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Seems appropriate at the moment

Richard Dawkins meets his match

Voters closely divided on Obergfell. Somebody should tell the media.

Where do we go from here?

I, too, hope that people actually read Obergfell v. Hodges!

Tomatoes and Same-Sex 'Marriage'

The assault on orthodox Christianity begins

An intriguing thought

Two interesting bits of news from Rasmussen on marriage redefinition

Time to face it, Christians: we're living in a pagan country

The Supreme Court has exceeded its authority

SCOTUS's lawless ruling is a casu confessionis

But it''s sterile!

You know how the voters are on board with marriage redefinition and stuff?

Earth to the Atlanta Times-Union!

That Confederate flag business

Mollie has a point

No surprise here

Is the Pope Catholic? Part Deux


Current American politics in a nutshell

Dirty Birds?

Kim Jung Un's upcoming Nobel in medicine

'Life unworthy of life?'

I'm no fan of the Donald, but...

Lightning just won't get out of the Blackhawks' hair!

This is just plain irresponsible journalism

Misinformation, please?

What animal is most likely to kill you?

My father is humming this song in heaven right now.

On the brink of history


It's awfully, awfully late in the game...

Keeping abreast of medical science

When it comes to intellectual freedom...

The ultimate post-modern news flash

How do you say 'glub' with a Bronx accent?

Ding, dong... the Straw Poll's dead!

It wasn't wearing a seat belt

Sign of the (end?) times

DHS investigating... 'pre-crime'?

Is what's good for the gay goose also good for the straight gander? Probably not.

Today's vomitorium

A flat-out prediction

But who is he to judge?

Like, wow, man.

Franklin Graham is about to become the most hated man in America

Cloudy, with a chance of fallout?

Is it just me, or...

Naughty kale eaters?

Obama admits that we don't have 'a complete strategy' for fighting ISIS

George W. Bush: on terror, vindicated by history


Baking up a conspiracy?

Et tu, Fox?

'Impastor' needs to be defrocked

Glad you set history, the Scriptures, the Fathers, and the Magisterium straight once again, Nancy

Would that he could 'make it so!'

Salon gets excited about the sexual philosophy of... Martin Luther?

The Left's cult of (dishonest) 'science' strikes again!

Jeb will announce June 15.

Telling it like it is

Global warming?

Blackhawks 2, Lightning 1

The Democrats: extreme, and getting more so

Meat cleavers and sexual identity

Do words even mean anything anymore?

Words fail me.

Has the 'march through the institutions" reached.... the National Review?

'I am Jeb. Hear me roar!'

More on that falsified study on gay "marriage" attitudes

Dubya more popular than Obama

An announcement

The "progressive" propaganda machine...

Time to ground the Lightning

Apparently, terrorism is sometimes tolerable for the Obama administration

And the MSM wonders why it has no credibility?