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Whether (Rahm) Emanuel or Jesus (Garcia) wins on April 7, Chicago's finances are descending into hell

Yes, Blackhawk fans. There IS an upside to Patrick Kane's injury!

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And speaking of double-standards...

What's good for the elephant apparently isn't good for the donkey

Chicago has had near-almighty mayors before....


Jefferson vs. the Democrats: the definitive political debate of our age

'Shock and Awe'

You can't make this stuff up

Is Scott Walker emerging as Jeb's main competition for the GOP nod?

'Justification by poor taste' seems to be the new Episcopal dogma

Maybe Hillary isn't the favorite after all

Those anti-science Democrats

NYT: Walker cut Wisconsin's education budget a year before he took office

It's Huckabee, Walker and Bush in Iowa right now....

An entire generation regards Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert as journalists

Justice Thomas: SCOTUS has already "made up their minds" on marriage redefinition

Contributors flocking to Jeb- but not to Hillary

Ernie Banks has gone missing

Brian Williams and Hillary Clinton: why the double-standard?

Sometimes I think Joe Biden is the GOP's best friend

This much must be admitted

South African student leaders: 'Juden raus!'

No, Bush DIDN'T lie!

Ex-Obama aide Axelrod: POTUS lied about his position on same-sex "marriage"

Is marriage on death row?

Has the Obama coalition dissolved?

He who controls language controls thought. Thought control is not good.

Leprechauns, talking rabbits, and moderate Democrats

Perhaps Stephen Fry could be helped by catechesis

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Literary observations