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Please be wrong, evidence!

Why do they bother?

By the least of the sons of J.S. Bach

Adrianna is missing

The patient isn't getting better

Oh, great.

I'm a published poet!

Another Blackhawks trade

Keith captures Norris Trophy

Oh, #@#$@%$&^%&#^!!!!!!

In case you folks in other parts of the country haven't been paying attention...

If you think life puts you through changes sometimes...

What ails the LCMS- and the Church catholic

And now, the problems with Obamacare become manifest

Not to say "I told you so," but...

The Cubs win a series!

The Champs on Leno

Boy, how I wish I'd been home for the celebration...

The moment we waited 49 years for

Conn Smythe to Captain Serious

Highlights of the Hawks' victory parade

JR responds to the Hawks winnning the Cup

Patrick raises Kane, and the Hawks raise the Cup

Do one thing tonight, Hawks, and the Cup is yours

I love it!

I could watch this over and over...

A lake of methane larger than the Caspian Sea

More good advice for the guys in the Indian head sweater

Haugh has good advice for the Hawks

Apropos of last night's game...

The Hawks find an answer

If we lose tonight...

Kinda looks that way, doesn't it?

An all too familiar feeling for Chicago fans

Tonight, we need

Serendipity and photography


The Onion offers advice to both teams in the Stanley Cup Finals

A living fart?

True, dat

Former Gov. Branstad up 15 points over Gov. Culver

It's all good

Now where have I heard THAT before?

And to think that a few years ago hockey was almost dead in Chicago!

What's it all about (hic), Alfie?

Tavis Smiley needs to get a clue

What if...

A real shame

Before you vote next week, Iowa Republicans....


No time for glory