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The Donald and the white supremacists

Is Donald Trump a racist? Good question. But in a sense, it doesn't matter.

He attracts racists like a magnet attracts iron filings. He's the candidate of the white bedsheet crowd, the folks with the swastikas on their armbands and the hate in their hearts.


James Kirchick explores the reasons.

The god of Donald Trump

"As a Christian, I find Paul appealing and Peale apalling."
--Adlai E. Stevenson
Pr. Todd Wilken and theologian Dr. Michael Horton discuss "The Theology of Donald Trump."

It's an eye-opener, especially for Christians- and in particular for Christians who might be considering voting for the guy. Trump brags that his pastor was Norman Vincent Peale, the forerunner of Joel Osteen, the "Prosperity Gospel" preachers, and various other heretics. And that explains a great deal.

Beware of people who claim to be Christians, but have no use for repentance or the Cross.

Make St. Umlaut Great Again!

The election for congregational president of St. Umlaut Lutheran Church is just around the corner. Here's Pr. Hans Fiene and Lutheran Satire with the latest on the race...

Does Trump even have a clue?

Trump says that his Supreme Court nominee would investigate Hillary Clinton, presumably in between signing bills (?)

Does the Donald have any idea what judges do? Does he have any notion whatsoever how our system of government works?

Could he pass a citizenship exam? Could he pass a grammar school civics exam? Does he have any idea what a Supreme Court justice actually does?

Does he have any idea what the President of the United States actually does?

Not very smart, Donald

There is much that could be said of The Donald's decision to go into his usual sixth-grade act and start running down Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for endorsing Ted Cruz in the primary. The key thing, though, is to remember that Walker is a hero to Wisconsin Republicans.

I can't imagine a dumber move on Trump's part.

He is where he is because he's riding a wave of inarticulate and frankly incoherent rage. Lucky for him, Lucky for him, too, that his daddy died and left him all that money and all those real estate holdings he managed so badly because stunts like this cause one to wonder how he would have survived if he'd had to go through life without the cushion they provided.

This is not only not the behavior of a self-described "genius." It's not the behavior of a very smart man. And it's certainly not the way for a presumptive nominee to unite the party.

Graphic by DonkeyHotey

MSM, "progressives" demonize North Carolina over law protecting common decency

It's not enough, apparently, that the Left demonizes and intimidates states which do nothing more than consider replicating at the state level religious freedom bills modeled on a Federal law approved by the Supreme Court and until recently even supported by the ACLU.

Now North Carolina is receiving grief for an "anti-gay and lesbian" law (as the MSM somehow almost universally describes it) maintaining separate bathrooms for men and women. Radical North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper has even entered the fray on the side of the gender-benders.

This is simply sick. Gender is a biological fact. We don't get to decide which gender we want to pretend to be, and make everybody else go along. And people are entitled to privacy when they go to the bathroom!

There comes a point where I have to believe that common sense and common decency will assert itself even in the face of the socially radical nonsense which the Democratic party, the Far Left, and the MSM try to pa…

Trump fhtagn!

"Nobody builds walls better than me. Believe me."-- Donald J. Trump
What happens when you run Trump's announcement speech through Google's Deep Dream to make the image of Cthulhu appear whenever he raises his voice?

Well, let's find out. Here's hoping the cultists enjoy it. Though personally, I think it makes him look like a werewolf.

Trump Deep Nightmare: Google's Deep Dream A.I. run against a Donald Trump speech from Eric Cheng on Vimeo.

This is great! Trump babbles. Trump lies. And Trump does NOT get away with it!

Two virtually consecutive radio interviews with Donald Trump by tough Wisconsin talk radio hosts. It's very interesting what happens when he isn't allowed to talk over and bully the people he's trying to drown out.

First, Charlie Sykes refuses to let Il Duce get away with being such an insufferable, obnoxious and misogynistic, lying jerk.

Imagine that Charlie was Putin. Or Hillary Clinton. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Try to keep your jaw off the floor as his nose grows foot by foot.

And then Vicki McKenna makes a fool of him.

Count how many of her questions he actually ever answers. And count the number of times he simply babbles incoherently about whatever he wants to talk about.

Oh. And by the way... there are no reputable polls which show Trump beating Hillary. And Trump jolly well knows it.
Caricature by DonkeyHotey

Face it: Donald Trump just doesn't know what he's talking about

Way to alienate our most important allies, Donald. As well as to show a shallow, one-dimensional understanding of history and geopolitics.

Which makes sense, since you have no understanding of the world we've lived in since World War II.

Meanwhile, it's looking more and more like LZ Granderson has the situation of the GOP pretty much figured out.

Christ is risen! Alleluia! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Christ is risen- and now even death must die!

WHAT THE.....?!!! Now Trump refuses to rule out WAR WITH CHINA because we should be "unpredictable!"

In order to show them that we're serious about trade negotiations!


If Cruz and Kasich were to use their heads....

...this would be the way they would work together to deprive Il Duce of the nomination.

It's neither necessary nor necessarily desirable that either withdraw from the race. But they do need to work together instead of at cross-purposes.

There are states- California comes to mind- in which Cruz is strong and Kasich is weak. There are others- Pennsylvania, for example- in which Kasich is strong and Cruz is weak. Why not each throw their support to the other in states in which they have no chance, but the other might beat Trump?

HT: Real Clear Politics

Trump is no Teddy Roosevelt, but his fate should be the same

Unlike Avi Snyder, I'm a fan of Teddy Roosevelt. I'm conservative in the sense of being a traditionalist, and I acknowledge the principle of small government as a means to competence and efficiency- or rather, the principle that big government makes both impossible. But I actually admire TR's reforms, if not always his methods or enthusiasms. I would count him among the five greatest presidents we've ever had.

Like Donald Trump, TR sometimes had contempt for constitutional principles he should have held in reverence. Like Donald Trump, he was often "over the top-" and sometimes way "over the top." But while I did not know Teddy Roosevelt, nor was Teddy Roosevelt a friend of mine, Donald Trump is no Teddy Roosevelt. He may share some of TR's vices, but he has none of his virtues. He lacks Roosevelt's intellect, his vision, his indomitable courage, and his sense of honor.

Still, in some respects 2016 does, undeniably, resemble 1912. I consider…

The man with no shame

That Donald Trump is a hypocrite is a given. The Bible reader who brags about serial adultery in his book and says that he never asks God for forgiveness- and yes, despite my mea culpa a while back, it is indeed because he claims never to do anything wrong- is engaged in an unseemly and totally manufactured war with Ted Cruz over Cruz's supposed- and entirely unproven- adulteries, and all because o an attack on Trump's wife with which Cruz had nothing to do.

Here's a Mona Charen piece on the latest vulgar, dishonest, and unseemly man who so many seem literally hell-bent to make the vulgar, dishonest and unseemly president of the United States.

"Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do... Am I crazy? Guess what I just might do!"

Donald Trump says that he won't rule out the use of nuclear weapons against ISIS because we need to be unpredictable.

Just let that sink in for a moment. He wants us to be unpredictable. The Donald wants the world to think that the President of the United States might do something that only a madman would even consider.

Let's be clear about this. No sane person would ever even consider using nukes against ISIS- thereby killing exponentially more innocent people than terrorists, contaminating the whole region, and risking all sorts of other ramifications from nuclear powers and just plain friendly countries whose people would be poisoned by the fallout. Is The Donald seriously suggesting that he wants to leave the impression in the minds of the world that he's crazier than a boiled owl? Because he's succeeding! The world already sees him as at best a clown and at worst a bigoted madman.

The guy is so transparently an ignoramus and a buffoon that the inability of so man…

Good Friday: Today, not Sunday, is the most important day of the liturgical year

In the Western Church, the Christian holiday that gets all the play is Christmas. That's the one day of the year everything is closed, and everybody takes the day off. Even non-Christians often celebrate what has become a secular, universal side of a specifically Christian holiday. Doubtless the Roman Catholic emphasis on the Incarnation as the center of the Faith plays a role here.

Then, too, there's the rich secular tradition of Christmas in the West. It's a season famous for filling believer and non-believer alike with "the Christmas spirit." Even unbelieving homes are often visited by Santa Claus. And if one is a believer, the Christmas Eve candlelight service and the singing of Silent Night is a high point of one's spiritual year. The plentitude of sacred Christmas carols- known, at least, to some extent, by nearly everyone, so completely do they permeate the culture- makes Christmas perhaps the one day of the year when it's hardest to ignore the Chr…

It's easy to become disoriented these days

Today Mona Charon tells us that the harassment of people who criticize Trump or his wife is such that some of them are buying guns for protection.

I can understand if people forget this in the face of The Donald's antics, so it might be worth a word of reminder: this is America, people.

How can anybody old enough to vote support Donald Trump?

I mean....

In what galaxy is this guy psychologically fit to be President of the United States?

Bless your heart, Donald.

When The Donald let loose a totally unnecessary attack on South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (way to unite the party, Duce!), the governor- who, unlike the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has class- replied simply, "Bless your heart."

That's the way you respond to a narcissist. You refuse to take him seriously. That's the one thing he can't stand.

As previously noted, The Donald has picked a fight with the Ricketts family, who own my Cubs. They have the good judgment to be funding a Super PAC fighting Trump's misbegotten candidacy. Bizarrely, Trump promised to take out ads proclaiming how the management which has in the past two years turned the Cubs from the laughingstock of baseball into the pre-season favorites to win the World Series is doing a poor job.

Cubs' president Theo Epstein- the genius who ended the Boston Red Sox drought and built the team that won them two World Series, and also has presided over the transformation of baseball…

So where do we go from Cleveland?

Ross Douthat herein lays out the various possible scenarios for Trumpism after November.

He'ls less pessimistic in some ways than I am. He thinks the GOP may survive in a perpetual state of civil war,   or else suffer a merely tmporary schism. He is probably right in saying, as I observed yesterday, that the breakup of the Republican party would probably mean a generation of Democratic governance, just as the split of the Canadian Progressive Conservatives and the Reform party led to a decade of Liberal governments, and ended only with their reunion into the present Conservative party.

But there is no way that a Trumpista-lead GOP will ever win an election in any case, and I very much suspect that the same is true of a Republican party lead by the Cruz faction. We much-despised Center Right Republicans, scorned by Trumpista and Cruzite alike as 'the Establishment," remain the only faction (admittedly only in coalition with the Tea Party wing) which can both put together a…

The Party's over

Feeling vindicated isn't always a good thing.  Not even twice in the same day.

Earlier today I  blogged on an article by Mona Charon in the National Review which basically expressed the same deep and serious doubts I've had for some time about Donald Trump's personal and psychological fitness for the presidency. I've been told that I was overreacting to The Donald's character flaws. But it seems that a political columnist I respect sees them pretty much the way I do.

And now, Jonah Goldberg has written a second NR article which makes a point I've made before, and also told was an overreaction: what we're watching is nothing more or less than the unraveling of the Republican party. What was started at Ripon, Wisconsin in 1854 will effectively end in Cleveland, Ohio in 2016.

The Donald Trump phenomenon has done more than make it inevitable that a critical election which the Republicans by rights should have won will be lost instead, and be lost badly. It has…

The omega male

Mona Charen is a sharp lady. And she has Donald Trump pretty much nailed, it seems to me.

I'm no psychologist, and I don't play one on TV. But the behaviors Trump displays shamelessly in public don't seem to me to behaviors people who even care about others flaunt. And the most shocking thing of all is that so many Americans are so angry (or whatever) that they ignore the patently obvious. This is a man who certainly presents the image of somebody with very little character.

Trump goes to great lengths to present himself as the prototypical alpha male. He strikes me as actually a weak, psychologically unhealthy and rather pathetic character who overcompensates in just about every possible way. His thin skin does not bespeak a man of nearly as much self-confidence as he projects. In fact, it seems to me to make him look very insecure indeed. His obsession with being a "winner" is a tell; in reality, he's failed plenty in his life, and he protests too much. His…

Just when you thought this election year couldn't get any weirder...

Jeb Bush has endorsed Ted Cruz for president.

And little boy Donald Trump is now threatening to "spill the beans" on Ted Cruz's wife.

It seems that an anti-Trump PAC with no known connection to Cruz or his campaign, has  posted a Facebook ad showing Trump's current wife, Melina, posing nude. The ad was aimed at Mormons in Utah ahead of tonight's caucuses.

I'll say it again: there is no evidence that Cruz or anyone connected with his campaign had anything whatsoever to do with the Melina Trump ad. Just another example of The Donald shooting from the hip, talking first and thinking later. Maybe. And this is the guy who wants us to put his finger on teh nuclear button?

Land o' Goshen, is that mop-haired, overgrown bully a jerk!

Where the GOP race stands on Wednesday morning

Cruz swept the Utah delegates after all. Trump's net gain for the night: 18 delegates- and at this point,  every delegate counts.

Final Utah results:

X- Cruz          118,904           69.2%          40 Delegates

Kasich              29,015         16.9%             0 Delegates

Trump              23,984           14.0%            0 Delegates

The delegate count at the end of the night:

Trump          739
Cruz             456
Rubio           166
Kasich          143

Needed to nominate: 1,237

Trump is 498 delegates short of the nomination. As a practical matter about 400 would do it.

Graphic by DonkeyHotey

Cruz wins big in Utah- but it's still a good night for Il Duce

Ted Cruz has won the Utah caucuses. Interestingly, John Kasich is in second place, and Donald Trump is running dead last. It's still too early to know how the delegate allotment will turn out, but Cruz's gain certainly won't be enough to come close to offsetting Trump's 58 delegates in Arizona, especially since Il Duce may well still win some delegates in Utah.

That helps. But The Donald still figures to have a net gain tonight of   tonight over Cruz and to be on a pace to win the nomination on the first ballot at Cleveland.

Once again, guys. unless you're going to dither the chance away on an increasingly unlikely scenario of an open convention, the time to find independent conservative candidates for president and vice-president and to get them on the ballot is now.

Trump back to advocating torture

"They can chop off heads, but we can't waterboard," says The Donald.

Dude... they're the bad guys. We're the good guys.

HT: Real Clear Politics

Trump wins Arizona- and now has 739 of the 1,237 delegates he needs.

Donald Trump has won the Arizona primary and 58 more delegates. He now has 739 of the 1,237 needed for the nomination. Ted Cruz has 425.

The fascist takeover of the Republican party continues apace, and it's getting harder and harder to imagine Il Duce not getting the nomination of the Republican party on the first ballot in Cleveland.

If there is any thought of running an independent campaign by a sane conservative this Fall, the time to act is now.

Pray for our country.

ADDENDUM: The Real Clear Politics average of the general election polls right now has Hillary beating Il Duce by 9.8 points. One poll says 13, and another says 12.

ADDENDUM II: The last precinct in Utah, which has 40 delegates at stake, adjourns its caucus any moment now. Fortunately, Cruz is expected to win big there.

Donald Trump is not only a fascist and a bully, but he doesn't know much about baseball

I've blogged before about Donald Trump's threats against the Ricketts family, who own the Chicago Cubs. They fund a Super PAC which opposes his candidacy. Most of us would regard this as their right. Trump, however- not believing in basic American values- believes that nobody has a right to disagree with him or criticize or oppose him and that the appropriate responses to people who do so are threats and intimidation.

These, of course, are the responses of a bully and a fascist. Trump continues to demonstrate that he is both. Until now, he's been content to tell the Ricketts family- in one of his favorite phrases- that they'd "better watch out." But now he's threatening to take out ads doing what he does to everybody who disagrees with hm: calling the Ricketts family names, running them down, saying nasty things about them- and  in this case, suggesting that the team is not well- run. Ooooooo! I bet they're shaking in their boots!

This is not the res…

Never has an American President groveled like this one

While contemplating the theoretical embarrassment of Donald Trump as our president, let's not lose sight of the embarrassment who is currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

We've never had a president so willing to grovel as Barack Obama. The problem isn't that a man can't grovel if he wants to. The problem is that when that man is the President of the United States when he grovels, America grovels.

The repressive regime in Havana got him to normalize relations without changing in the slightest. The strongarm tactics the Castro regime used on Mr. Obama's arrival are a public insult, a reminder that Uncle Sam and the Castros have been, to use Robert McNamara's phrase, "eyeball to eyeball" with each other for 46 years- and it was Uncle Sam who blinked.

The president's visit- no, his whole Cuban policy- is an insult not only to the martyrs of the Castro regime and those permanently exiled from their homeland by the malice of this repressive …

Welcome to the Donald Trump nightmare

My apologies, first off, for the obscene picture and the obscene language and even more obscene rhetoric in this video. But hearing about this stuff isn't enough. You need to actually hear it. You need to see it.

Is Donald Trump a fascist? Is he responsible for egging on his followers, for promoting violence, for saying and doing things that any American should be ashamed to say and do?

Is this man worthy to be President of the United States? If the Republican Party nominates him at Cleveland, will it ever live down the shame? Will the name of the party of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan ever be clean again?

Read his followers' tweets and comments on line. Listen to their rhetoric. Judge for yourself whether these are civilized human beings who deserve to be called Americans.

Watch this video. And don't you dare even imply that because some of the protesters act like morons it's ok to unleash the brownshirts on them. We don't do things lik…

Sorry, Rush. You don't need to win eight primaries to get the GOP nomination.

There is an erroneous idea about the rules under which the Republican presidential nomination floating around, apparently started by Rush Limbaugh. It's repeated by Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit.

Apparently Rush Limbaugh misread Rule 40 for the 2016 convention, which was adopted by the 2012 convention. It's quite easy to do- especially if you have an agenda. Here's the text of the rule:

(a) In making the nominations for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States and voting thereon, the roll of the states shall be called separately in each case; provided, however, that if there is only one candidate for nomination for Vice President of the United States who has demonstrated the support required by paragraph (b) of this rule, a motion to nominate for such office by acclamation shall be in order and no calling of the roll with respect to such office shall be required.

(b) Each candidate for nomination for President of the U…

Trump would be the first Republican to lose Utah in 50 years

When- oh, WHEN- are people going to wake up?

Nominating Donald Trump would be an electoral disaster. He's even turning bright red states like Utah blue!

The Donald would lose Utah to either Hillary or Bernie. Recent polls have shown that either Trump or Ted Cruz would also lose Pennsylvania and Ohio to Clinton; Kasich would carry both.

Meanwhile, the latest word is that talk of a conservative alternative to Trump on the ballot this Fall is waning. It appears that if The Donald is nominated nearly a third of the Republican party will be effectively disenfranchised.

Trump needs to repudiate this group of pro-Trump brownshirts

Let me say right off the bat that there is no evidence that Donald Trump or his campaign are behind this. But the emblem to the right is the symbol of the "Lion's Guard-" a paramilitary organization of Trump supporters organized- again, I assume without the knowledge or permission of the Trump campaign- to serve the same kind of "security" functions served by the SA for the Nazis. It had a Twitter account, which it reportedly took down because its members had received threats.


It takes its name from a quote by Mussolini which Trump retweeted, apparently unaware of its origin, and when told refused to apologize for. Here is the group's web page. And here is a story about some of its activities.

It claims to be only a "defensive" organization, which exists to protect innocent people at Trump rallies. But that's also what the SA claimed. And it seems to me that I've read some place of something called a "police force." Most …

China's new propaganda weapon: Trump

China has a powerful new weapon in its propaganda war with the United States.

The masters of the Chinese people say that democracy is a joke. Their evidence? Donald Trump.

Trump himself is certainly a joke, and there can be no question that having a clown like the Donald as the probable nominee of one of our great political parties makes the United States the laughingstock of the world.

But it's worse than that. Trump's totalitarian rhetoric, his racism, and his general contempt for the values we Americans claim to hold so dear make us all look like hypocrites before the world, and bring those values into disrepute.

I myself have to shake my head at the thought that so many of my fellow citizens either have so poor an understanding of our American way of life or hold it in such light esteem that they could defend the bozo, much less vote for him. But when a guy this close (at least in theory) to the Oval Office can espouse the values China operates by, it isn't easy for us…

Rasmussen: a majority of voters blame Il Duce for the uptick in political violence

According to a Rasmussen poll, 52% of voters blame Donald Trump's rhetoric for the increase in political violence this year.

61% believe that there will be more of it this year than usual, and only nine percent expect less.

Blaming Bernie Sanders just isn't going to work. Sure, those who have attempted to disrupt Trump rallies are mostly Bernie supporters; most on the Far Left are. But there is nothing to suggest that Sanders or his campaign is encouraging them, much less  directing them.

Trump, on the other hand, threatens people constantly and encourages violence against demonstrators at his rallies. Obviously, this doesn't excuse the left-wing loonies who cut their capers at his rallies. But when you engage in the kind of rhetoric The Donald does, it's going to have a disproportionate effect on how your own supporters respond- and on how your opponents respond to their response.

These days the totalitarians who try to shut down and silence the opposition are usuall…

Will Coburn or Perry lead the conservative third party if Trump is nominated?

Two names being floated as possible third party candidates if Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination are former Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

I've never been a fan of Perry's, but I would definitely support him if the other options were Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But I'd frankly be inclined at the moment to prefer Coburn, though.

Coburn has a reputation as a proto-Tea Partier among some though others say he that while he's not a full-blown "establishment" type he's more centrist than most. Certainly this article at a site so far to the Right that it's about to fall off the Earth makes me feel rather good about Sen. Coburn, given the carload of salt with which the article deserves to be taken.

All-in-all, this news makes me feel a lot better. We may still be stuck with Hillary because the GOP has gone bananas and nominated an unqualified twit, but at least, those of us who still dwell within the bounds of reason…

Any questions?

Though I have to say- compared to the other favorability ratings I've seen for The Donald, this is remarkably good. The number I've usually seen is -6o%.

The party of Lincoln and Reagan does not negotiate with terrorists- and it must not nominate one!

As I've mentioned before, at least one researcher has found a strong correlation between support for Donald Trump and authoritarianism. Events continue to add to the impression that Il Duce, as I've taken to calling him, is indeed a fascist leading a movement of fascists.

His fondness for threatening people who criticize him is worrisome. So is his habit of encouraging his supporters to rough up protesters and his rallies. So are his threats to send supporters to disrupt Bernie Sanders rallies (on the bogus assumption that since Leftist morons attempting to disrupt his chanted Sanders' name, his campaign must have sent them). But now comes the frosting on the cake.

The rules have been clear from the git-go: you win the presidential nomination by winning a majority of the delegates to the convention. Not a plurality; a majority. It's always been that way; in fact, for many years, Democratic conventions required not just a simple majority, but a two-thirds majority, for…

Will the lemming be the new symbol of the Republican party?

If the Republican nomination for president is decided in the primaries this year, either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz will be the nominee- and the Republican party will almost certainly lose its third consecutive presidential election in November

If the Republican presidential nomination ends up being decided at a contested convention, John Kasich might just win. And if he did, the Republican party would almost certainly win in November.

He's more acceptable to the party professionals (yes, I know; the "Establishment") than either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. That's because, unlike Trump or Cruz, Kasich could beat Hillary Clinton. The polls show it. The instincts of those with experience in such matters say it. The indications on the ground are there. Of the three remaining candidates for the Republican nomination, only one of them has a chance of winning in November- but unless we have a brokered convention, he has absolutely no chance of winning the nomination.

Even if J…