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Angie: I'll improve German relations with the U.S.

Hastert: Capitol "Holiday Tree" should be a "Christmas Tree"

By the way, since it's Packer Week...

I think I am about to become sick.

Canada's Liberal government falls!

Is green in the eye of the beholder?

This gives 'trans-lunar injection' a whole new meaning

Saturn doesn't have "rings" after all!

Free speech?

...And da Bears roll on

Interesting 'hot stove' rumors

Some things defy comment

Does Pope Benedict read this blog?

"Church growth," taken to its logical conclusion


For the birds

You'll never guess what the evil Bush Administration is doing now!

Good for him!

As far as we know...

People unclear on the concept III

People unclear on the concept II

The Feast of C. S. Lewis

Well, duh!

You are simply not going to believe this!

"The Origin of Speciousness"

War critics LIED!!!!!!!

White House finds al-Zarqawi reports "not credible"

Re-alignment in Israel

We're for real, folks!

"He who lives by the sword..."

Pujols as MVP... and who should have been

What a remarkably intelligent article!

Sad day


Democratic hypocrisy on Iraq

More on the British AIDS case

"My name is Jimmy Chirac..."

Was this man cured of AIDS?

DA Bearsss....

Dubyah accuses war critics of 're-writing history'

The French are acting. Yes, the French!

Pat Robertson does it again

Small world!

Jordanians to al-Zarquawi: 'Burn in hell!'

AHEM! Guess what?!

A good night for the Democrats

'We hate France, and France hates us'


Lutheran Carnival X

Not that they're experts, mind you...


In memory of heroes

Sarkozy for President!

The French intifada goes national

The beginning of jihad in Europe?