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A blessed 2017

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Suicide kills more of our troops in the Middle East than ISIS does

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Kyrie elieson!

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Mary and Joe: the Chicago Nativity story by Mike Royko

Vlad and Donald sitting in a tree...

This is what Christmas celebrates

A blessed Christmas to you and yours

Thanks be to God for the life and work of Dr. Jean Garton

So you want to know why the CIA and FBI think the Russians hacked the DNC computers?

Trump's ignorance and impulsiveness are already creating problems with China

Trump is clueless about his conflict of interest issues, the F-35, and the Boeing Air Force One contract

And the lies just keep coming....

How does Putin see Trump? How does Trump see Putin? And where is it leading?

This is sad beyond words

The dangers of an ignorant, cocky president who is simply wrong

Is SNL opening for week, tovarisch. And guess who is coming down chimney?

Trump's ambassador to Israel is one

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We've never had to face this question before


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ABC News is NOT a 'fake news' site!

Trump's foreign conflicts of interest: it's not just Russia

And speaking of John Avlon...

Have things really gotten this bad?

Russiagate only gets worse: why the President-elect is a YUGE security risk

Trump says he doesn't need daily intelligence briefings as POTUS because he's "smart."

And then, this happens...

What does our President-elect have to say at the Army-Navy game?

Secret CIA assessment: Russia sought to help Trump win the election

America's continuing cop-out in foreign policy

Love this scene!

We've lost an American hero

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Neither Evan McMullin nor his movement are going away