies

Chicago's voters go to the polls today...

Sometimes even the New York Times amazes me

Yet another reason why Hillary must be stopped

Ecce Homo: A Good Friday Sermon

Good Friday: The Most Important Day of the Church Year

The Indiana Religious Tolerance Act: 'Solidly in the mainstream of the tradition of American religious tolerance'

No, the Religious Freedom Act is NOT a license to discriminate!

Will Jewish Democrats notice?

And yet another

Another one from Dr. Veith

No, Easter does NOT have pagan origins

No, "Progressives" DON'T stand for diversity or tolerance!

Buy that man an umbrella!