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Credit where due: Bravo to President Trump for the Gorsuch nomination

The LCMS chooses to be a Samaritan, not a priest or a Pharisee on immigration

I may have this framed

More crazy

So will Vladimir Putin be on the National Security Council too?

Number of refugees implicated in terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since the Refugee Act of 1980

Sorry, but POTUS is NOT powerful enough to overrule the laws of economics!

A motto for President Trump's foreign policy

Not by might, nor by power...

All too true.

Disgracing a place of honor

This is what happens...

In foreign policy, expect Trump to be- at BEST- Obama, Part Deux

The Un-dictator?

He's actually going to try to do it!

President Trump is already making history!

Smoke and mirrors

Nate Silver on how and why the pollsters blew it

The farce begins... and it's not pretty

What do you do when the jester IS the king?

The long-delayed Trump encounter with reality begins

What does "tough on China" mean, anyway?

The Trump dossier may or may not contain false information, but it is NOT "fake news!"


And you wonder why so many of us are worried about Trump?

These are going to be a long four years

A petulant little boy

What would a Neanderthal's voice have sounded like?

Sad but true: Foreign tyrants will play Trump like a piano

It's a legitimate question, alas: Whose side is Trump on?

Is 'repeal and delay' the best strategy for replacing Obamacare?

Well, Trumpkins, it's not classified anymore.

Is speaking Donald Fredovich's language!

The Senate Democrats revert to form

The Epiphany Star

Jan Chamberlain's rhetoric is too strong. But the stand she has taken is right.

Just because Robert Reich is a partisan doesn't make him entirely wrong