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A mistake we must not repeat

A grave allegation proves groundless

SCOTUS's greatest hits

Left-wing judicial activism as apocalyptic cult

Ah. That explains everything!

History in Houston

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Canadian Conservatives' long night may be over

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Just in case you care about the Constitution...

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Incredible hypocrisy

Mother of Mercy, is this the end of "The Outfit?"

Doubletalk as ecumenism

Sasse on the Mistaken Assumption

Putin it mildly, this is not an encouraging remark

A reminder of the bottom line

There you go!


Catholic? Uh, Christian? Oh. FUNDAMENTALIST! Yes, Fundamenalist!

The Shoes of the Fishy Man

Tutu disapproves of Benedict XVI and disagrees with Jesus

I'm back!

More on the Virgin of the Underpass

A retraction- sort of

Looking backward from year 2015

BVM appears on Chicago underpass

Laying it on a bit thick

Consider my jaw to have dropped, and note that I am at a loss for words

No, he doesn't!

Oh, yuck!

It's Ratzinger- Pope Benedict XVI

Habemus Papam!

Welcome to the greatest city on Earth, Pastor Brontos!

Was his last name "Burns?"

You can stop paying attention to the odds now

The odds shift

"On the basis of our exit polls, CBS News projects Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger as the winner in the papal election..."

It's a sin to despair...unless it's at!

"I'm the Pope! I'm the Pope!"

Wonders never cease

Three Cheers for "Rooter!"


Le ver turns

Newly Lutheran Pope Disappointed

Bethel revisited

Amazing Disgrace

Well, they've finally done it


LCMS considers fellowship with enthusiasts

Still crying!

Sadly, not by grace alone

A tale of Original Sin

Our "curse" is indeed worse!

How sad.

The First ELCA Commandment: We should fear, love, and trust the Institution above all things.


The successor of who?

Looking for (divine) love in all the wrong places